Pennywise Makeup: How We Made ‘It’ | NowThis Nerd

Pennywise Makeup: How We Made ‘It’ | NowThis Nerd

Hey guys, welcome! With the new ‘It’ movie coming out, we wanted to break out the facepaint and show
you the best way to cover up some homicidal tendencies with a big, red smile. It’s been 27 years since this dancing clown
first appeared in the sewers of Derry. Hey, you’re gonna
like it down here! And we thought we’d pay our respects
to the OG Pennywise, Tim Curry. This is Mel Licata, a special effects makeup artist
who regularly works on independent and feature films, and who also competed on season
10 of Syfy’s ‘Face Off.’ She’s gonna help us turn Hunter from a member
of the Loser’s Club into Pennywise himself. Today we’re gonna baldcap him, we’re gonna put on a prosthetic to hide
his eyebrows and blend the transition between his baldcap and his hair. We’re gonna do his makeup, paint him all white, give him a clown
makeup, glue on a wig, and lay some hair so it looks extra nice. That’s exciting, how long exactly
does that whole entire process take? Y’know, only a few hours. Only a few hours. Okay, great! So I’m gonna be right back with a volunteer/victim,
and we’re not gonna let this makeup go to waste, cause we’re gonna see if Hunter can scare
them as much as Tim Curry used to scare us. You all taste so much
better when you’re afraid! So first, we slick back Hunter’s hair
in a look inspired by Eddie Munster. That makes it easier for Mel
to put on the bald cap. After it is on, Mel cuts away the excessive parts
of the cap and sticks it on with a skin adhesive. Then, she has to blend it in, which basically cleans up all those lines
separating man from cap and makes Hunter into who he was meant to be: a seal. After that, you use setting
powder to set in the adhesive. Then it’s time to
apply the prosthetic. We didn’t have a prosthetic
custom-made for Hunter. Mel brought in two different kinds and fit
them both to see which one would work better. And after picking one, she fit it onto his head
and helped Hunter morph from seal to Voldemort. Then we’re back with more adhesive and setting powder to
give Hunter his new bald look, complete with no eyebrows. We had to cover those up since later on his new ones were going to be drawn
on, and unfortunately Hunter’s natural brows look too good to be scary. So once all that’s good to go and you have a Voldemort ready
to go clown on you, it’s time for the white facepaint. Let’s hear Hunter
describe the experience. It just feels like actual goop. That’s
the only way I can describe this. And now that you have all that clown makeup on, and there’s
no chance of turning back, it’s time for a powder break. I look like a powdered donut.
Don’t touch me! So once all of Hunter is good and
set, all that’s left is the details. So Mel is drawing on the eyebrows
and using eyeliner around his eyes. She also has other eye details like the blue triangles
on his lids and the black line under his eye. Fun fact: Another famous clown
with blue triangles in his makeup? Serial killer clown
John Wayne Gacy. Back to Hunter. Mel is just applying his red lips
now, so he’s almost good to go. Hunter gets a quick nosejob, and now we finally
have the bald clown we’ve been waiting for. After that, she puts on the wig and
customizes it for Pennywise’s look, which is to make that wig look
as big and scary as possible So there’s a lot of cutting
and a lot of holding spray. Last, but not least, there’s
the contacts and teeth. Make sure you have help with the contacts
if you’ve never put them in before. Because apparently it’s a
lot harder than it looks. Then you pop in your teeth. These teeth were specially fitted at the beginning of
the process, so they’re now a perfect fit for Hunter. Next, get your clown a balloon
and you have your Pennywise. Okay, so basically we’re just gonna ask your name, you’re gonna look into the
mirror, say your name, and then we’ll ask you ‘what is your beauty routine?’ Hi, I’m Tahseen. Danielle Gabel. I’m… I’m Dan. Ellen Thomas. My beauty routine is… I will put my foundation
first, and eyeliner. Then I put concealer… No,
and then I put this [SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] And thats… [LAUGHTER] Eww, is that Hunter?! Hey girl, what’s up? [LAUGHTER] [SCREAM AND LAUGHTER] Hunter, how do you feel? Exhausted. Defeated. Worn out,
but not down for the count. I’ve had a great time, though.
Mel is a tremendous artist. And I can’t believe she got me to look like this
with just some tinted moisturizer and chapstick. [LAUGHTER] Well, thank you for joining us! And just remember:
We all float down here… Come back anytime!
Bring your friends!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


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  2. I watched the new it movie with my mom,dad,jj,jazzy I cried and hug my mom on her arm that the same time I don't like the new it movie it is scary

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  4. How to actually make it!
    Makeup and Accsesories
    Red lipstick
    Eye liner
    Contact lenses
    Black makeup pen
    White face paint
    Black eye shadow
    Red puffy hair wig
    Put on red nose!
    Bald cap
    Putting it on
    All you want to do first is put on the bald cap make sure it sticks on very well.
    You also want to. Get a face brush and put the white makeup on you all on your face And on the bald cap. You then want to get a black face pen and put it on your eyebrows make sure you put the white face paint on your eyebrows and then draw eyebrows on top of your eyebrows. After that put on the eyeliner on your eyelashes. Then put on your red lipstick on your lips💄. After that put the eyeshadow around your eyes area like an oval around the eye top to the other eye top. And a little on your nose like an ovale. Then put on your contact lenses very very carefully or you can skip this part. After this put on your red clown nose So you look like him! Then just put on the wig and your done!

  5. Jumps in to scare: "Rawr ;)" but to be fair I liked the detail on how the makup is done though. Always heard the story of makup artists needing to take hours on their work. Pretty much live sculpting.

  6. Fun fact: in the 1990 it pennywise always comes out every 27 years well it took 27 years to make the 2017 reboot!

  7. Wait. The first It adaptation was made in 1990. The first part of the remake was released in 2017. A 27 year gap. It awakens every 27 years.

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