NEW Nars Cosmetics Orgasm Collection Review & Swatches with Roxette Arisa | This Week in Beauty 6/26

NEW Nars Cosmetics Orgasm Collection Review & Swatches with Roxette Arisa | This Week in Beauty 6/26

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– Oh, my god! Hey guys, I’m Roxette
Arisa and you’re watching This Week in Beauty with Ipsy. So, today we have an exciting new launch: It is back, and better than ever, with a whole collection. Nars Orgasm Blush is honestly one of the most sought-after
products in beauty, in the beauty community,
in the beauty industry, everybody knows it, everybody loves it. And it honestly has been
since it launched in 1999. So, almost 20 years ago. Wow, that’s pretty crazy. It’s a shimmering gold pink shade. I’m sure you guys have seen it and loved it because it is so beautiful and it really does flatter
a variety of skin tones. And now there’s an entire collection that you guys are going to love if you love the original Nars product. There’s a lip balm in here,
there’s a lip lacquer, there’s also an illuminating blush and a supersized OG Nars Blush product. So, let’s definitely dive in and take a look at all these individuals. First off, we have the lip balm. This is the Nars Orgasm
Afterglow Lip Balm. This is something that
I throw in my purse, I keep it with me at all times because it really does
pack a lot of hydration. It gives you a subtle,
sheer color to your lips and it just gives you like, a little bit of glow, a
little bit of rosiness, but it really is nice and hydrating because it does have monoi oil in it and also antioxidant ingredients that helps to protect your lips. So, this is a great, everyday lip balm that’s gonna give you a little
bit of rosy color to it. And I love this packaging. Isn’t it so beautiful? Next up: there’s the lip lacquer. So this is the Nars Orgasm
Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer. This is actually what I’m
wearing on my lips right now but I wore it as a lip
topper and you can wear it on its own or as a lip topper. It really is versatile and
depending on your skin tone, you can kinda play around to see what will work best for you. But this guy is vividly pigmented. It has a really nice, you know, peachy, golden pink-y tone, just like the original
OG Nars Orgasm Blush. And it does have a very creamy
and saturated color to it. It also has some moisturizing ingredients in here like Vitamin E so again, you’re putting good stuff on your lips and it’s never going to be sticky. So, another great addition
to your makeup collection. This one. This one is one of my favorites. So, this is the Nars Orgasm
Illuminating Loose Powder Blush. So, this is actually I would
say, kind of like a mixture between a blush and a highlighter because it has the most
gorgeous golden pigment running through it. It’s a loose powder like I said. So what I do is I put a
little bit into the top, swirl it around with my blush brush, and sweep it onto the cheeks and also sweep it backwards
towards the temple, and when you do that, it
just gives you the most beautiful golden glow because
those loose pigments of gold that are running through this product, it just gives you a shine, you know? That’s what I’m saying. It’s kinda like a highlighter
and a blush in one. It’s beautiful and it
does have subtle hints of that iconic Orgasm shade and it just reflects off the skin to
give you that all-over glow. You can also use this on your body, on your décolleté if you
want an all-over glow, but it has definitely
been one of my favorites to use as a blush, a blush-topper, and also a little bit like a highlighter. And, of course, they had to release a supersize Orgasm Blush, this is the value size because it’s huge. And this is the original, OG blush shade. If you haven’t seen it, let
me swatch it for you guys, because I don’t know, maybe
you guys hadn’t seen it before, but it just has the most
beautiful tone to it. That is why it’s so beloved inside the makeup and beauty community. It really does have a great formula: blendable, creamy, pigmented. It’s got all you need in one. And if you do love Nars, if you’re a Nars Orgasm addict, there’s also a couple other products that I wanted to tell you guys about. So starting off, I mean obviously another blush, this is the
Nars Blush in Super Orgasm. So this has a little more intensity to it because it has that more intense vibe and when you put it onto your cheeks, it does have a little bit more of the gold flecks running through it. You can see in the product itself. And it’s just a little bit more oomph. You know, if you want a
little bit more oomph, if you love your original Orgasm and you just wanna go,
take it a step higher, this is the perfect blush for you. Then we have the Multiple,
which is something that I feel like if you
love minimal makeup, if you love products that are dual use, you are going to love this. So, like I said, it’s called the Multiple. It’s actually a cheek and lip tint. So you can use this as a cheek color, like a cream cheek color
that you can dab on with your fingertips and blend out and it’s gonna give you
that nice rosy glow, but it looks very natural
because it is a cream product. Or, you can also use this
as a little lip tint. So, really, really pretty product. I feel like this is so perfect for summer because it’s all about that minimal makeup like no-makeup makeup sort of look. And lastly, there’s also a lipstick. So this is the Nars lipstick in Orgasm. It has a satin finish and
it’s super duper gorgeous. It has that beloved Nars shade
that we all know and love and it has some gold
running through it as well so it matches the blush perfectly. I feel like this would be so pretty for like, a monochromatic look when you know, you want your blush, your eye shadow and
your lips to all match, I think it’s super duper pretty and honestly, the whole collection just it has me feeling some type of way. Let’s put it that way. And today, we have a giveaway
for you guys, of course. So, we’re giving away
the supersize version of the OG Nars Orgasm Blush and all you have to do to enter to win is comment down below what you would name your own makeup collection if you had one. I feel like this is such a fun question. It’s such a fun giveaway question. I feel like if I had my own makeup line, I would name it the
Shooting Star collection for all my rockstars out there. So, let us know in the comment section and you’ll be entered to win the supersize, limited
edition Nars Orgasm blush. I’m Roxette Arisa and
thank you for watching This Week in Beauty with Ipsy. [Upbeat Electro Pop]

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  1. I​ would call my makeup collection the worldwide dream collection. Take inspo from other countries around the world with colors and looks to incorporate into the collection 🙂

  2. I would name my makeup collection something like, "Cultureshock or Pop-culture". Or "Simplyme!!!" Or "Simply you!!!" Do I have to choose?? Lol Thank you Roxette!

