Welcome to my channel guys I’m Maryam if it’s
your first time seeing me, in today’s video I’m gonna be doing a full thorough review
of the new IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Foundation. I have been wearing this one for a long time
so no this is not going to be a first impression, rather I wanna share my full experience with
you, team truth style. I wanna give you guys a wear test because
this foundation is said to provide 24 hour wear, what! So make sure you watch until the end of the
video to find out my verdict and to see what the foundation looks like at the end of the
day. That said remember to subscribe, comment down
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down below, have you tried this one, what are your thoughts on it, let’s do this. Okay so I have got 2 shades of Confidence
in a Foundation right here, I have 305 tan Golden which is a warm undertone, I also have
235 medium natural which is a neutral undertone. Kind a different for me, both of these suit
me, I actually like to mix them a little bit especially when I’m self-tanning because my
undertone is just a little bit closer to the tan golden but the color is a pinch dark for
me and my current skin tone. This foundation is $32.00 available at ULTA,
24 hour wear plus hydration. I’m not gonna test it out for 24 hours because
I am not going to be up for 24 hours, that is just crazy talk, but I will tell you that
the coverage is velvet matte finish it is a super full coverage foundation, wait till
you see it. Forty-eight (48) shades, 300 tones and you
can go to @itsyourshadefinder on Instagram and you can look at all the pictures that
they have there of the different models and you can select the model that resembles you
the most and then pick your shade from there. This is me right here, medium natural in the
neutral undertone, mixed with a little golden tan in the warm undertone. I mean if those 2 ladies had a baby it would
clearly be me. Now some of you guys may know if you follow
me in Instagram, I have actually been testing out this foundation, I couldn’t talk about
it until it launched obviously because I wasn’t allowed to, that’s the truth. After I tested out this foundation, I agreed
to work with IT Cosmetics on their launch, but today’s video is not in partnership with
anyone, I actually just wanted to show you what it looks like, I wanted to put it on
and I was waiting for a day when my skin was kind of at its worst, it’s not at its worst
right now but I definitely encountered a lot of breakouts here, also on my forehead this
is the situation, this cheek is completely clear don’t know why, not sure but I figure
this would be an appropriate time for me to actually show you what it looks like and to
show you how truly full coverage it is. Here are my 2 shades, gonna mix them together
with the Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection #7 brush, also from IT Cosmetics I love this
one so much, I have been loving it ever since I saw Make-up by Mario use it on Kim at his
master class, I was just so hooked. Okay you guys you ready for this, wow obviously
I do not need this much, now I’m just gonna stipple the remainder of this foundation into
my skin and kinda just spread it out. I am not using a primer today with this foundation
because I actually prep my skin already with their Confidence in a gel lotion. It’s just a super-fast absorbing moisturizer
that keeps your skin very dewy but matte plus hydrated and prepped for your foundation. I also love the fact that this foundation
does set immediately so there is a lot of wiggle room, there is some play time, you
could take your time and actually apply this foundation rather than going really quickly
like with the Fenty Foundation and as you can tell one pump is more than enough for
your entire face. I have a little bit more than 1 pump because
I mixed the 2 foundations but I still have so much left on my hand that I am not gonna
be using, that I feel like it was a pump and a half at the most. I find that with this foundation I don’t need
to conceal any spots, any acne breakouts. Of course I will still use my concealer under
my eyes as I usually do but mostly to brighten, not to cover up. I also find that it’s quite pore friendly
and definitely perfecting, which is why I’m so drawn to this formula. I love a good perfecting foundation formula,
especially one that feels like it’s lifting your skin and it’s making it feel just a little
bit more effervescent and a little bit more full of life, because let’s face it who couldn’t
use that. Been kind of a stressful week for me, as always
but we are getting ready for some travelling, so you will see in my next video and you will
definitely see on Instagram where I am about to go and with who, but because of that I
definitely have to pre-film my content, I have to get ready and do a lot of prep stuff. Anyway I think my foundation is done, so now
I’m just gonna grab my tarte shape tape, I’m not gonna use my It Cosmetics concealer because
I don’t love it as much as my shape tape so I’m gonna stick to what’s tried and true. I wanna maintain the integrity of this foundation
and use it with products that I know work. Just a little light medium action for some
brightening, gonna use my beauty blender to blend out per usual, oh so luminous. Gonna add just a little bit of contour, I
hate wearing short sleeve shirts and then doing my make-up, I feel like armpits are
so not video friendly. Alright gonna blend that out real quick. Now I think I am ready to set, I’m gonna use
my Laura Mercier for the under eye and for the centre of the face, I’m gonna use my Charlotte
Tilbury airbrush flawless finish for the rest of my face, nothing new here and boom what
breakouts, look at that forehead, it is looking so clean, so fresh like I’m having a good
skin day, and I’m now quickly gonna bronze up. Gonna use my Dior bronzer, my backstage lover
just for a little warmth, okay boom. I’m gonna do my brows and then I’m gonna,
I don’t know maybe curl my lashes and show you what this foundation looks like up close,
you ready. So far, so good this is what the make-up looks
like at this point, very matte, definitely velvety, pretty flawless to my eye, I don’t
really see any of those bumps and imperfections, I mean it covers everything and then some. But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what
that wear test tells us, queue some warping music here. Okay guys welcome back to my 8 hour wear test,
let’s zoom in real close to the skin and observe the results, I think this foundation has proven
it’s longevity, it’s been 8 hours, I have gone to dinner, I did my make-up, I’ve eaten,
I’ve drank, I’ve sweated, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, you name it and this foundation has
stayed put. You can definitely see a little bit of a breakage
of the foundation right here in this area of the pore zones, also right here. But for the most part there is not too many
oil slicks, this foundation has stayed really matte looking and still very full coverage. I am impressed and I’m a fan of this IT Cosmetics
Confidence in a Foundation, I would say it’s probably one of the fullest coverage foundations
I have tried in a while, I think it’s perfect for those of you who have problematic skin,
for those with rosaceo, acne even vitiligo I feel like it can cover a lot of skin concerns. I’m gonna continue wearing it, I am a big
fan, I’m gonna save it for those days where my skin is at its worst. Those are my 2 cents, those are my final thoughts. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, check
out some of my other foundation reviews over here, I’m gonna actually make a play list
of those, that said I will see you in my next video, I love you guys, muah!

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  9. Hi Maryam! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve missed a few videos, but plan to catch up! This looks pretty awesome on your skin! I think the 24 hour claim is a bit much, but this looks like a decent product. I think asking for a sample is in my future.
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