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  1. Rather poorly depicted, especially coming from a founder of the company. The lighting on the neck isn't terribly good; all the positions are shown so quickly, or the camera angle changes mid-demonstration, that it makes it difficult to see exactly where the positions are.
    Additionally, why fiddle the results when showing the one side of the face? Of course the cheek pops and you see a difference between the treated and untreated sides of the face when the lighting is all angled at the treated side of the face while the other is unlit. Apparently the results are not that impressive or a properly lit view of both sides of the face would be shown.
    How disappointing that a large company, with a generally good reputation, is seemingly unable to produce a video with clear demonstrations of how to use their $400'ish product.
    Having said this, I like my Nuface and use it daily. However, I was hoping that some video would be available showing clearly, simply and easily what the positions are to at least confirm that I'm using it to its very best advantage or to correct my usage to get the most out of it. It's a pity that Nuface is unable, or unwilling, to provide that.

  2. Please upgrade the App i think that it’s not so helpful. Need a lot of things, for example: what is the purpose of asking to set a trestment schedule if it doesn’t send reminders, or audio on the mini videos. I think that you need to include there a detailed video for each trestment.
    One other thing, i’m concerned because i have read that you should not stimulate or put this type of treatment in the area surrounding the thyroid, and here you don’t make any clarification about it.
    It would be valuable to hear the opinion of experts and those who developed this device.
    Thanks a lot.

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