  3. If I had my own makeup collection I would name it GlAMOR Cosmetics, A combination of the words glamour, and the word amor, which translates to "LOVE" in english. I feel like that name would be perfect for my makeup collection as it describes perfectly my love for makeup. 🙂 I hope I win the deluxe size Orgasm blush as i recently hit pan on mine after almost a year of constant use!

  4. If I had a makeup collection I would name it AUREA cause beauty comes from inside ❤ yeah I know it's cheesy but anyway 😜 Hope I can win these cuties!

  5. I would name it something like.. Simply …. you would have a blank beside it so as to fill in.. exp: Simply Wonderful, Simply stunning. It was be whatever you want it to be. Simply Nude or Pink. It's endless. 😊❤

  6. If I could name my own Make-up Collection it would be: Divinity.🕊
    Because Everyone has a spark of Divinity just waiting to be Aesthetically Creative.👼

  7. I would name mine “CL cosmetics” it translates to City Lights. It would be full of fun, bright colors and all kind of products❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  8. I would name my collection Luna Marie—my daughter’s name along with our middle name 😊 I’ve never tried this blush before and would love to win. Good luck everyone!!

  9. If I had the Opportunity to name a collection it would be the stunner collection … the reason why is because no matter what it looks like we all end up looking like stunners and makeup wasn’t made to hide ourselves it Was made to embrace every imperfections and perfection we Were born with

  10. The Mimi Collection (for my grandmas poodle.) Heavy on the natual pinks with a little vanilla and cocoa in the mix. (Think neapolitan ice cream.)

  11. I would name mine "Sass cosmetics" as a nod to my 3 year old little girl who we affectionately call miss sassy pants 🙂

  12. If I could have my own cosmetic line… I would name it Izabella Sora™ Cosmetics because it is such a beautiful name combination. There would be so much inclusivity and it would be vegan and cruelty free. I'd even include nail polishes and synthetic brushes.

  13. Yay! So happy that a collection came out. The orgasm blush is my absolute favorite. I think if I had my own make up line… it would probably be called tenacity.

  14. If I had my own makeup collection I would name it “Vista Alegre” after the place that I grew up 🙃

  15. If I had my own makeup collection, I would go along the lines of either "Sierra Desert" as a spin-off of the Sahara Desert and it would have flattering brown colors, and Sandy colors.

  16. If I could name my own makeup line it would be called~ "Intimidations "🤓 😍 👠 💄💎 👑💋💅

  17. Another name that I would use if I had a makeup collection would be "Ginger Fair" and it would include foundations that would be fair enough for the fairest of them all, giving light to full coverage. And a range of colors that wouldn't wash out your face, whether you're ginger or not. It would also include highlighters that would be very shimmery but won't show a color streak on your face. I would also have a eyebrow collection that would have light to dark red tones so that us gingers can fill in our brows perfectly and it match our hairs well.

  18. I would name it "Songs cosmetics" because my last name is Song and I love my last name because I am the only girl in the family that has that last name!

  19. Orgasm by NARS is my FAVORITE blush I’ve ever owned and I’m so thankful for this giveaway! I would probably name my makeup collection “Fly.”

  20. I'd call my collection "Secret Garden". All of the shades would have botanical or mineral names, and the packaging would have a victorian aesthetic– lots of lace and cut crystal. There could be a fragrance collection of layerable, linear, floral and earthy scents as well. Vibe is natural-looking beauty. Ads would be gorgeous victorian inspired outdoor shoots.

  21. I am going to have my own make up line one day I hope I will I am going to try really hard to get there.but what I would name my make up collection it would be called the dream collection or lily🌺

  22. I would name my line Fleeting, because I like quick, easy makeup and a reminder that outer beauty is fun but fleeting!

  23. If I had my own makeup collection I would call it sheer Beauty. Because I would develop a light coverage makeup so that everyone's sheer Beauty would show through.

  24. I would name my collection Rae of sunshine after myself and my sunny personality. Also my mom has called me her sunshine my whole life.

  25. If I had my own collection I would name it #MommyProbs. It would feature items that were easy to throw in your purse or diaper bag (so u don't look like a complete hot mess in the school drop off line) and lip gloss that tasted like wine (Moscato anyone??) and other items reflecting your "naughty side" (richer more robust colors, fuller coverage, longer lasting etc) when you get the chance to go seductive AF for those last second date nights 😘😘😘

  26. My makeup collection would be called Butterfly Queen collection and it would be inspired by all of the beautiful colors of butterflies 🦋

  27. Oh, man. Hibiscus or Desert Rose, but I'm leaning toward Hibiscus. While I love the Desert Rose flower and I just think of beautiful warm tones, I'm Puerto Rican so I feel like Hibiscus would make the line more my own.

  28. If i has a make up line i would call it "Sky Beauty" because when it comes to make up and having fun with make up, sky is the limit.

  29. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE ORGASM!!!!! If I had a make-up collection I would call it The CIAO BELLA COLLECTION From Bella-J

  30. I would name my own makeup collection "Storm". It's my nickname and I feel like people can put on their makeup, however much or little, and feel empowered to do the things the need to do. Take the world by Storm! 😁

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