Natural Korean Makeup to IG Baddie/Asian Baby Girl (ABG) Transformation (still in shock)

Natural Korean Makeup to IG Baddie/Asian Baby Girl (ABG) Transformation (still in shock)

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. this is only strange cause most girls do their makeup like this . but i guess Asian women really dont . this is what most women call simple natural makeup look even though the process isnt simple. . looks great though .

  2. Omg I know you can do it to your brows, but can you shave your forehead and stash??? …best stick with plucking or wax for that!??

  3. I went to the comments to see if anyone thinks she looks like a kpop idol, well everyone’s like jennie and here she reminded me of yeri at first glance

  4. hi guys! i'm a new-ish channel here, just thought i'd try to get the word out and meet other fellow smol youtubers! if you like a similar sense of fashion, lifestyle type videos, makeup/beauty, we should connect 🙂

  5. people be saying she looks like jennie but tbh she looks like apink naeun. whoever she might look like she is beautiful!

  6. omg i enjoyed watching the video so much, u look satisfied with your change even if it's temporary it looks good on you girlll, in love

  7. Why is it like she look like Jennie in baddie but when she has Baby girl look SHE FREAKING LOOK LIKE BAE SUZY BITCH!!!!

  8. You look like Naeun( from APINK ) or its Naen (sorry for the wrong spelling) but yeah!! You look alike . And I really love your make up 💖

  9. WELL since the comment section is flooded with “ SHE LOOKS LIKE JENNIE/ NAEUN.. in my opinion she kinda looks more like N.S YOONJI

  10. Although this is not my type of look, it was so fun watching u go all in on this look. U seriously committed to this!! U look beautiful either way. I can tell u have an amazing personality

  11. 3:51 don'o know if it's her bf or not, whatever, I think all the men who follow their gf to shopping have that kind of depressed/angry/sad face with only two hours of shopping x)
    poor them lol

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