peachy makeup look with Morphe X Jaclyn Hill | eyeshadow tutorial

peachy makeup look with Morphe X Jaclyn Hill | eyeshadow tutorial

hey guys welcome back so I’ve had a
couple of requests on like how did I do this makeup look so I wore this makeup
in two videos ago so I did a video on who to follow and tik tok and why and
basically I wore this makeup look took some selfies after and put them on my
Instagram and people wanted to know how I did it it’s actually one of the
easiest looks ever so I’m gonna give you a quick tutorial also it’s very like
adaptable so you could put lashes on you could put winged liner on you could do
whatever you want kind of jazz it up a little bit more but this was kind of a
daytime sort of look for me so also people asking where did I get my jumper
from so this jumper so basically this is one love Manchester merch so a couple of years ago when there was a terrorist attack in Manchester Ariana Grande and
scooter braun made like this huge concert to like fundraise for the people that were
affected and this was some of the merch ariana grande wore it herself I decided that I had to have it and also the proceeds went to the
fundraising so it was a good purchase but yeah I love this it’s so soft so if
you want to know how to get this makeup look keep watching so I’ve already
primed my eyelids with Jeffree star magic star concealer and I dunno I’m kind
of into that at the moment but you can use pretty much any concealer eyeshadow
primer foundation you want just make sure that it gives you a smooth even
finish so I’ll be using the morphe Jaclyn Hill palette the original one the
OG one so this is such an easy look only three shades I’ll be using hunts Jacz and
enlight take a smallish fluffy brush this is from morphe it’s got no name but
small and fluffy then I’m gonna go in with hunts don’t take too much and then
I’m just gonna go sort of under the crease don’t wanna go on the crease cuz
I want to kind of blend it out so that’s where I want to put my pigment so as you can see my approach is very
light you can go in more pigmented if you’re going for like a bit of an extra
sort of night out look but this is a daytime sort of thing so I’m going to
quite light and then I’m just gonna put some close to my lash line but stay in this
corner don’t go too close to the front of your eye because that’s where all the
highlights gonna go okay so that is that then I’m gonna go in with Jacz same
brush and only a tiny bit like don’t go too crazy so that’s gonna go like right
right in the crease so like here okay so that’s that also I just noticed like on
the viewfinder you can see my cut on my finger basically I opened my umbrella
the other day and it decided to slice me open so that’s why I don’t use umbrellas
so then I’m gonna take the same two shades on the lower lash line so first
wait that’s way too much product so first I’m gonna go in with Hunts I’m
kind of using sort of a small like tapered brush because I don’t want too
much pigment to be going there so you just want to apply that like
quite low to be honest as you can see it does look crazy on this side but once
you’ve got like mascara on it just that’s looking normal again and then I’m
gonna take the tiniest bit like right on the tip of the brush I want to apply
that as close to the lash line as possible I don’t want to bring that out
and that’s just to give it a bit of dimension okay so that is that don’t
forget it does look messy right now like what the heck is going on but it does
start looking normal later so then this shade actually isn’t in the Jacqueline
Hill palette I’m using the Too Faced peach palette for this but I’m using the
shade peaches and cream it’s a shade that’s as close to my skin tone as I can
get so just use any sort of shade that is very close to your skin tone and I’ll
be using this to blend out the edges so they don’t look as crazy as they do
right now you can really go in with this stuff and it’s just to get rid of
harsh lines so there you go you can see it’s kind of bit more blended and this
corner doesn’t look a mess any more but I’m gonna go in so you see here it looks
like tiny bit patchy I’m gonna go in with a little bit more of Hunts and so
I pack it into the outer corner so then this is my favorite bit where it
really brings it all together so I will be using the shade and light
that’s this one in the top corner so I’m gonna be putting on my inner corner so
really like gently I’m trying to blend it into this sort of color so that it
blends out and doesn’t look harsh then also bring it up here so I like to bring
it like round like also like this so you see where my nose kind of comes around
it’s just a little bit lower and I just think it makes your eyes look a bit like
more alert and awake and open so there you go
then taking this same fluffy brush from before just gonna blend the two shades
together and then for the final touch take a little bit on your finger and dab
it right into that inner corner and it’ll really make it pop and then I like
to highlight underneath my eyebrows but I hate when people like no offense to
anyone go in with a shimmery shade and put like a big direct like popping line
I just like to use whatever excess I’ve got on this brush and I feel like it
highlights in a bit more of a subtle sort of way so all you need to do now is
pop some mascara on and then I will show you the lips so there you go you can see
how it really came together once I put the mascara on so like I’ve said before you can add winged liner to this you can add lashes you can do whatever you want you can add little gemstones but for me this is a perfect little bit too extra daytime look and I’m cool with that
so to make it a little bit more peachy I will be going in with the Kylie Jenner
lip kit in the shade dirty peach I am actually obsessed with
this at the moment I just I don’t know what happened I didn’t use it for ages and
then I kind of couldn’t stop using it first I’m going to the lip liner over
line in obviously because that’s what I always do I also over line on the bottom
as well which a lot of people don’t recommend to do but I think my lips are
quite small and I can get away with it um yeah if you kind of got a big bottom
lip then I would avoid it so there we go lip liner is on and also let me say one
thing about this lip liner I like it it’s very creamy and it doesn’t smudge
but look like that’s terrifying one day it’s gonna fall out and snap and I’ll be very annoyed so this is the final look it’s so easy to do I just want to say a
lot of people have been asking me like how did you learn how to do makeup and
yeah I’m not an expert but how I learned was by watching YouTube tutorials such
as like Jeffree star James Charles nikkietutorials definitely and basically
using their techniques and trying to apply it and that’s how you can learn
also you’ve got to kind of figure out the shape of your face so like for me
I’ve got quite hooded eyelids and then I’ve got this bone that sticks out so I
have to kind of go underneath it yeah I’m gonna get less color on my lid but
it kind of works more for the shape but yes so that’s pretty much it if you like
this video please leave me a thumbs up down below subscribe for new ones they
come out every Thursday and I hope see you next week

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  1. this is definitely my go-to palette because there’s so many wearable shades, what’s your fave palette? any recommendations? ✨

  2. Wow, love the make-up. Totally subbing (#100 woo aha). I'm thinking bout doing a make-up mashup with one of my tinytraintrack, but we'll see.

  3. Hi again, could you do a video about Surface Pro which one have you got and if you have downloaded any apps for that to help you write your notes. That would be useful video to watch, only if you can. Thanks.

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