NO MIRROR Makeup Challenge + A BIG Surprise | Anaysa

NO MIRROR Makeup Challenge + A BIG Surprise | Anaysa

Hey Guys!! this is Anishka & today I’ll share with you a makeup look oho! who are you? ok I’ll tell you but first give me some space By the way what will you do today? don’t you see I am going to do makeup today makeup!!! using mirror obviously we do makeup looking into the mirror Even the kids do makeup using mirror let us show doing makeup without mirror Will you accept my NO Mirror Makeup Challenge?? yes I will hey guys!! there’s a good news for you that a new member has entered to our team Anaysa and she is Anku so done with your intro shall we start with our challenge so I start with applying a primer first. me too by the way I can easily apply primer without mirror as it just like a moisturiser cream its the beginning dear!! just wait & watch So next we use foundation so apply it in dotted form on your face its a challenge dear not a makeup tutorial I can see its not looking good ok lets apply concealer don’t talk too much oh its so easy with mirror but without that its too difficult I look like a ghost even using mirror while applying concealer god knows how am I looking without mirror oho its you I feel like a tribe or ghost has come yeah you too are looking like them ok done now next I apply a compact powder I am going to do a neutral pink makeup I think you’ll look more beautiful than me in this makeup look Our team Anaysa has hide all the mirrors from every makeup product even we can’t do cheating look I am doing so good makeup yeah really you are doing a good job thats shade combination is too good… hehe… ok done with our eye makeup now we’ll apply eyeliener its so easy for me as I’ve applied eyeliner too many times you ruined my eyeliner ok I’ll correct it how good your eyeliner is looking!! tell me one thing you sneezed actually or you do it willingly I find it little difficult to apply kajal cause I got tears doing that now I’ll apply mascara is anything have got wrong?? you are looking beautiful dear even I don’t think so you’ve practised for this makeup challenge thats why you are doing good so I’ve done with mascara ok now lets take some beauty shots she is still applying mascara do you have any other name?? Yeah I know that like you’ve some other name in school Anku it might be a nick name dear ok tell me if your grandmother gave you any name Anku oho Anku.. blah..blah I am going to try something new Unibrow is in fashion these days ok plz make me learn to make this type of eyebrows after this video ok its not a big deal tell us in comment whose highlighter is more glowing ? obviously mine don’t have misconceptions like this we make little mistakes while using mirror & today is no mirror….. oho I forget to apply blush its ok applying it now my highlighter will look good you know its going to glow from inside yeah its going to be glow from inside now its turn to a lipstick & we are using a liquid lipstick omg a coakroach there oh you took revenge from me ok correct my lipstick oho again you ruined it So guys done with our makeup ok plz give us a mirror now to see how our makeup is looking?? ohho I am looking like ghost yeah you are looking like a joker and I looking like that witch from conjuring movie its true its not possible to do makeup without a mirror you told for that no mirror challenge makeup don’t you had any other challenge I wanted to that Rakhi Special Makeup Tutorial yeah but we’ve enjoyed a lot yeah but who win?? so friends tell me in the comments below who has done worst makeup?? & try this challenge once with your family member & don’t forget to click the picture of that look and dm that picture on instagram so that we can upload that pictures making a collage from that get this video to 30,000 LIKES so will see you in our next video

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  1. Dosto … Yeh video sirf aur sirf aapko hasane ke liye banaya hai …
    Agar aapko thodi bhi Hasi aayi ho isse dekh ker to mere liye isse badi baat aur kuch ho hi nahi sakti kyun ki life mein sabse mushkil kaam hota hai kissi ko Hasana !!
    Pyaar Banayein Rakhein aur Sabko Khushiyan aur Hasi Baat te rahien !!

  2. Very funny makeup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  3. So nice funny enjoyable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂both did Gr8 hasi aai ho toh make grey like button 🔵blue

  4. Sab se jyada hasi is me hi aaye hai muche maine bahut se video dekha hai but is se jyada kise me bhi nahi hase ho jab aapne shesha dekha tu bahut hasi aayi sachchi jis ko bhi is video me hasi aayi ho wo muje comment kari aur like kari

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