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hi guys welcome back to the channel if
you guys are new to the channel welcome my name is Ken also known as ThePopHeir so
today’s video i have got three of the new Kylie lip kits for a swatch review
video keypad you my apartment ok remember so there you guys go that’s how the colors
look like on my lips and two out of these three I actually really like so let’s
move on to the review proper and we’ll get so obviously it comes with the lip
liners and then you’ve got the actual colors i really want to go into much
with this because I mean Kylie Lip Kits are pretty much the internet is flooded with
Kylie Lip Kits so I’m just gonna give you guys my thoughts and opinions of you
know the product themselves the lasting power and just my overall thoughts of
the products like it’s not first with the lip liners so in terms of packaging
i really really like the fact that these caps are really tight so you just have
to make sure that you press down quite hard so that it locks it in because there’s
nothing worse than having your favorite lip liner or eyebrow pencil whatever
kind of pencils cap like getting lost in your makeup bag and then the actual
pencil itself is broken apart or it’s gotten very blunt and then you have to
you know sharpen it all over again I personally am having a very lazy when it
comes to that so and that it’s like a little stumped I will still try and use it again terms
of the formula itself i have said is a few times already but i love the formula
for these lip liners the number of times I’ve had a lip liner that is so so dry
and it’s just really hard to get any color payoff with it it feels like
you’re just having your lip with the pencil until you get some sort of color
and with these I don’t find that as a problem i actually do fine and find them
quite creamy and a little bit hydrating to the lips to a certain degree when
compared to other lip liners these things a little bit better and I highly
prefer these over other lipstick and the blind is that you can buy from the
drugstore ok now let’s move onto the lip kits
themselves so again these are newer shows from Kylie’s Lip range and i’ve only
had two other shades from them and i absolutely love the colors so when this
set I only like two of these out of the
three so let’s get onto that and so packaging i mean i like the packaging is
very cute it’s very smart because you can actually see the color on the inside
and then obviously got the label and whatnot i mean i don’t really need to
talk about that too much but and you can definitely feel that you’re paying for
quality products I mean the number of times i bought and liquid lipsticks and the packaging feel
so cheap it feels like I don’t know I feel personally that the elliptical
little just dry out really quickly so out of these to the one that I don’t
really particularly like is Georgie Dirty Peach when I saw swatches and the
promotional photos for the shades i was like oh I really like totally picture it
looks like it will be a really nice coral color for the summer because it’s
almost time here in Australia is currently spring and so I thought this
would be a really good color and i don’t know like it’s a little bit bright i
might look like a little bit like Nicki Minaj circa like when she first came out
but you know I actually think i could wear it maybe with a darker lip liner
underneath and then this that be ok and speaking of color i think all the
other colors in the Kylie lip kits that I’ve had so far the lip lines
correspond really well with the lip and the liquid lipstick but with dirty peach
the lip liner looks a little bit darker like significantly darker and I don’t
know it looks a little it doesn’t really look like dirty peach it just looks like
it will work with dirty peach like a 30 pitch looks more like a neon color so if
you have like a tan complexion we’re thinking this would be a nice like pop
of color on the lips it’s a nice color yes but the formula
that’s where I haven’t issued the formula with this particular shade is
quite catchy i have Maliboo and that one was a little bit patchy but this one is
worse and that’s just a big disappointment for me because I was
really looking forward to trying out that shade and I’m wearing it now but i
had to apply two layers and honestly I still feel like it’s a little bit patchy
and so i think i will just use that lipstick in combination with maybe one
of these colors and what these ones are based on there that just to kind of me
so that i can use it but otherwise i’m not really impressed with it so that we
wanted the two colors that I actually do like okay let’s talk about Love Bite now
this was a bit of a surprise to me because i have never really been a big
fan of like dark bold lip but love by who it’s definitely up there in the darker
lip color brings that i absolutely love so i have a few videos of me already
wearing this so if you guys interested they should be linked on the screen and
down in the description box down below but yeah I really like this color it’s
very very pigmented and it’s just such a lovely plum color again and the liquid
lipsticks to dry a little bit darker and then when you first applied so they do
match the lip liner ok next color is Brown Sugar so i just actually waters
today I went to an event and I actually really really like this color and when I
saw this color was like my kind of look like true brown k but this one is
actually a little bit lighter than true brand case so if you guys find true
brown k little bit too intense for you but you still want to go into the brown
ranges this is definitely a color that you should look into and on me it still is a little bit dark like a
dark brown still but not as intense as true brown ki feel like tree renke can
look a little bit like a black color on me and depending on the lighting but
this one definitely looks more like a i would say like a medium brown nude on
the lips like in terms of formulation so again I’ve had loved by for quite some
time and I have had the other colors as well so i’m assuming pretty much the
formulas are going to be quite similar to the lasting power i do find that if
you drink a lot of coffee or like any fluids or eating greasy it will start to
kind of fade in the center of the lips I mean I mean with any kind of lipstick
that something that you kind of have to expect but when it does fade it’s a nice
fading again this was like based off true brand k love by and brown sugars
i’m not really sure if dirty people react the same way again it depends on
the pigmentation i do find is already patchy so I would imagine this lasting
really well throughout the day but otherwise these two colors already worn
out for quite some time and I do really like them and longevity is amazing I don’t have a lip primer so I don’t
have an opinion and if that’s going to make any difference drying on the lips
and they are a matte lip liquid lipstick and I do find that they kind of feel a
bit dry but they are not the worst in terms of drying out your lips I’ve tried
other matte liquid lipsticks and I do find that if I don’t prep properly its just oh my gosh like the Sahara
Desert on my lips but if you just apply a light lip balm
just before and then you’re like blood and then you put the lip liner and then
you put on the liquid lipstick it’s fine like i do find that it’s a little bit
dry in certain parts like I feel that dry sensation but it’s tolerable it’s
bearable and I feel that if I just want my lips a little bit it’s going to be
fine and oh yeah if you just want your lips occasionally it’s not bad it won’t
fade like chip or anything like that you know those are my overall thoughts and
opinions of the trio’s oh yeah by the way you can get these in a trio from
kylie’s website but look at the time filming this you still can get them
entry i don’t know how long she’s going to have that as a promotion and the
overall I think it’s a good trio it’s a good set i think i paid 8688 USD just
these products and then obviously international shipping to Australia is
quite been through but you know it all works out and so overall I’m actually
quite happy the only disappointment is just dirty peach and the dirty peach lip
liner i’m quite happy to have because it’s a nude color it’s a quarterly color
i have other lipsticks from other brands and I think this would work with and
obviously you know I’d love to mix and match these colors maybe they’ll work a
lot better maybe if i use a darker lip liner maybe like brown sugar underneath
and this one it will look a little bit better i don’t know i’ll just play
around and you guys know in my blogs by the way i do have logs on the channel as
well if you guys are interested we should be linked down in description box
and links on the screen so yeah you guys go thank you guys for watching hope you
guys enjoyed and found the swatches helpful if you guys are concentrating on
getting these new shades from highly cosmetics and time again in the comment
box down below what are your favorite pilot kid colors of the moment or juice
if you have any because I would like to see what juicy hand like you know I i
personally love looking for jeans because i feel like if i can get them
for cheaper like that particular said why not say I think guys watching a few
dive in the next video bye

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