No sew pillow, DIY decorative pillows

No sew pillow, DIY decorative pillows

Hello friends! Welcome to another Smiling Colors video! I am Smitha also known as theshinynest on
instagram and today’s we’re making a Reversible fall christmas pillow. I love felt pillows, they are so adorable
and this reversible one turned out to be so cute! We have the the word thankful for November
and come december we’ll flip it over to say JOY. what you will need: Lets start with the felt
sheets. You can buy these at your craft store, or
online. I bought a whole bunch of colors on amazon
and I LOVE this collection. I chose two colors for today a soft peach
and a brown. Now I am sewing this pillow, instead I am
using a fabric glue- this one is new to me I just bought it the other day it’s called
E6000 fabric fuse and I have high expectations from it. Apply a thin line of the fabric glue around
3 sides of our pillow. The instructions for this glue says to apply
the glue to both the surfaces- so I added a line of glue onto the peach as well. On the fourth side I have left a big gap so
that we can add stuffing into the pillow. Press the two felt sheets together- pre cut
felt sheets will match up exactly. Press down on all sides and let this dry overnight. The next day, when I checked on the pillow
I was super happy at how the glue had dried and the seams formed were really strong. Now turn the pillow inside out, use something
pointy to push out the corners and we are ready to paint! I am using a gold fabric paint, this is a
dimensional paint but Ive squirted this paint onto my palette and am going to paint with
a paint brush instead because I want a nice thick font. I am inserting a scrap piece of cardstock
into the pillow, just to prevent the paint from seeping through. I am using a no 2 round brush and painting
in my word “JOY” you want to take account the final seam and center your word accordingly. I’ll start painting in the center letter
O first. . After the O, I’ll then I’ll go and paint
the J and the Y on either sides and try to space them out evenly. the key to painting with fabric paint is to
use every little water on your paint brush.I actually don’t use any water if possible At this point I am pretty happy with how it
looks, but I wanted a bit more drama, so I added simple dots of gold all around the pillow,
kinda like confetti. None of the dots are perfect, thats the beauty
of handmade. I let it dry, and I actually went over everything
and gave a second coat of paint as well and this is how it looks. The gold is all shimmery and those dots all
around look so pretty. You could stop at this point, but I wanted
to really try and see if I could free hand letter with this paint. I kinda like the idea of a two for one deal-
one pillow for two occasions. So I boldly flipped the pillow over and using
the nozzle tip of the dimensional paint I loosely lettered in the word ‘thankful”
onto the brown felt. Squeeze the nozzle onto a scrap piece of paper
first, to remove any air and to figure out how much pressure the bottle needs for the
paint to come out easily. Then start lettering, and as you go you can
kind of estimate how much space you will need for the remaining letters- and I am not trying
to space everything evenly, I just want the whole entire word to fit on the given space. Now when you look closely, you can see some
uneven spots. I went over the thin lines with another coat
of paint. Make sure to wipe off your nozzle before you
put it away to prevent blockages.. I then tried to smooth things with a dry paintbrush
but I was too scared that I might spoil it. so I let it be. Then you want to let it dry for a few hours
atlease, I let it dry overnight just to be safe. And here is how it dried, no cracks and that
gold on the brown contrasts beautifully! I am so thrilled with this! Now to quickly finish the pillow off- add
poly oil stuffing or anything else you have to fill the pillow. Close the final seam with the fabric glue
and you will need to hold the seam together with some binder clips or something for a
while till the glue holds. And voila! you have a cute reversible dual
holiday pillow. This was fun for me to make and I’m happy
it turned out so cute! The fabric glue was so easy to use- it flowed
well and wouldn’t gunk up the nozzle. if you have bene looking for a good fabric glue-
look no more. This is it. Stop by my blog to find details about the
glue and all other supplies and also I am part of the Handmade Holidays blog hop today
and there are fun prized to be won! Enter the giveaway on my blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel,
like this video and leave me a comment telling me what you think of this reversible pillow
idea. Is it a nay or a yay in your opinion? Thanks so much for hanging out with me friends. Happy Crafting!

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