Pregnant Kylie Jenner Reacts To Wendy Williams Diss | Hollywoodlife

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Reacts To Wendy Williams Diss | Hollywoodlife

(upbeat music) – Kylie Jenner reacts to Wendy Williams’ dissing her pregnancy and
relationship with Travis Scott. Plus, Kylie’s moms are fighting. (upbeat music) Hey guys it’s Ali with your
Most Necessary story of the day and we’re hearing
exclusively Kylie has gained about 25 pounds during her
pregnancy which is not a lot. Kylie though is shocked about
how big her belly is becoming and how much food she keeps craving. The lip kit mogul is also
refusing to wear maternity clothes because she thinks they’re not flattering. She’s been staying home wearing sweats, walking around barefoot and eating tons of pizza and ice cream. Did I just describe myself last weekend? Anyways to Kylie’s parents
fighting yet again. Our reporters in L.A. are
saying Kris and Caitlyn are at war over Kylie’s
delivery room demands. Kris is planning on having
parts of the delivery and hospital experience shot
by the Keeping Up film crew and Caitlyn is really upset over it. Kylie’s parents are also
disputing which hospital they’ll use and who’s allowed to be inside the room during the process. We hear it’s stressing Kylie
and she wishes her parents would just get along and leave everything up to her at this point. Kylie would love for her
divorced parents to come together and be with her when everything
happens but most importantly she’s focused on
delivering a healthy baby. To Wendy Williams roasting Kylie. Wendy talked about the
young Jenner’s pregnancy and her rocky relationship with Travis and of course didn’t hold back. Wendy even made this
comment and just watch. – Her 20 is more like 35. She’s got the mid crisis makeover. You can do whatever you want to yourself but the baby is still gonna
look like the old you. – Shade, but is she wrong though? Anyway, we’re hearing
Kim Kardashian is heated about Wendy’s comments. Kim has been in her
cross hairs in the past but she’s super protective
of Kylie right now and thinks bullying her
little sister is cruel. Kim is even considering
getting her assistants to contact the show’s producers so she can give them a piece of her mind. To Kylie’s reaction. Our reporters say she is
traumatized over Wendy’s shade. Kylie is at a vulnerable state with everything she’s dealing with and Wendy is bringing back memories of when she was bullied in school. Kim has been consoling
Kylie by reminding her of all the mean things Wendy
said about her and Kanye like them splitting after North was born. Kimye are of course still
together and are about to welcome their third child so Kim
is just telling Kylie to ignore it and be happy. I have to admit we watch Wendy
every morning in the office and I love her but she can
be kinda shady but so can I. Regardless subscribe to
our channel right up here so we can update you on
the latest KarJenner shade.

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  1. people keep forgetting how old this girl is like dang.if a non famous person got pregnant at twenty it would be frowned upon like dang!!

  2. alright, she's pregnant. everyday a new baby is born. so, who the FUCK cares? nonetheless, about the kardashians/jenners, i wish i didnt know their name.

  3. How do we know your exclusive is real? You have no proof anybody said any of that we’re Kylie saying this we’re kim saying this

  4. thing is Wendy talks facts and truth, unlike u and clevver news people who would just suck a fart out of these celeb asses so they so stink.

  5. OMG I am laughing my ass off Wendy you are so right girl
    It doesn't matter how many plastic surgeries Kylie get that baby is still going to come out with a flat face thin lips just like your typical Caucasian white girl traits. Kylie needs to stop trying to look so much like Blac Chyna.

  6. just leave kylie alone!! she is a person to!! and why make fun of how she looks ? she is beutiful the way she is she can decide if she wants to wear makeup and everything she wants

  7. STOP USING THE WORD “SHADE”. You all clearly don’t know how and the appropriation is cringeworthy 😬😑

  8. Listen… We need people like Wendy because she is not afraid to speak out and speak the mother fucking truth. and I love and respect her for what she do!

  9. is Kylie responsible for the fame … No she's born in a famous family, Kim did the sex tape not her. She don't deserve hate, because she's having a baby or because she had surgery, that's the most stupidest reason to hate on someone. Feeling strongly about someone else just mean you are empathic. It it weren't Kylie you wouldn't say the same thing.
    The real problem is people hating, just because they're insecure, jaleous real mad or just want attention.

