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Hi. Holo. I’m Cristine, and I do my nails normally on this channel… You guys have been asking me how I did my fabulous make-up… So… let me how you how I make my face all on fleek and such.. I’m going to be really good at this I think I’m going to need a new name. Simplymakeuplogical. Simplyfacelogical. Simplymakeupsexual. That one’s probability a little intense… Que the new into! Music!!! Make-up porn… YES!!! Don’t forget to click subscribe to my channel to become an offical simplyface fan Why am I still in my cat pajamas? There!…. oh you can see it. It has the word make-up on it I swear! shout out to now wake up and make up and these people for hooking me up with this shirt. So! I watched a bunch of make-up videos on YouTube and Instagram once of course… and now I am fully prepared to glam the f*** out of my face. I’m really serious about this change in direction of my Youtube career, okay? I’m gonna pull a Zayn! First things first, is there a such thing as a peal off base coat for your face? Washing the face! This is cold water! Now I’m awake. I got a ring light, I know, see I’m doing this for real! exfoliating…. that tastes good, its like sugar! Washing the face…. again! What order was I suppose to do this in? I don’t Understand… Toning the face! This is how you get your face in shape! Put some toner on it! moisturizing the face. Feels like its to oiley to put make-up on… ahhhhhh! Primer! Thats what this is right? It says shine killer. I’m gonna kill a shiny B**** today. Grade 7 head band. Oh its like lube.. thats weird. Am I supposed to do my Face make-up first or my eye makeup first? No one ever explains this. Color Correcting! Cuz my face is always wrong. Doesn’t come with a brush! What the hell man? Oh I guess thats what these are for… Don’t know which brush is for what though. Black top kabuki…That does not help me… Wait a second… why didn’t I think of this before… Imma use an elf concealer brush. You know like the clean up brush for your nails. This looks like eye shadow pallet. I’m just kidding, I did some research, okay? So first we’re going to go in with green and put it on things that are red. So you got Christmas. Oh no thats not red… Aww sh** Stop it.. Ohh.. This is kinda fun. I think you’re supost to blend this Sh** I only bought this sponge thing because the internet told me to. To me it just looks like a gradient sponge. except weird shaped and pink. Wait a second, Why dont people just use make-up sponges on their face? Like these There is something someone is not telling us.. Conceal all the random colors I just put on my face. Hey look its like a dotticure. Blendy Blendy Wendy. Foundation time! We’re gonna put some cement on our face. I use this color all the time so I know it matches my skin tone perfectly. YUSSSSS. I always see people dropping some magical oil into their brush. What is that? Nail oil? Sure why not? What can I say I’m a pro. Thats cold. So I’m just going in with my what I think is my foundation brush and umm its a Morphe brush and you can get a discount, 10% with my code SIMPLYFACE. Just kidding these brushes aren’t from Morphe. Aww I just realized I’m covering up all my freckles.. :'( Not sure how I feel about this. I’m a beauty vlogger and I’m smiling. You don’t see that everyday. I bought these two different contouring pallets, cuz I didn’t understand why you needed both. Someone told me to get both. How do I know what shape my face is? Thats not in here. Just going to paint it on… Like a trail of poo. They say to contour in the hollows of your cheeks. Like that. imagine if they were saying to put holo on your cheeks? That would be better Next we contour that double chin cuz of those salads I eat. EHHH salad! Do I have a big nose? Should I Contour my nose? I dont understand how this works…. How am I suppost to clean the brush? What is you want to highlight your whole face? How is it so dark and its in the fair skin pallet. Here’s a fun fact for ya, When I was in high school I worked at shopper drug mart as a cosmetician . Thats like the make-up people that greet you when you when you come to by loterey tickets. Those are only in Canada so there is an 80% chance you have no idea what I’m talking about But Drake worked at one. So you might know it because of that. I also danced in the isles. I’m just gona go ahead and bake my face with… Thats why they call people cake faces because they bake their cake on their face. It all makes sense now. I’m taking the darker one. Why so serious? AHH I’m snorting make-up powder. *Moster noise* This looks like dirt on my face! That looks weird. UNDO UNDO UNDO! There is powder everywhere. Ticklish? Now lets add some blush.. to the apples of my cheeks. Or the oranges of my cheeks or all the fruits of my cheeks Time to highlight. Which colors should I use. If this the highlighter? Never open boxes with your nails. I really wanted to get the one that glam and gore uses but I couldn’t find it. It was sold out everywhere and they don’t ship to Canada. I’ll never be beautiful! (NOT TRUE) Am I the highlight of your day? Why do people highlight this? Its so weird. There are somethings that long nails are not good for. Why is it white? Time to draw on some eye brows. I’ve never felt so self conscious about my eye brows until instagram. Is that to much? Imma comb you little caterpillar. Honestly this just looks werid. I really don’t get this part but i’m gonna do it anyways. Looks who’s smoking now. How do people blend so good? Someone else please come do my make-up and I really would appreciate it. Glam and Gore? Nikkietutorials? madeyewlook? I’ll do your nails! Ahhh I think I got eye shadow in my eye ball. It hurts. Now I want some fleek liner or some s***. Striping brush? Actually that would work perfectly well. See nail art tools can be used for make-up. Oh it comes with a brush. Duh…. I need some nail vinyls. I want an angel wing. Help! I have to many eye lashes for the number of eyes that I have! Its like a coffin. For my make-up funeral. Are you suppose to shake this first? I don’t know i’m just used to nail polish bottles. I am terrified. I never worn fake lashes before. ahh ehhh, I don’t think thats right. I think i’m going to cry. How do people wear these? I got them because they’re the iris beauty ones like all the girls on instgram use. they’re to big for me! Do these come in different sizes? Go down. Get into my eye ball. Why? All I see are eyelashes. The power of make-up. One time in high school I was using a safty pin to separate my eyelashes and I stabbed myself in the eye. Don’t know why they call them safety pins. So I was going to the Kylie Jenner lip stick in true brown beige brown KKK or something but all these make-up b****es bought them all. Did I say KKK? I’m sorry I must of been confused with King Kylie’s nail polish collection. Anyways i got Color pop instead because it reminded me of Color Club. So I know my lips are really big and all but try not to be jealous. You may think I have small lips but really, thats because you’re so used to seeing big ass lips on Youtube and all over Instagram. Someone once asked me where my upper lip went. Once someone asked me whats wrong with my teeth. Oh its on my teeth. An I think we are done! TADA! Now I’m Beautiful! *MORE MONSTER NOISES* Ahhh my hair looks like its out of a 90’s prono or something. Here’s the Before and After. Oops, I mixed them up. Notice how beauty vloggers never smile in their before and after shots. Why is that? They look so sad Probably because they didn’t use any holo on their face. I couldn’t find any holo make-up to put on my face. Does anyone sell that? I normally make nail videos. Lots of them. But even if you dont like nails you are allowed to subscribe to this channel. I invite you. ALRIGHT GUYS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING AND I’LL SE YALL NEXT TIME BYE! MUSIC

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