Protective Style | Moisturizing Routine for Braids/Twist

I have been wearing Marley twists for
five months now and I’m on my eight-month journey so I finally figured
out how to moisturize my hair so I’m gonna give you guys some tips that work
for me and what I usually do tip number one would be for my moisture
of choice I like using spritz I’m not a fan of using cream and butters when I am
protective style do keep it light and frequent by this I mean I would take us
my spray bottle and just miss my hair in the morning or sometimes at night three
oil scalp when it’s absolutely necessary I say this because all in your scalp too
much will cause product build-up and only oiling your scalp when it’s
necessary is the best thing to do you don’t have to oil your whole scalp like
if you feel there’s a dry patch take some take a bit of oil and massage it in
or moisturize when you feel your hair is dry because if you moisturize every day
that’s just gonna cause a necessary product buildup and then you’re not
going to get to wear your hair as long as you want right so just listen to your
hair feel it know when it’s dry so you guys are probably wondering how
often do I moisturize I try my best to moisturize every two to three days
sometimes I might even go the whole week without moisturizing and I know that’s
like such a terrible thing to do but life gets busy you know so to give you
guys an example I would moisturize on a Sunday then on Tuesday in the north
Thursday and then so on and so forth then so on and so forth and that’s ideal
but sometimes it doesn’t always happen the product that I’ll be using in this
video is Callie wuji’s protectiveness body
fire therapeutic formula it is a spritz that’s why I chose it
it contains water glycerin soybean oil methanol olive oil aloe vera and
eucalyptus oil now the thing about this what makes it so special special is you
can look this is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory which makes it great
on your scalp and everything this product claims like hydrating your hair
soothing your scalp conditioning your hair softening your hair it does and
it’s probably good to be a keeper and a staple for what eye protective style now
I’m going to stop talking and just enjoy the video and watch the process

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