New Kylie Lip Kit in Love Bite and Maliboo on Tanned Skin | ThePopHeir | First Impression Swatch

New Kylie Lip Kit in Love Bite and Maliboo on Tanned Skin | ThePopHeir | First Impression Swatch

hi guys and welcome back to the channel
if you guys are new to the channel welcome! my name is Ken also known as ThePopHeir so today’s video i have got to two swatch
review products for you these are by kylie cosmetics I’ve got the new shade
love bite and maliboo yeah yeah ok yeah yeah yeah as you guys saw from the swatches, these things are highly pigmented so i have done swatches here’s a photo of it and oh my
gosh i honestly didn’t think Maliboo would be a great color now backstory I
didn’t actually order this i received the wrong order but they’re sorting it
out at the moment but you know I thought I’d swatchit anyway so Maliboo is a
really nice color I actually do like it and it’s a nice great love grey but I’m
cool toned nude pinky color at least on my list that’s what it looks like so
it’s a perfect nude for me and then obviously love is what I’m wearing on
the lips so it’s definitely more of i’d say like a plum brown color it’s very
very bold very very nice absolutely love how it looks on my lips are gonna talk
about pigmentation and with Malibu i found a little a little bit patchy and
compared to love by I think because with lighter liquid lipstick like to share
tend to be a little bit actually just because of the formula so definitely use
the lip liner if you do get the kit and I does help kind of like even at that
color otherwise it’s not a big deal you can
just always apply another layer and they’re just evens out the color ok let’s move on to love my toe in terms
of pigmentation by itself all so good i would wear by itself and the liquid
lipstick on top of it are so so gorgeous just it’s just such a lovely color ok let’s move onto formulation so the
for me now i think the lip pencils are really nice and creamy they’re not too creamy that they all
just you know move around the lips but their heart as well that is just going
to be a pain like feels like a strapping yourself and lip when you try and draw
so it’s really good glides on really well and I do find that the color is
very similar to the actual lip colors like liquid lipsticks a little bit
lighter but then again the liquid lipsticks do dry up a tiny bit darker I think they’re pretty much the same
color okay in terms of removal so in between I
obviously rubbed off Malibu to put this on and it’s quite hard and I find that
with well this is obviously the first impressions but i’m referring to true
brown k that I needed to use either a makeup wipe that was more like oil base
or an eye makeup remover or just like an oil base makeup remover or if I was
going to use like a normal makeup wipe or wet wife or wet tissue i would have
to really scrub my lips with it and I don’t really think that’s very healthy I
think maybe once in awhile it’s alright but I don’t know overall what I think about the shade I
think they’re really good for someone of a tan complexion like myself I’m like an
mp40 from a keep you guys want to know these shades work really well so if you
guys just want more than natural nude this is obviously the one if you guys
would like a more dramatic look obviously love fight so overall I think
that they’re good i mean in terms of price i think kylie cosmetics a little
bit expensive especially for someone living in Australia like the shipping of
exchange rain or that it’s a little bit expensive but i think you know though
there were there too i think other brands have similar colors that are more
affordable yeah definitely but you know I think I given to the hype I i admit i like the high perfect war
and I do like the packaging come on the packaging is amazing it’s just really
hard to get your hands on the shade sometimes because they’re always almost
always out of stock though recently I’ve noticed that they’re getting a lot
better in terms of stalking their products anyway that’s my first
impressions we thank you guys for watching don’t forget to thumbs up this
video if you guys enjoyed it and tell me down in the comment box down below if
you guys have tried a highly cosmetics liquid lipsticks yes that I said it
right and tell you what shade is your favorite if not tell me what shape are
you interested in trying out it may happen in a good way i don’t know maybe thank you guys for watching see you guys
in the next video bye

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  1. You are not a NC 40 I'm an NC 40 and I'm African American and I have very dark skin, your more like an NC 5 your very pale

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