New Profusion Lovestruck Eyeshadow Palette

New Profusion Lovestruck Eyeshadow Palette

hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch today’s video I really really appreciate you coming back so today I’m
going to be trying out the brand new profusion lovestruck palette this is
their newest eyeshadow palette and a very dear friend sent it to me so if
you’d like to see me crane and I look and give a first impressions review of
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know you I’ll have to excuse me I have a really really bad migraine but sometimes
you just have to go on and you just have to try the new eyeshadow palette so I
know it probably looks a little bit rough just really bad migraine but
anyway doesn’t matter we’re gonna give this a go so like I said a few times
this is from profusion cosmetics and this is the lovestruck palette that’s
from the 35 shades profusion is cruelty free and drugstore
so pretty don’t feel like the Lighting’s doing it justice but lots of purples and
blues there are some neutrals up here quite a few pressed glitters it’s
beautiful absolutely beautiful okay so obviously I have a lot of makeup on but
we’re just gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna do it okay so I’m just gonna keep
dropping stuff it’s all good I’m just gonna go ahead and pry my I am
using the this is the NYX pigment primer see you just go ahead and I’m just gonna
do one eye on camera to save some time okay i third it does look like there is
a good array of mattes and shimmers and like I said there are one two three
looks like there’s three pressed glitters so really really beautiful okay
so my eye is primed so I think I’m gonna go ahead and I think I want to do a
purple look today so I think I’m gonna go in with that shade right here and
this is called this is the shade a light Lake no I kick up in the pan don’t tap
off the excess I love what in a little is pigmented oh my gosh it’s very
pigmented Wow I mean for it being like a light shade
like a light pastel shade looking good okay so then I’m gonna go ahead and I’m
going to dip into rain which is this shade right here and so just a deeper
purple now that I know that they’re extremely pigmented which I mean I
already did know that about profusion eyeshadows but it kind of shocked me a
little bit just because usually usually Purple’s are kind of harder to
make especially if it’s a very affordable pilot but it’s beautiful
gorgeous I dig it okay I think I’m gonna go ahead and dip
into the darkest purple of the whole entire palette and this is called
Renaissance right here and no kick-up that’s surprising was expecting a few of
the purple shades have some kick kick up oh wow it’s incredible a little bit for
the priests we’ll go ahead and I’m gonna blend out it’s beautiful
I’m just gonna grab that first brush I was using with those two first purple
shades I’m just gonna make sure that I get this blend a dense beautiful though
Wow okay so I’m gonna go ahead and go in with a glitter primer just the regular
mixed one and I’m gonna use this on the rest of my lid or that blank area is so
that way we can lay down a shower okay I’m gonna go in with this shade
right here and this is the shade mega fine you’re
really pretty it’s almost like a topper we’ll see what it looks like well that’s
actually it’s actually not bad oh wow yeah you definitely need to layer it up
a little bit but it’s almost got like a duochrome effect to it that’s a really
pretty Wow look at that that’s gorgeous I like
this palette aw I love purples and a good purple is hard to find okay I’m
gonna go ahead and dip into that second transition shape that we used rain I’m
gonna start smoking this out a little bit on my lower lash line anything I’m gonna go ahead and dip into
Renaissance which is this deeper purple right here and just picking up just a
touch and I’m gonna just go ahead and get that like right on top of that lower
lash line wow that’s beautiful okay so I think for the inner corner
highlight I’m gonna go into I think this is ballet right here this doesn’t look
like a duochrome I don’t know if it is though but oh yeah that is definitely Oh
duochrome pop that on my inner corner it’s really
pretty I’m gonna go ahead and layer it up a
little that’s cool a couple of duo Chrome’s
very nice this seems to be a very complete palette gorgeous
okay I’m gonna even do the other eye and pop on some lashes and then I’ll be back
to show you the completed look okay so here is the finished look I think it
turned out absolutely beautiful it’s very very bright very beautiful if
you’re wondering what lashes I’m wearing I did put the Eileen ombre lashes in
violet I actually purchased these today at Walmart for two dollars and fifty
cents and they are really really cool lashes they’ve got some purple like
violet hairs thrown in there thought it would really go with the look I love
that the purple totally makes my eyes look really super green when really
they’re hazel but this lovestruck palette is really really beautiful very
very pigmented very pigmented easy to blend out though
but I wanted to do some swatches for you so I’m just gonna do a few mats so this
has to be some of these have to be like a pressed pigment so let’s do another go
on the pink sometimes shadows need to be built up it’s not a big deal yeah
oh that’s very bright okay let’s do some shimmers this one right here it looks
beautiful I bet this is a duochrome oh yeah that’s like beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful to do this blue one I want to do one of these neutral ones
oh wow so yeah profusion does some amazing amazing eyeshadow palettes and
the new lovestruck one is absolutely no exception very very nice very pigmented
and like I said you know even with a migraine I was able to still bust out a
really beautiful look it’s beautiful I love I love this I’m gonna be a little
bit shady here probably because the migraine but these purples and
everything this is what I wanted to see and like I said when I’m looking in the
monitor it’s not doing it justice but if you look at all my eye
these Purple’s are kind of what I wanted to see in the new bloodlust palette by
Jeffrey star looked very purple themed like this is there’s a lot of Pink’s
there’s a lot of purples you know links that there are like top
row of neutrals there’s some neutrals popped in here but it’s a lot of Pink’s
a lot of purples and a few blue so very beautiful palette very pigmented
love this palette I’ll link it down below for you it’ll be an Amazon
affiliate link you can also purchase this at Walmart and through Pro fusions
website then I’ll also leave the lashes link down below as well but yeah I
really love this look I think it’s I think it’s beautiful but anyway I hope
you did enjoy this little palette you know review and little mini look sorry
I’m not feeling super great but I still think the look turned out bomb
absolutely love it but anyway thank you so much for watching I hope you all have
a wonderful day or evening whenever you’re watching this and yeah if you did
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leave a comment down below have you seen the new lovestruck palette at Walmart or
on social media what did you think of it because it’s beautiful it is stunning
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the screen but yeah I’ll see you here in just a sec

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  1. I am not a pink lover but I think the palette is pretty. Profusion has some very good products. I have my eye on the Sunkissed palette they released late, last summer. Yes! This palette has the purples that I would expect from a purple palette.

  2. I have never tried an eyeshadow palette by Profusion Cosmetics. I love the purple eye look its beautiful and really suits you xx

  3. Omg Kimm as always beautiful…love that palate I definitely will try to purchase me one…just gorgeous have a great day..♥️

  4. I saw it on social media and walmart but was not sure if I should buy it. After your review though I totally am. That is a gorgeous look you created. I love the lashes too.

  5. I bought that palette the day it was released. It's gorgeous. I have a lot of Profusion!🖌🎨❤
    Thanks for the video. Feel better….I get migraines too💋

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