People Try Makeup Hacks | Ft. Aakansha & Akshay | Ok Tested

People Try Makeup Hacks | Ft. Aakansha & Akshay | Ok Tested

What is beauty? Is that normal? Is it supposed to hurt? *sings* (How the hell do you translate vishkanya?) Hi guys! I’m Akansha. And I’m Akshay and we are Akanshay. No. What are we going to do today, Akansha? Beauty hacks. Do you know what beauty hacks are? Yeah. You do? Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of beauty hack videos on my timeline. But I’ve never really engaged… I’m sure he checked them out but right now he’s like… Some of them are interesting. So we’re trying a few hacks like that today. And we have to see if they actually work or it’s just all… like most of the internet. I’m ready to try out beauty hacks. So the first hack we’re doing is whitening our teeth. So we’re gonna watch a video first. Colgate. Baking soda. Looks like cocaine. Eww. Her teeth look so disgusting. Okay. Now I’m putting the toothpaste… in the middle. Let’s try it, man. Baking soda. Why is he excited about baking soda? Because this is what you put in food. Who are these people? Where have they come from? I might be high on baking soda all the day. Oh shit. (Imagine hanging around these people all day) It sounds like this old guy… this old guy who has just seen these girls in a mini skirt. I think it’s still the same. I can’t find much difference. You guys be the judge. According to us, it hasn’t helped much. I think everyone should try this once in their life. And make those people they don’t like much try it. This is about removing blackheads. Let’s go, blackheads. Inception ho raha hai idhar. Okay. I understood. So first step… is soaking any color cloth in warm water. A clean cloth. And putting it on your nose. So that your pores open up. Now my pores are open. Now basically we’re taking some baking soda. This is the cutest bowl I’ve ever seen in my life. Then I’m putting this water and toothpaste. You put the toothpaste? It feels like we’re sitting in a chemistry lab and our life depends on it. I forgot what we had to do according to that video. Toothbrush. But what are we doing? I’m putting toothpaste on my nose. And baking soda. This is oddly satisfying. In some way. I think my nose is already raw. Sore. Why? Why is it not Smackdown? It’s burning, man. Yeah. Okay. I think she didn’t say wait and all. She just said “do it.” So I’ve had a black head. And now let’s see if it’s not there. It’s gone! Show. My blackhead’s gone dude! No that one prominent one is still there. ?? Is that normal? Is it supposed to hurt that much? What are you saying, Akansha? Why is this normal? I don’t think this is normal. Oh f***. I don’t think it was a hack. It was just Akansha. I think the hack was not helpful. It’s also drying up my skin. My nose is very dry right now. I think that’s the toothpaste. If you have dry skin, don’t do it. That’s actually true, dude. I agree with the dry thing.
My nose is a little sensitive now. So we’re gonna use red lipstick as a concealer. *Akshay’s best Rebecca Black impression* Just follow the steps buddy. Alright. We’re doing it on only one eye so you can compare. That lady said don’t brush it, dab it in. (Kuch bhi?) This is not the concealer of my color. This is what the lady did. I think this hack will work but you have to… not just red, buy whatever lipstick color works for your skin tone. Like for me, orangy, peachy lipsticks will work. Yeah. I completely agree with you. I think it’s because the lipstick is not my color tone. The hack works. It’s a good hack. I think this works. And thank you so much. I’ve been introduced to so many new things today. The next hack is spoon cut crease hack. I want Akshay to explain what a cut crease is. So cut crease is basically you use whatever eye shadow you are using. A darker color to define your crease here. Yes. The top. The eyelid crease, that’s called a cut crease. So basically, we’ll use the spoon to create that cut crease… above the eye shadow, with a darker shade of eye shadow. And use a bobby pin for winging the eyeliner. Alright. First one. Crease cut. Cut Crease. Cut Crease. It’s so beautiful. Look at it. Let’s… I’m gonna go for this. I’ll be independent this time. Mix it with a little black. I don’t know about makeup but this spoon on the eye feels nice. I think I used to much of it. It’s not a bad hack. Come to think of it. See this is it, dude. When will I look at her one day and she will not laugh. You blend it. And go towards the upside, not downwards. The spoon is a definite yes. I’m gonna actually use it. And now I’m going to… use… a bobby pin. You have to put it on this. Yeah, put it in the… oh f***! I told you don’t put a lot. You would not listen to me. I said that. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. I’m worried about what we’ve done to him. Very nice. As I said before, she is the queen of eyeliner. I don’t think mine is that bad tho. The bobby pin hack is absolute bullshit.
