Peel Off Lipstick – Lip Stain | Korean Makeup

Peel Off Lipstick – Lip Stain | Korean Makeup

Hi, I’m Vy! So peel off makeup is super popular lately
I’ve seen peel off makeup for your eyebrows, for black head removal and also lipstick. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I’m going
to be trying out the peel off lipstick today. It’s my first time ever trying peel off makeup
of any kind so I’m doing a first impression and also a review for you guys on the Korean
brand Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack. So in this lip tint pack there are 6 colors
ranging from red to purple. So lip tint is kind of in between chapstick
and full lipstick. So, chapstick gives you a clear color and lipstick gives you full
color while a lip tint is in between where it gives you a little bit of tint very naturally
so it looks like your lips are just naturally bright and beautiful. On the back of the box there are directions
on how to use this, but it’s all in Korean and I don not speak Korean I’m Vietnamese. It’s pretty simple, there are only 4 steps.
Apply, wait, peel and you’re done! I really didn’t need the directions, it’s
pretty self explanatory how to apply lip tint. So out of these 6 colors, I think I’m going
to try the red one first just going from left to right. I’m just going to using a makeup remover wipe
to remove my current lipstick that I’m wearing so I can apply the lip tint. So the first color I’m trying out is Virgin
Red which is appropriate because it’s my first time trying it out so I guess I’m kind of
a lip tint virgin. I’m just going to apply it on my lips. So as you can see it is very bright and I
assume that when I peel this off it’s not going to be that bright.
The texture is very gooey so I was very careful applying this on. I just squeezed out a little bit amount at
a time. I’m going to wait until this dries. I don’t think I’m going to be closing my lips
cause I don’t want it to get stuck together. I can already feel it getting tacky. So after a couple minutes my lips are now
dry. I feel so funny talking right now because they are super super tight right now so I’m
just gonna do a quick check to make sure that they are really dry. So, I’m just tapping with my fingers to make
sure that it is all dry. Good to go! Here’s what Virgin Red looks like. I am so
incredibly amazed. I mean look how bright and just full of color this is. I’m so frickin
impressed! This is actually way better than I imagined.
I mean this is full red color. I mean, this is great! Yeah! I’m very very happy with it.
Full vibrant color. This is almost lipstick level. I mean I think it actually is lipstick
level so that’s really cool. This doesn’t feel like I’m actually wearing
anything. It just feels like my natural lips. When I heard peel off lipstick it kind of
felt very gimmicky. Like it didn’t feel like it’s something that’s actually gonna work
or that you just try on for fun. Maybe you wear it to, you know, Halloween or something
like that, but this is like a daily wear. You know, gosh, I’m so impressed by how this
turned out. So this is a moist makeup wipe remover I’m
gonna try and wipe it off to simulate if I’m gonna go out, have a couple drinks, eat a
couple meals to see if this lip tint is going to stay with me all day, all night long. So a little bit came off, not much. Again
this is a moist makeup remover. I’m gonna see if I can fully remove it. You know I think I made eight or nine wipes
and that’s probably equivalent to two or three meals and a couple drinks so this is definitely
not coming off. It’s long lasting and I’m just extremely impressed. So I hope you enjoyed my makeup review and
also my first impression of the lip tint lip pack from Korea. Let me know in the comments
below if this is something you’d actually like to try or if you think it’s kind of gimmicky
or do you think it actually works. I mean based on my results I mean I think it works. I’m also going to be doing a first impression
review of the black head removal that’s also peel off, so be sure to subscribe so you can
see that when that comes out. I hope you have a lovely day and I will see
you next time. Bye!

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