today you guys like you have noticed
from the title I do a makeup tutorial where I use only zoeva products 2
but a brand to which I am very much tied because I don’t think I have them
never said is the site where I for the first time I bought or bought of
tricks I witnessed the whole rebranding of the brand from the logo to the new ones
packaging the new brushes I remember they also had at the time
fake eyelashes that I took it is always the first memory I have of
rebranding of the brand were the palette zoeva is one of the brands that has a
reserved drawer in my friend collection to make you understand how much I love
this brand air or so many of them products that I bought this brush
here I have it since 2013 if I’m not mistaken the same applies to this
these are historical brushes of mine make up collection part I make you
see everyone then these are the java brushes that I have some I have
others bought me instead have been kindly honored remember to be
entry in the zone plan because i I wrote at the time not boys
there was no physical store now go to separate peel le
palette however I remember when I wrote I still wasn’t a brand at the brand
widely known established as so today I remember writing to him
if they could send me 12 pallets for maybe even to show it later
my community and then I also did the video if someone remembers it indeed
now I’ll show you be nice this was the palette I had received
I was so happy I remember it because it was also the very first brand that
in short, he accepted the transfer of things this number I’ll never forget
and finally now there are also the foundation the firm funds are
available in 44 shades so I would say that’s the time to start
I wanted to remind you that if you are not still subscribed to my sky channel we are
arrived at the time of the greeting of the grace the greeting of great risks
greeting the rules the lucky one today is samuel who me
writes I love you are beautiful hi samuele thanks a lot for being a part
of mine that of desperate I send a big kiss
together you also want to be greeted in one of my next videos what
you have to do is simply sign up to my instagram page I leave you
above here we are here again this guys the authentic scène
luminous foundation the important thing is that there are several
these are some of the undertones choices for dark skin and I am among the
more clear then to make you understand how many have blood and then
let’s start with the 320 the 340 now we go with the 360 we have 3 80 3 90 this still
more on this which instead is the 400 me glance I would go with this one here
my perfect match guys is the number 380 smileys
it’s called the smile the nice thing about this foundation and that besides being bright
besides being secular and therefore I have not feel on the skin besides having 44
life fund projections that satisfy some to the needs of everyone because it is
this is a layering foundation their brush 104 I also have it in
another color this one I love so much is one of the
my favorite brushes is elite with so don’t feel it on your skin and donate
to the face a brightness that however anyway natural
the important thing is that there are several social ok so if you want
stratify this foundation here I can now show you how it’s done
so we use 320 foundation to make lai lighting is the same or otherwise
despite that, that is, not stratifying I never wanted to use this applied to
this, however, try the sounds because in any case a layering foundation
so a bill and so on it happens the rest faded
this is a great panel of precision so I also show you the
zuwarah brushes that I like now i go with the liquid drops this here
always by zoeva in the color of roses golden to give further brightness I think this is here for those who have the
dry and top skin yes because it gives even more brightness
to the face for now I go with the real one
corrector as well as panel 117 of 2 needle in this way one so continue
along with a soft making then the brush 101 this here is the feist will end up way
first to remove powder successes e now let’s go with one of my pencils
prefer for the eyebrows which is the graphic bravo pencil in coloring
right and I like this guys here because it is super suitable it is neither too much
soft too hard you see how ok now to fix the brawn I go with the
graphic graphics always in the bis coloration for this wanting
you guys can use it easily with this panel here the number 322 e
the eyebrows are defined now that we have set the brawn step
in the eyes and today we’re going to use this new blade this is here
flash eyeshadow palette with this brush here which is the buffer adviser
way to apply the premium for the eyes I love this boys brush is
really very very nice as well as useful not only for proofreaders but for
all cream products in general I apply the premier for the eyes I take
the 2 eyeshadow and I go and lay it on the fold
palpebral so but also a little on fixed eyelid I’m going to stretch so into
this way because I love this brush girls this brush here I love it
because why I voodoo child revenge for me it is difficult to fade into
this way and be so precise without it combining cases now goes with climates
shader I go and create or this crisis now let’s go with cernic i go with
exquisite with this panel here the number 231
these petit gris I’m going to color the rest of the eyelid this panel here
I like it because they know a point in addition to be able to intensify the crisis if
I want if we wanted to like it like that I can also go and get a
eye shadow and place it where it fades I prefer this violole better
amazing among other things being below exquisite this purple appears above a
a little bit warmer lighter now I go with the pence the arm this here is the
number 230 always with a dr I’m going to intensify the nuance
at the height of the crisis in this way so so beautiful this too
because in the mirror I do the other eye and I come back to you
ok now always with the 230 pencil brush I go on a lower grade contract I take on the color
I love this one the blend 33 this day always is this look is becoming interesting
so I’m going now with this mascara here that ai
Scratches from lush mascara this mascara so small pipe cleaner revenge gives me the
possibility of combing my eyelashes very precisely this mascara
here it has been in the range for a long time time
I ask you a question like yours favorite product of zoeva la minogue
ice let me know that I’m super curious there
I should think there are so many things of the brand that I like i
brush the pencils to do scalping I would use a brush that I like a
bang that is this here is 109 this guys come back white as you have
could clearly see it must be done good let’s go to the blush I go with the brush
126 this is the cic finish if you see that you have trodden too much
hand how simply to take a another brush and fade like this and now
with this panel here highlights bom bom bom that still are that
however they are already illuminated but if you allow me I go with this
here and creates a beautiful wind line this is zoeva’s caen eyeliner
another thing I had forgotten to tell you guys what foundation as well as
these products that I’m doing to you see are exclusively resold by
sephora I apply false eyelashes and go back from you caio accentuate even more the
mascara on the lower lashes so as to make the look even more bold
fatal fan I take two again and call them a little
nuance that played to lose applying lay line lawn with this
here free pencil is still called phillips bloom the code in peace
should be pacers that goes by fill my lips with more cola
the eps in the jon cryer coloring and I like this because despite not
both a liquid lipsky and not despite both a gloss remains on the
lips there is no move here to be
very direct and clear look I love this look and you let me know in the
comments I remind you guys you will find
the list of all the products used by zoeva below in the box
description with links not there worry and if you want to discolor more
the brand can easily go on the site of Stefano Italia to find out
many other products in their range personal consideration of the products
then the foundation in a solid color guys i tested it why not
I wanted to do a first impressions then this guys super promoted here i’m
using for some time now last week I only used this one
here and I must say that it lasted me in any kind of occasions I went
I used the coca cola party even on a day when I had to go out
enter from one place to another and I have to say that he held up very very well
in the evening the foundation an opacity average then a fund that can be
layered if you like full foundation cover edge just put some pump in
more and you will get a little bit more finish opaque
if you prefer a finish a little bit more simply enough
apply less product on the face then what I used the brushes
guys I love them this is all my collection
the poletto to whom kids really are very very nice
the only color that maybe I can’t use is this here but still the
I find a versatile palette usable by several possible skin tones
also because this color here than on me and a little bit to gray than to
skin beat me in my opinion will transform into a beautiful move e
I believe that I will use it also in the future like very dear girl is beautiful it
I already knew is part of the range of zone has been used for many years
I bought it was sent to it but they sent it back to me anyway
evergreen product that is good for the my type of eyelash bis 3 the pencil
it’s one of my absolute favorites for eyebrows
if you have a lot of eyebrows strong therefore that tend to be more
unruly compared to mine this I think it is an excellent product
let’s go with the blush palette with enlightening guys this one is
crazy for dark and beautiful skin this is a great product to put on
immediately above the foundation to give that brightness
see I applied it below then now also promised latere in
dust the lip pencil lightly guys this one is really crazy
this lip product is also beautiful girl is present in the range zoeva from
many years and it’s really a lot very good
well guys i hope this video may have liked you if you liked it
I recommend you put a like that for me it is always important to know what it is
then think about your feedback let me know if you would like to see
other zoeva products on my channel because I really have so many palettes
many I bought others have been sent by the brand itself and us there
see you at the next video Bye

