People Try Kylie Jenner’s Breakfast

People Try Kylie Jenner’s Breakfast

– Wow, Kylie’s just like
us, she eats breakfast food, holy (bleep). ♫ Good morning, good morning ♫ The sun is shining for you ♫ The birds are singing high up in the sky ♫ Good morning to you ♫ Good morning, good morning ♫ Do wish you a very good morning – Oh, Kylie. (laughing) she’s a very influential teen. – She appears to be more down-to-earth than people might think. – I have a love/hate relationship with the Jenner/Kardashian clan. – They’re just something to distract us from what’s going on,
and it’s not good or bad. – Knowing Kylie Jenner, I would think that she just eats whatever she wants. – Simple, easy to make breakfast, but probably like, high
quality ingredients. – Kylie seems like a
comfort food aficionado, even if it’s not what she eats every day, I feel like that’s what
she broadcasts to people. – So it looks like some
turkey bacon, yeah, ’cause bacon-bacon, the fat
would be a lot more juice, wait a minute, she eats normal bacon? – This bacon looks really good. Tastes really good too. – I mean, that’s bacon. – Bacon. – Bacon is great. They smell good. Like, really like, roasted. – The potatoes look like potatoes. – That’s pretty good. I like that she adds garlic to it. – Really nice and seasoned. – I normally like really
hate breakfast potatoes. You know, these potatoes
have done it for me. – I like it. – It’s got a lot of protein
goin’ on in this breakfast. This is very filling, I feel. – I don’t like vegetables, and
there’s vegetables in this, but I will eat because
Kylie Jenner eats it. – If I had to describe
the taste of the sausage, I would say it’s like, gray. – The sausage is very sweet. – This peppers dish is so cute. – Not a fan of the sausage. – It needs like some
mustard, some ketchup. – This is a damn good idea. – I like to smell my food before I eat it. – Yeah, it smells like french toast. – Yeah, I taste a piece of cinnamon. That’s it. – This is actually like, really good. – I don’t like it, but it’s good. – It’s very sweet and so I think this might be like the dessert. – Okay, you know what? I do like this, now that
I’ve chewed it all the way. It perplexes me. – Brava, Kylie, brava. – Rice with eggs, I’ve never been presented
this idea before. – I feel like we’ve all had
scrambled eggs mixed into rice, but just like the way
that it’s cooked in here, I don’t know, I don’t like it. – That’s good. Who does eggs and rice, though? That’s kinda weird. – This is disgusting. – I would rather have like
an egg sandwich, maybe. – It’s super sad, honestly. – You look at the plate, and you think, oh, like this actually seems reasonable, she’s like so relatable. When you think about the
processes that you have to go through to make specific aspects
of it, you start to think, yeah, I probably wouldn’t have
time to do this by myself. – I think this is like
a top-notch breakfast. It’s very well-rounded. And cute. – I love you, Kylie, but I
don’t love your breakfast. I think I just like
really basic combinations and she’s just too unbasic for me. – The breakfast potatoes,
I will give an A to. The french toast, I will give an A to. Those can stay on my plate, everything else can go. – No, hell no. (laughing) – It’s just the breakfast
of a girl who’s trying to be healthy but like, wants to live her life. ♫ Good morning, good morning ♫ Sure get your very last yawn in ♫ The sun is calling for you ♫ Come and see this very good morning

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  1. Kylie breakfast now:

    scrambled eggs

    lol sorry I had to

  2. It seems like the flannel girl was a little too open-minded with her opinions over kylie jenner😅 even though I totally hate the kardashians as well I would’ve stayed a bit objective in her position

  3. The one thing that I wanted to do during this video was punch the lady wearing a flannel shirt and smack some sence into her! Her. Spoiled princess attitude will not make her look cool, it'll just make 99.9999 percent of the comments about her rude attitude!

    Ps. Whoever is reading this good job for looking over this and tysm please like!!😄

  4. Soooo.. I guess I’m the only one that eats eggs and rice. It’s literally one of my favorite breakfast foods..

  5. That's not breakfast, that's lunch. Could never eat such heavy stuff right in the morning. Bread and Cereal are okay

  6. Tbh i didnt think Flannel girl was that bad lol. She was a bit sarcastic and picky but she did like some of the food

  7. “Looks like bacon”
    “Smells like bacon”
    “Tastes like potatoes”
    “Smells like french toast”

    The commentary in this video is idiotic.

  8. bro y’all kinda 😳 like the girl in flannel might’ve been a bit negative but not 100%, and everyone has different opinions on foods, don’t automatically assume she’s toxic 😒

  9. Goddamn the girl in the flannel was annoying AS FUCCC! “I don’t like vegetables” tf? Like she acts like she is a 4 year old not wanting to eat her broccoli.

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