Pot Painting using M-Seal | Lilac Flower Decoration | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Paints

hello guys it’s me Sanathan and welcome
to DIY craftopedia I recently visited to a terracotta shop and there was a
sale over there I happen to buy many pots for a great price so this summer is
going to be a pot painting fest in my channel anyway I have washed the pot
and I’m going to give enamel coats to it I usually prefer earthly colors like the
brown which I am going to use for my pots because it gives a natural look and
just don’t forget to cover your workspaces with newspaper and don’t
forget to wear gloves as well because in case you end up paint your workspace or
get your hands dirty with enamel it’s just a huge mess you’ll have to use a
lot of water to wash off that paint and it’s a bad smell and yes I’m using an
old hair dye brush because I do not wish to ruin my costly synthetic brushes by
using them for enamel painting well I’m almost done and I’m going to
leave it for 24 hours in a place where a lot of dust doesn’t fall on it and just
wait for it to get dried meanwhile let’s look at flower making for beginners my
advice is to first practice with play-dough used by kids because Shilpkar or
white M-Seal hardens up really quickly first of course you need to make a few
balls as shown and then use your thumb and forefinger
to pinch one side of the ball as shown to make a teardrop shape and now you’ll need a small scissors
first cut the ball into half like that open it cut them into half again so that
you will get four equal parts which will be our four petals for the flower just
open them up a bit pinch the ends of each petals using your
thumb and forefinger like that and then squish them or flatten them up so that
you can get the flower ready again use your thumb and forefinger to
do a bit of adjustments adjust the petals a bit more I mean push
them up and curl them down to get a natural look and that’s it that’s the
flower practice making these flowers until the pot gets ready and now that the pot has dried let’s
make the flash picture card I hope you know how short car comes I mean it comes
in two packets one is in dirty yellow color and the other one is in white
color you need to mix both of them to get the clay and then you can make the
shapes and now of course we are going to arrange them on the pot which is my
favorite part of the entire process now of course we are going to leave it
to dry for seven hours let’s get to the painting work I’m using
metallic paints metallic acrylic paints for the work because I personally love
using metallic paints on pot works and of course I’m using the thinnest brush
of course that’s because we have got a very delicate design with us and a lot
of nooks and corners to paint and a bigger brush would be really
inconvenient first I am painting my first flower with the metallic pink
color and I’m giving a shade with violet color I’m going to do this throughout
the design as an alternatively that is the first flower with pink color and the
second flower with the violet color that’s the finished product and have
used metallic red to give it a bit of enhancements on the pot and of course I
made a pair of leaves using metallic green again hope you liked the design
don’t forget to give your views down in the comment section below and don’t
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