Natural Facial at home to get glowing fairer bright skin,/INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA

Natural Facial at home to get glowing fairer bright skin,/INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA

Subscribe to IndianGirlChannel Trisha and click on the bell icon to watch my latest videos before anyone else and its absolutely free. Hi friends! Welcome back to my channel IndianGirlChannel Trisha. And I am Trisha! Sorry! I am making a video after a longtime. Actually i was a bit sick for a while. But i am absolutely fit now. In my last video, i have seen a lot of comments,where people have asked me to share a facial video which will help to turn dull skin into a glowing skin So in today’s video, i am sharing an Organic facial recipe for all skin types which will turn your dull skin into a bright, glowing and fair skin So let’s quickly watch this video! Like in every facial, the first step in this facial is also cleansing. For cleansing, take 1/2 teaspoon of Glycerin in a bowl. Then add 1 teaspoon of raw milk in it and mix it well. Now dip a cotton ball in this mixture, and use the cotton ball to properly clean your face Apart from cleaning your face, Glycerin and Raw Milk also moisturizes your skin very well. This cleansing technique can be used for all skin types! After Cleansing the 2nd step is Scrubbing. For scrubbing i am using Split Green Gram If you do not have Split green gram, you can use Gram flour or Rice flour instead of it. Now we have to turn the Split green grams into powder using a grinder machine. Now add 2-3 teaspoons of raw milk in to the green gram powder to make your scrubber. Now gently apply this scrubber in your face for 1-2 mins Scrubbing removes the upper dead skin cells, which makes our skin smooth and shiny! After scrubbing your face for 1-2 mins, wash your face with normal water. If you have a sensitive skin, please do not apply this scrub to your face. instead only apply raw milk to your face, keep it for 10 mins and use shimmering hot water to wash your face Since raw milk has lactic acid, it will very gently remove the upper dead skin cells of the face without any scrubbing After Scrubbing, the 3rd step is Steaming For steaming, take boiling water in a bowl and add a few lemon slices in it. Then cover your head and the bowl with a towel and take in the steam for 5-7 mins I have a very detailed video about steaming, in that i have told why and how you should do steaming and the benefits of steaming. So please check out that video about steaming as well, i have provided “the link” below in the description box and the eye button in the top which i will provide later. So please check it out After Steaming the 4th step is Face Massage For face massage, take a banana in a bowl and add raw milk to it and make a paste. Now use to the paste to massage the face with upper strokes for 5-10 mins For massaging also, i have very detailed video, please check it out. So that you can know how to do it and the various techniques and benefits of massaging. I will provided the massage video link in the description box below and in the “i” button at the top right corner, so that you can check out the video. After Face Massage the last step is Skin Moisturizing Mask / Skin Hydrating Mask I have divided this section into two parts because if your skin type is oily you will need a different mask and if your skin type is normal/dry you will need a different mask If your skin type is normal/dry, take a bowl, add 1 teaspoon honey + 1/2 teaspoon glycerin + 3 teaspoon raw milk + 2 vitamin E capsules This is a very useful mask to moisturize your skin perfectly If your skin is oily, take a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel + 2/3 teaspoon rosewater and mix it This will help to hydrate your skin very well After this you need a Sheet Mask For making sheet mask, take any type of baby face wipe and wash it in water. We have to wash the wipes because there are already some types of moisturizers and solutions in it, and we want to clean them before using it. now stretch this tissue and cut them into pieces to fit your face size,so that it makes a sheet mask. For making sheet mask , i have very detailed video so please check it out. I will provided the Sheet Mask video link in the description box below and in the “i” button at the top right corner, so that you can know how to cut the sheet mask according to your face Now according to your skin type dip the Sheet Mask into the moisturizing mask mixture or the hydrating mask mixture and place it over your face Now keep the Sheet Mask over your face for 15-20 mins, then remove it from your face. After removing the sheet mask,take a cotton ball and dip it in hot water and use it to clean your face so that the excess oil gets removed from your face If you have watched this video till now, please like this video and tell me in the comment box which videos you will like to watch in the future because i also like to make the videos requested by the fans. Share this video in social media with your friends and family For now Bye Bye and Take Care !!!

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  1. Hi di
    i have a knee length hair
    and facing so much hairfall problem from atleast 3-4 years
    and now i have my half hair than before
    plz give some particular tips which can help me out

  2. mere hath pair ki skin tight ni h mtlb wrinkles typ lgta h to hath pair ki skin ko kse tight aur glowing bnaye? uspe video bnaiye pls.. thank yu for oll yur vdos

  3. love you trisha ak month main kitni bar yeh natural facial karen meri skin bht dull loos hy kiae chez ka asar ni hota im mrs khan.

  4. hi trisha g Kcy ho I Mis u aj nhe ap boht Acha lag rhe ho I love veduo trisha g very good dac 2 2017

  5. hi trisha g Kcy ho I Mis u aj nhe ap boht Acha lag rhe ho I love veduo trisha g very good dac 2 2017

  6. U r looking pretty……. Waaaoooooowww grt….😍😍😍😍😍…. Thank i sooo much fr this video…
    Ami steaming kori..But lemon juice cotton kore directly apply kore niye ektu dry kore niye then steam kori.

  7. Hi thank you for such a beautiful video ….
    Nd I have a doubt …?
    Can I use facial wipes like refreshing wipes (kara avocado and jajoba facial wipe ) instead of baby face wipe (Johnson's baby)… for sheet mask
    Plz tell me

  8. Mam ghar p time nhi ho pata banana ka to market ka koyi acha sa faical bata do jo face ko acha bana da pregnancy ka baad mera face bahut dl ho gaya hai

  9. Mam u look amazing,am one of ur subscriber and a big fan of urcan we exfoliate face after lemon facial plzz plzz replyyy….

  10. Mam…iam so wheetish what should i do i saw many of ur videos which one should i use to lighten my skin …help me …iam getting married in a month plzzzz dii

  11. hi Trisha meri skin aj se 6 month pahle bahut clear huwa krti thi but alag cosmetics use karne ki wajah se meri face mein kafi Sara pimples ho gaya h aur unsabka dag v nei ja raha please kus upai bataye

  12. hello trisha

    plz tell me one thing

    mai facial karna chahti hu aur ye mera first time hai to muze konsa facial pack use karna chahiye

  13. Hi trisha..maine pahle v bahot comment kiya hai bt koi response nai aaya….fir se kr rahi hu…apke bahot sare video me ap alovera use karti mujhe aloveera suit nai karta uske badle me main kya use karu plz batayiye…meri skin dry hai..

  14. Your skin is very glowing .Di….kya is facial SE humari skin BHI ese hi ho gayegi …or agar ye sheet na ho to kya kare

  15. hi Trisha mujhe bata sakti he ki mere hair bahut silky or long the or hai fall bilkul vi nahi thi bt 1year se meri hair dry ho gai he or hair fall ho rahi he jiske karan meri halke se ganja pan dikh raha he. please Trisha me apko bahut believe karti hu meri help kijia meri ganjapan ko kaise dur karu

  16. Mam aapne last m garam pani se pochne ke liye kaha usse to pores open hojate hai.last m to kuch aisa karna chahiye jisse pores close hojaye pr aapne pores khula hi chodwadiya

  17. খুব ভালো লাগে তোমার সব ভিডিও গুলো ।প্লিজ, প্লিজ, প্লিজ আরো অনেক ভিডিও বানাও ।

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