Over 50 Makeup Tutorial | LIPS

Over 50 Makeup Tutorial | LIPS

wrinkled lips fix tips and tricks’ hi
I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s today’s video is a few quick tips on how
to apply lipstick and lip liners and lip gloss if you’ve got lip wrinkles I’m
going to show you how to avoid a lipstick bleed and I’m also going to
show you how to make your lips look more youthful as you’re getting older
the first tip I’m going to share with you is the thing that you do before you
even buy your lipstick so when you’re in the store and you want to test the color
of your lipstick you apply the lipstick to your finger tip not to the back of
your hand or to your wrist and the reason is that the finger tip is the
closest you’ll get to the skin on your lips and our skin on our hands is very
very different and it’s going to throw a different shade put your lipstick here
like this and when you put it here and here you’re going to get the closest
match so that’s a really cool trick when you’ve got wrinkles on top of your lip
and your lips are lined it’s a lot safer and a lot more gentle to wear a nude
lipstick or a lighter color which is great but there’s some rules you’ve got
to follow with applying a nude lipstick if you go to light it can make you look
very very sick so the general rule of thumb is to choose two colors darker
than your skin tone and that’s a good color and then go either warm or cool
depending on what your undertone is so let me tell you a trick that they use
and this will help explain it a little bit better the special effects makeup
artists actually make lips look very very pale if they want to make one of
the actors dead or look very very sick and what they’ll do is go a couple of
shades lighter than the skin tone and they’ll add a cool color and then you
look dead so I’m just going to show you what it looks like on me see what that’s done it’s made my lips
look sickly and it’s just too light and then if I
added a lip gloss on top of that a pigmented gloss this is so beautiful by
the way this is Natasha Denona but it’s too light for me I can wear this over a
darker color but if I go in and intensify the lightness it just washes
me out and it’s just not very good so remember that when you’re choosing a
nude color go to shades darker than your skin tone and that will be perfect for
you the real perfect color for everybody’s
lip is their natural color and you find your natural color from going inside
your lip and this color here is your natural color and you choose a liner to
match that color and if I draw a line inside my lip and match it to that color
they’re the same so that way I know this is the perfect nude color for me but if
I was just going for a very natural look I could wear this and it would mimic my
actual real lip color so it would look right and if you’ve got lots of lip
wrinkles or any lining at all using a lip liner is what you need to do because
that’s going to stop any lipstick running into your lines and if I was
going to add a little bit of gloss to this to make it more bright I could just
add a little bit of gloss to the bottom of my lip and not so much on top because
I don’t want it to bleed into the lines and that’s just a very natural look I’m
gonna take that off when you’re in the shop testing lipsticks here’s a trick
always take the lipstick off but then apply a little bit of foundation
over the top of your lips because when you try the next color you don’t want
that to mix in with the leftovers of the color you’ve had on before because some
of them have stains in them and then you can’t get a really true indication of
the color new colors are more safe to wear when you’ve got lots of lines and
wrinkles on top of your lips but we don’t all want to have nude all the time
so you can go darker when you go very very dark and deep it does
thin your lips out but I’m going to show you a technique that actually brings
your lips in and makes them a little bit wider I’m going to use this lip liner
here it’s Kat Von D this color Smith this is very bright so I can easily
demonstrate for you Kat Von D lip liners are really great if you’ve got wrinkles
on your lips because it doesn’t budge once it goes on your lips it doesn’t
feather and that’s what we want formulas that are going to stay put and once you
put this on and then your lipstick on top you’ve got a much better chance of
keeping your lines free of any residue from your lipstick so here’s what you do
you map out your lips you mark out your lips just from the inner corner of your
mouth and we are going to draw a false line before our lips finish I’ll show