  10. Shut up girl wendy is talking the truth the kid is not going to come out looking like your plastic surgery it will come out like your original face!!

  11. Wendy Willams has no fucking life, she has nothing better to do. Wendy needs to fuck off with her lop sided body the fuck. Stupid ass bitch the fuck WENDY WILLIAMS LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING MAN JESUS CHRIST no wonder she’s jealous of the Kar/Jenner’s cause they make more money in a day then her fuck off show makes in a month !

  12. How is that shade? It's true though. Kylie has gone through life way tooo fast: Dating older men with kids while under aged, extensive unnecessary plastic surgery that only a woman in her 40's would get and pregnant at 19. Wtf. What's next? Being a grandmother by 35? And also, as much as it may hurt Kylie, all the plastic surgery in the world won't change her DNA and her kids will have her old looks. Girl needs to put all that money she's spending on plastic surgery in to a shrink and get some self esteem.

  13. Nah…not shady…its was the simple truth…. Kylie is a big baby! no one bully her, some guy just said to her once,…I didn't think you would be a good kisser because ur lips are thin, but was pleasantly surprise that she was indeed a good kisser!…that was simply a stupid boy who lacked experience with girls who found out he was wrong! Just like I've heard guys say that they always thought skinny girls were tight & fat girls were loose …than they went exploring & found out the opposite to be true…just saying…books have been written about it….Kyle is decent looking with or without those lips injections so relax chicky…..ppl are starving to death & being killed all over the world…. it ain't that serious!! Get some perspective!

  14. Wendy I just don't like you 😬 Mr Kimmel can we do a mean tweet o this lady cause she mad wrong😵 who the fuck gave her a time slot .? Wendy shut and stop getting plastic surgery

  15. Wendy Williams is trash tho. Yeah Kylie is young being a mother and yeah the baby obv gunna be looking like ‘the old kylie’ aka small lips but how tf is Kylie going through mid life crisis makeup? I don’t get it…

    Also Kylie might be young but she’s the youngest woman to be CEO of such a successful business idk but I think she’s got a lot going for her and if whoever thinks she’s not then cool, that’s their opinion and this is mine I’m just stating facts. Also if I’m being honest I had no idea who Wendy Williams was until I heard she threw shade at the kar Jenner fam 🤷‍♀️ way to get on the map lmao

  16. Its ture tho.these bitches were half ugly before all the surgery on there ass n face.look at there old pics kylie looks more like the faget dad.her chin sticks out like a mans.

  17. … I'm sure Kylie already knows that she looks so plastic & does NOT look her age…
    Why is she surprised?

  18. Oh fuk Wendy cunt Williams. She looks like if a jack o lantern and the original beast from beauty and the beast had a kid…..that would b Wendy

  19. Honestly Kylie annoys me…she's just super sensitive to every little thing. someone said 1 thing about your lips once and now she gets a shit tonne of botox and plastic surgery. Girl, please grow up and deal with reality like the rest of us

  20. Wendy Williams is a total evil bitch. If she actually conducted her show like Ellen, she wouldn't have any viewers. She has to throw shade and bully on her Hot Topics show because she uses other peoples heartaches and troubles to keep her show relevant at their expense…. so sad. I was at her show 2 years ago and i was thoroughly disgusted. In fact, during a break the producer came to me and asked if i was having a good time because i never clapped once while i was there, not even with the "clap" sign flashing… she didn't deserve my support. My g/friend owed me big time after dragging me to her show. Will never go again. The audience, even though they would whisper when they didn't agree with certain comments she made would clap anyways…. wow, no brains to think for themselves.

  21. Can't STAND This Fake Ass, Everything Brought BITCH. & How Is Telling The Truth Considered shade. Wendy literally only said what everyones been thinking anyways. FUCK THIS BITCHES FEELINGS.

  22. Bruce, cover up ur ugly head an stay out of birthing room. U just want to check out how baby comes out! Ur so creepy man

  23. kylie in kim if yall plastic ass cant handle the heat stay out the kitchen periodt and wendy was saying true facts and that's what the whole world think about you anyways so stop a big bitch thot

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