Overwatch – New Cosmetic Unlocks | PS4

Overwatch – New Cosmetic Unlocks | PS4

HANZO: My bow
is at your service. LUCIO: Oh yeah.
I’m off the hook. D.VA: Check me out. REINHARDT: Honor! Justice! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! MEI: Hey.
Look at me. PHARAH: The skies are clear. That’s how we do it. TORBJORN: Ironclad. WIDOWMAKER: Impeccable. ZARYA: Feel the burn. SOMBRA: Everything can
be hacked and everyone. GENJI: My work here is done. MERCY: You should
really get that looked at. ANA: I’m feeling young again. WINSTON: Get a load of this.

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  1. I feel like people give overwatch a free pass for this kind of thing, but if any other game did this there’d be a lynching.

  2. I hope they also have new voice lines, and if they do I hope that one of Reinhardt's is "Live with honor, die with glory"

  3. People are complaining about the loot boxes but all of this is cosmetic. At least they're not locking weapons, gear, characters, and things that actually affect gameplay and give an advantage to those that have them behind a pay wall like most other games out there. We still get all new characters and game mode for free, you know, the stuff that actually does affect gameplay and not just make you look cooler

  4. It's amazing how a lot of these morons are defending the lootboxes saying it's only cosmetic stfu and go watch Jim Sterlings video titles 'it's just cosmetic' and educate yourself

  5. PlayStation sony help me out i can't play fortnite and destiny 2 sins the day 23 January 2018 please help me out ??

  6. so bland, game for stupid post millennials. go play tf2 on pc scrubs. loot boxes = stupid post millennials ruining gaming

  7. I appreciate this game for the fact that everything can be unlocked through earning credits or random loot boxes, and new maps and characters are just updated content and not dlc.

  8. im sorry this game was ruined for me a few months ago when mercy got reworked and basicly broke the game i kept asking myself how did this make it through ptr on to live and i just quit and havent got any reason to go back

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