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. I miei prodotti preferiti di Zoeva sono: I PENNELLI COME PRIMIS, l'illuminante liquido ma in generale tutti gli illuminanti perché io ADORO quella luce super soft ma alcune volte very strong che danno…. e il mascara perché dà un effetto alle ciglia molto baby drama anche senza ciglia finte! Per il fondotinta vorrei assolutamente provarlo in quanto sono alla ricerca di quello perfetto per una base like super plastic bitch queen °L° !

  2. una delle poche che lascia la clip sopracciglia, non so perché tutti le fanno fuori camera boh vabbe. comunque sei bravissima💖

  3. Io ho comprato un kit di pennelli zoeva ,è già un anno che li uso tutti i giorni , li lavo e non si rovinano mai soldi spesi bene 😉

  4. Ciao lory adoro i tuoi video e adoro la persona che sei! Seguo sempre i tuoi video e continuerò a la domanda che ti pongo non riguarda il video in se per se ma la prima parte ovvero il logo che metti sempre all'inizio dei tuoi video..e mi chiedevo come lo hai realizzato? Tramite un applicazione? Se si quale? Grazie in anticipo per la tua risposta e #improudofyou !❤❤💎

  5. Ciao Loriii 😍 non ho mai provato niente di Zoeva ma quel fondotinta mi ispira molto 😎 ADORO il look occhi 🔝🔝🔝

  6. Ciao Lory, ormai ti seguo da un paio di anni ma non ho mai commentato i tuoi video e i tuoi post (questo l’ho fatto con tutti gli influencer che seguo) però con la live di oggi ho capito quanto può essere gratificante ricevere un commento positivo. Per questo, vorrei dirti che sei un’ispirazione per me e non solo dal punto di vista make-up ma anche a livello personale poiché sei una persona che emana sempre good vibes (anche se magari sei un po’ giù.. ma questo succede a tutti) e sei sempre propositiva a imparare e a confrontarti con persone anche molto diverse da te. Mi raccomando, continua a fare ciò che ami e ad essere sempre diretta e sincera.
    Ti voglio bene!💖

  7. Io di zoeva ho comprato la mia prima sopracciglia e l'ho trovata strepitosa 😍😍..adesso sto usando il pot di mac il Fluidline e non riesco più a farne a meno 💜💜 tu sei sempre super e adoro come sempre i tuoi suggerimenti e video 😍😍 buone feste!!!!! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

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  10. Bella bravissima da poco ti segue ,mi sono iscritta al tuo canale oggi e sei molto simpatica e vera ti adoro e mi piace come ti trucchi fantastica ciao da Antonella di Napoli

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    I tuoi video sono sempre fantastici!
    I adore you 🥰

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