you what I mean so I’ve drawn my lip liner to not go all
the way out to the edges and you just gently taper it in before you get to the
edge of the mouth and what this does is it brings your lips in and makes them
look more youthful which is great for us and you can slightly slightly over draw
the line that you naturally have to make your lips appear a little bit fuller but you don’t need to do too much here
and if you’re just practicing don’t go too far out the lines because you don’t
want anything running into your lip wrinkles and I’m going to show you in a
minute what this looks like when I go all the
way out there’s a big difference okay when you’ve done your lip liner and you
can touch it it’s very very dry it’s not going to run another thing you can do is
add a little bit of concealer around the lines of your lips and then set that
with powder and that’s going to be extra security that nothing’s going to go into
your lip lines so you just grab a little brush and then you can outline your lips
with some concealer and then on top of that you just add a
tiny tiny bit of translucent powder and you dab it in you just dab it it’s only
a tiny little bit so you’ve got that set now you could go out just like that with
a tiny bit of gloss in the middle lip and your makeup is not going to run into
your lines for sure to intensify this look or take it down a notch you add
color to it with a lip stick and the best lipstick we can buy if we’ve got
lines and wrinkles on our lips is a matte or a liquid lipstick I’m going to
start off by showing you a lighter one on top of this dark color this is the
Sephora lip paint and it’s a good nude but I’m putting it on top of a darker
color and what we’re going to do is use color theory we’re going to add light to
the middle part of our lip with a lighter color and that’s going to bring
them forward and then the darker color on the outside is going to recede so
again we’re using color theory to bring our lips in and make them look more full so you start off like that and then you
tap it into its all blended so the combination of these two colors
has given me a warm pink and that’s it this isn’t going to budge and it’s not
going to go anywhere and I can add some gloss to that because I’ve got a good
base these Mac lip glasses are very good and they don’t run so that will just
bring the color to life a bit another thing that you can do is add a little
bit of highlight to your bottom lip so again we’re adding light to the bottom
lip so that’s going to make it come forward and the correct proportion for
perfect lips is 1/3 up top and 2/3 down the bottom and if you’ve got a thin
bottom lip you can add a little bit underneath and add some highlight to it
so just here because you want to bring it forward and then that really helps
with that proportion of 2/3 and 1/3 and just add a bit of gloss to that so every
little bit helps using those products I’ve got a very clean line around my lip
line so the wrinkles are still there which I’m really upset about but they’re
not going anywhere just yet but I know that my lipstick is going to stay put
and I still get a nice line I’m going to take this off now and then I’m going to
apply my lip liner in a way that it is going to go into the lip lines and
wrinkles around here it’s not nice I’ll show you okay instead of going in at the edges
we’re going to take it all the way up to the edges yeah and this is how I remember my
grandma applying her lipstick and she always had bleeding here in her wrinkles
I’ll never forget that okay so we’ve gone out to the exact
corners of our lips and made that line really prominent now if I add a lipstick
on top of that I’m going to use the Bobbi Brown pale coral and take it all
the way to the edges and can you see how it looks a lot worse when my lip liner
and lipstick comes all the way out compared to this where my lips are being
brought forward it’s just a much nicer look and if I was to wear this out for a
couple of hours or even a couple of minutes I think it’s going to start
running down these wrinkles here I can already see it starting so yeah this is
a really good trick to know and if I add a gloss all the way out and all the way
up it’s kind of a mess and I am NOT going to feel safe walking out like this
because I know it’s going to bleed so if you have lip wrinkles just like me I
hope you enjoyed these tips and I really hope they helped you please give a
thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and share it with your friends thank you so
much for watching and have a beautiful week

