Natural Beauty Makeup Tutorial I MAC Cosmetics

Natural Beauty Makeup Tutorial I MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Her skin is already flawless can you demo the product with someone who has texture and discoloration to the skin

  2. I hate it when makeup companies use as models women with all ready flawless skin,use a model as myself, who has left over pregnancy hyperpigmenation, large pores, redness. Make my face look like next to nothing!!

  3. Gisel…? Love how you do the models makeup .. however, I could not stop staring at your make up.. lol .. looks amazing and your lashes .. 😳 !! Are they real .? If so , how do you get them to curl and not look clumpy .? Beautiful..

  4. When does this come out 😩 this is exactly what I want. I I love my makeup looking very natural! Btw what brush did you use under the eye at 3:47?

  5. I love the makeup artist's makeup! I would love to see how that look was done! Or at least a list of the products she used! =)

  6. I love the technique Gisel used but the filming of this is not great. Tie her hair back so we can see the full face, I'm certain she has some discolouration on her her skin, but I can't see it. Or use someone with hyper pigmentation or melasma. Then I can see the coverage of this product. If its for those with very little discolouration or just to even out a already decent skin then say so but this isn't clear.

  7. So beautiful my kind of look!!! I had the pleasure of taking a Masterclass with this artist she's so lovely!!!!

  8. I love to see fingers used to put on makeup. I'm getting tired of seeing that (potentially germ infested) beauty blender, sucking up the product.

  9. I bought the Next To Nothing yesterday and when I tried it today it balled up and clumped on my skin 😳 I'll have to play with it more this week to see where I went wrong or else I'll have to return it 😔

  10. please please start listing all the products that have been used in info box!! it'll make all our lives so much easier.

  11. Step one : have perfect skin, lol.

    For a lot go women 'next to nothing' means hyper pigmentation acne or enlarged pores. Doesn't look like this foundation would do anything in these cases but the glowy finish is gorgeous.

  12. It would be a great idea if you wrote the products used inside the video box. It would help us when we go to MAC stores. Thank you!

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