(Like this job) Do not do it. So next two hacks are basically. One is using your eye shadow… pallette… to make lipsticks. So let’s try that. What you have to do is… Take a scrape of any color you like for your lips. Put it here. Then put a little bit of Vaseline. Mix it up. And then apply it. Oh. Okay. It’s simple. That sounds easy. So we’ll take a little bit of petroleum jelly. Which color do you want, Akshay? Uhh… Dude, is it enough? Yeah. That’s enough. I think this is looking fabulous. I think I’m also gonna look fabulous. Use it. I just have to put it on the lips now? You can use the brush as well, if you want. F*** I should have used a different color? I have put it on. I think it’s nice. What? Why are you making us do this? What is this? Akshay, you are looking really good. Right? Rohit wouldn’t have been able to handle my lips. This hack doesn’t work guys. But I… I actually think… that this is a good hack. Ichiban. Lipstick for men. How you doin’? The other lip hack is… making a tint for your lips. She’s put food color and mixed it with fevicol. Glue. Put that thing in. On your lips. Wait for 10 minutes. And peel it off. And that’s the most satisfying feeling ever.
Peeling off glue. But why? I don’t know. Fevicol on the lips is a … It’s not toxic. I guess. (How I actually feel about this video) Glue on the lips is a little… Should we put fevicol on our lips? Safe for children three years and over. What’s your age? It’s two and a half. Probably shouldn’t be doing it. Should I put it in this? Yeah. This is your yard, we’re just guests here. More. Red. This became more liquidy due to food coloring. This is something weird. What the F? That’s what I’m saying. This is… That looks like a chimpanzee’s ass. I might need a teeth whitening hack. Where’s the teeth whitening hack, bro? Do la la la. Okay. The color’s not going. Okay panic. Am I going to be like this the whole day? At least for 24 hours. I think we should have told him that the other name for lip tint is lip stain. I thought it goes with the fevicol. But then I realized that what would be the point of it. This godamn hack works. It definitely works. You get a tint. As a lip tint, if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing too much make up… I think it’s a very good hack. Yeah. I actually think this lip tint is one up on lipstick. We’re gonna do nail art technique,
which is basically marbling. You put nail polish in water. And then put your fingers in it. Oh! Looks nice. So we’ll try that. Let’s try that. Awesome. Nail design. There’s not enough pigment here, dude. Ooohh! So pretty! And just have to take it out? Yeah. Should I put my thumb in also. No. Take it out from the center where there is most pigment. And take it out straight? Yes. Like this? Yes. I don’t think that’s how it worked out in the video, man. Wow! This is shit bro. This looks like shit. This one looks nice because the layer was very thin. But this is kind of messy. I think this is one of things you do when you’re on a lot of drugs. Drugs. Hard drugs. If you’re like… a little high, or at a party or something… this is something to do and get everyone involved. I think this is like a community… thing to do. Because it will go wrong first few times. It will definitely go wrong. I really liked doing all the hacks. Going into it, I was aware that not all the hacks are going to work. Surprisingly, more of them worked than failed. But I enjoyed it a lot. I know Akshay absolutely… was terrified of the experience. With these kinds of experience, for me and everyone watching, it’s like… getting more… getting into the world of it. Understanding more about it than just having that… unidimmensional view… about what it is. (What the f*** am I doing here?) (Does anyone even read this?) (Tell me in the comments) I hate when men do this. Whenever we have to go somewhere… you are getting ready but the guys in the house are not ready. And you tell them get ready, we’ll get late. they’ll be like you’ll take a lot of time, we’ll do that later. And everytime I’m ready and sitting and the guy is still like… running around in their towel. I was like f*** you. Namaste friends. Today, Akshay Nayar is in in the studio with us. And the viewers are reporting that they liked this video very much. So would you like to say something to them? I like that you like this video. And if you really liked it… please don’t forget to LIKE SHARE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to… OK TESTED!

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  1. Are you crazy. Do you want beautiful black lips? Even if it claims to be non toxic, you should never use it on your nose or lips or skin!

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    8:04 that looks like accidental spillage of ball point ink

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