Hi, I‘m Marťa, hi I‘m Tomas, Welcome to the new video, today we will show you 3 tasty breakfast ideas, whole tutorial, nutritional information and how long does it take to cook it. We will begin with first breakfast which is oat porridge. It’s the easiest, fastest and it will boost your day with great nutrition. We will need oats, milk either normal or plant based honey, nut butter our favourite is almond with coconut and fruit of your choice. Today we have banana and blueberries. Ok, Let’s start. Fist step is to weight 80 grams of oats add 200 ml of milk and I will cook it on medium heat. Sometimes you have to stir it. In the meantime I will slice the banana. When the porridge starts to be thicker, I keep stirring it until it reaches your desire consistency The porridge is perfect now I transfer it into the bowl and we are almost done. I add 1 table spoon of honey and 1 table spoon of nut butter. Now I add fruit, today I have banana and blueberries. I personally prefer strawberries but we don’t have them today. Alright, the porridge is done, have a look on calories and macros. SURER FAST PORRIDGE – recipe in English is in the description bellow! Second breakfast is banana pancakes it will take more time but the result is worth it. For 2 portions you will need 1 banana, 3 eggs, 100ml milk – either cow or plant based spelt flour, oats, cinnamon and for the decoration Greek yogurt and fruit, I have today raspberries and blueberries. First step is to mash 1 banana in bowl add 3 eggs and mix it. Add 80g spelt flour and 80g oat flour (Blend oats in food processor to get flour consistency) add 0.5 teaspoon cinnamon and mix it Add 1 tbsp honey and 100ml milk stir it, you should get liquidy consistency. I like to transfer the dough into shaker so it would be easier to make pancakes Start heating your pan on medium heat. I will use coconut oil for frying. When the pan is ready, I start to make small pancakes. Fry them on both sides until golden. When you have everything done, you can start with decoration. I like to a spread a Greek yogurt and make a little pancake tower. Add fruit and drizzle with honey And we can serve 😊 I have a bonus tip: obviously you can use any yogurt, jam or Nutella but we calculated nutritional information based on Greek yogurt. And you can see it here. DELICIOUS BANANA PANCAKES – RECIPE IN ENGLISH IS IN THE DESCRIPTION BELLOW!! The final third breakfast will be typical English breakfast. For 1 portion you need: 2 slices of toast, 3 slices of bacon, 2 eggs tomatoes, mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce. You can use sausages, black pudding or hash browns but we wouldn’t use these today. I will start by heating the pan on medium heat. I cut off this white fat pieces form the bacon and when the pan is ready, I start frying it I’m not using any oil. The bacon will start to be smaller so I will have space for eggs. Cut tomatoes and mushrooms on bigger pieces because they will lose a lot of water and get smaller. Into the pan add 2 eggs a bit of salt and pepper. Put tomatoes and mushrooms into the pan. Keep checking bacon. Open the can with beans and transfer half of it into the bowl. I put it into the microwave to be ready when I just need to heat it up. Put 2 slices of bread into the toaster Flip the bacon until it’s golden from both sides. Remove tomatoes and eggs from the pan to the plate. 1 minute before the rest on the pan is done I will turn on the microwave and the toaster. Bacon and mushrooms are ready, add beans to the plate and add 2 toasts on side. And this is how it looks, delicious English breakfast. And now have a look on calories TRADITIONAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST – RECIPE IN ENGLISH IS IN THE DESCRIPTION BELLOW! And that’s it for this video, we hope you will get inspired, if you cook any of this let us know it in the comments bellow or tag us on Instagram And we will be looking forward to the next video, ČAU=BYE ČAU=BYE

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