Hi! This is Stacy Glow again! Today, I’ll be transformed into the image of one of the characters of Ocean’s Eight. It will be interesting.  I have already put the base for makeup. Now I’ll work with shadows. I’ll put dark shadows on the lower eyelid. Next I put them in the outer corner of the eye and a little along the line of eyelash growth. Did you watch the cult film Ocean’s Eight? About the virtuoso thief Danny Ocean and his cool “team of expert sharpers”, who were going to commit the most extensive casino burglary in the history? The movie took numerous awards – for the best comedy, for the best cast, the best use of music and many others. Say nothing that the super handsome Brad Pitt filmed there. You must definitely know this movie! If not, be sure to watch it! And now the world premiere, a criminal comedy Ocean’s Eight, is screened. It’s not the Ocean’s Eleven follow-up, rather a separate story. This time it is about no less virtuoso Danny’s sister Debbie Ocean. And though George Clooney does not appear in the film, the story is not less exciting, I think. This time, Ocean is not interested in casinos. She has been planning to steal the world’s most expensive necklace from a neck of the annual charitable ball participant in New York for more than five years. She carefully selected a team for herself for this. I wonder what happens… While they think their strategic thoughts and plan their cunning plans, I will put mascara. I’m not going to steal the necklace, but to make a spectacular makeup. Then I fix the eyelashes with brush. I add light shadows in the inner corner of the eye. And then I spread them over the entire surface of the eye by the pads of fingers. There are 8 friends in the movie, each plays a role and has its own special image. How do you think, whose look did I choose? A fatal beauty, of course. All brunettes and dark-haired women might have something that corresponds to that image. As for me, it fits me the most of all eight, so I decided to choose it. Next, I’ll carefully apply a matte red lipstick. Lipstick will be the bright element necessary for this image. The makeup can be soft and completely unobtrusive, but it is necessary to emphasize the lips with a lipstick. So, your victim will be most focused on what you say. Oops…what am I talking about…Victim.. I transformed a bit much in the image.. Your interlocutor will be as focused as possible. The flight hostesses also use this technique. Now I add the powder blusher. I look at my image and something is missing. Designer stylish glasses or jewelry, like at the fatal beauties? Maybe it is so, but I also need the glint in my eyes, my eyes look too lacklustre, I think. Maybe it is so, but I also need the glint in my eyes, my eyes look too lacklustre, I think. Now I use silver shadows.They are perfect in such a case. I add the silver shadows on the whole eye. But wait, there is more. Honestly, I thought that wings in this image would be inappropriate. But now, just the opposite. I think they must be. These are we, girls, we have “rain at seven, fine at eleven”. Therefore, I draw the light wings. Then I add highlighter a little to emphasize the look. I put some lipstick once again. I’m almost finished my makeup, but I don’t want to say goodbye, so I have another piece of advice for you today: If you want to make your lips plusher, use a concealer, paint your line of lips with it, draw your desired line by pencil and fill the rest with the lipstick. How do I look? Am I look like a fatal beauty? I plan not any robbery, but hunting. Today I showed you a makeup lesson on the topic of a fatal beauty from Ocean’s Eight. A lot of lessons, transformations and tricks are in the future. Stay with me so you don’t miss anything interesting!

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