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  1. I wish I could hug you. I NEVER wear anything on my lips now that I’m 50. I always look ridiculous. Your video was so thorough and micro detailed that I was able to follow your directions and my lips looked good. I never thought to not do my entire lip. Thank you so very much 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  2. I love using City Lips from City Beauty. It’s a lip plumper and it has great stuff in it, it doesn’t make your lips sting. For me I use that and a lip gloss that matches my lips and I don’t have to use a liner it just looks very natural.

  3. I got bitten by a sharp toothed puppy on my upper lip. 13 stitches later, I have wrinkles and lines that can't be covered. I put heavy moisturizer on my lips and skin at night. Aging is bad enough without damage from a dog bite.

  4. Love the fingertip colour test…Thanks❣️ Here in Canada we love Mac lipsticks but I did buy a Kat Von D lipliner after watching your video!

  5. Thank you for this video. I have very thin lips with many lines ( smoker ), but I learned a lot and will try this.

  6. I agree with Pam! I felt like a clown every time I tried to line my lips and wear lipstick. The thing that made the most difference was creating the false lines. Made my looks look pouty! you are amazing and I cant thank you enough!

  7. Wow!!! Amazing trick. I think I've been doing to my lips the same thing as your grandma used to do, lol. Dear Schell, you are always right. Thanks a lot for sharing your tricks with us. I am trying these tricks tomorrow for sure! Hugs!

  8. Thank you thank you for this! My upper lip has started to droop and I just haven’t been able to make it look right with liner or lipstick! I am going to try this. I would hate to no longer wear lipstick! 💐💐💐

  9. I used to always be a pink or darker lip wearer. I got into nudes a few years ago and bought a bunch. When I tried them on I was horrified how they looked. I really wanted the JLo glow lip. Ended up throwing them out. Saved a couple because they cost so much. I realized later I just didn't know how to wear lipstick. Never really used liners. So I have learned to ombre my lips and nude just in inner portion or in middle. Now I have fun always using multiple things on my lips. More complicated and playful. Lol. Thanks.

  10. i went to one of the links. i cannot choose a color from a picture. i would like to visit a make up store where i may see & try the color.

  11. Thanks so much for this. I haven’t figured out how to make my lips look fuller and rounder. I keep trying and buying more expensive product. Well I haven’t done the shaping and shading ! 😍

  12. for me: simple conceler and powder set entire lip FIRST… then add product. Never fails for clean edges. I've never had lipsticks feather only runny gloss. I think a strong dry base helps everybody. It is also good for women who have different colored lips. Maybe the upper lip is red and lower light pink, or lower lip has a darker edge and upper lip has no color. I find this evening out of the base coat gives a truer color of the end product.

  13. It is not use!!! You are just so beautiful it does not matter how "wrong" you put on your make up, you are still radiant!

  14. Your illustrations are very effective, but there are too many steps. Can I do something similar with less products?

  15. Well!! Ain't that a thing!! Never knew about not bringing the colour right to the outer lip, so had stopped wearing lipstick as it never looked properly done and I looked a bit clown like!! Fantastic tips, as always! Can't wait to go out and buy the proper products! Thank you again, you are an angel❤

  16. Great vid [as are all of your vids] but can't really see maybe lighting is too strong or not close enough? Bit frustrating x

  17. It is so Fab to have a wonderful representation like yourself Shelly, for Mature gals like ourselves! When we are bombarded by young gals with plump lips, it's nice to see your video that addresses our issues. Keep rockin girl, we need you to spread the word for us Mature Beauty Vloggers!

  18. Thank you Shelly

    You're now getting an extra 120K views on Pinterest!
    Thank you for your amazing
    content! 💖💖

  19. Shellea! Thank you for these brilliant videos. I find myself – in my early 50s – fronting two rock bands, having never worn much makeup to this point in my life, nor have I spent much time on stage until now. I especially have trouble keeping lip color on my lips because I accidentally bump into my mic, and to make things additionally challenging, I play harmonica, so that's another impediment to keeping the lip color on my lips. I've had trouble with lip stains because they tend to wear off everywhere but the inside of my lower lip; there's a margin between the inner lip and outer lip where the pigment accumulates and it just looks awful, especially frustrating because I'm opening my mouth constantly when singing and that area is really visible. Thank you for sharing your expertise, Shellea! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Thanks for the tips. I think your lips look fuller when your liner and lipstick go all the way to the corner of your mouth. It's especially noticeable when you have the side-by-side pics up.

  21. I am so happy that I found you!! I am 55 years old and I love wearing makeup but could never find tips and techniques for my age group. Now, I watch your videos and am so excited to try your tips. I have bought so many lipsticks that I can't wear as once I get home and try them, the colour of the lipstick changes once on my lips. I think it is the pigment colour of my lips. Do you have any tips? Thank you!

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