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  1. Bruce Jenner says that there's nothing like waking up in the morning being honest to yourself about who you are????  How is living who you AREN'T being honest with yourself?   If you have peace within while you are living a lie that is called false peace.  What a tragedy that so many people are being deceived this way!

  2. stunning, brave, beautiful! bullshit! don't tell me that when anyone looks @this
    fucking freak they aren't
    laughing or saying WTF!

  3. LMAO!!! He's a DUDE!! I grew up watching him on tv winning gold metals!! He has lived with the kardashian women TOO LONG!! Wants the spotlight again, that's all!!! Tits with a dick…ewwww!!!! GROSS!!!!

  4. Hopefully they will close their shops in UAE .. i will make sure that all my friends and family don't shop from them ..

  5. baphomet style golden transmutation. I guess the externalisation of hierarchy is coming, but watch that as the masses awaken and the real light is about to shine. The lies of the baphomet system will be exposed and destroyed

  6. Bruce Jenner Killed His Neighbor In A Ritual Sacrifice Disguised As An Accidental Manslaughter And Then Transitioned To Female For 3 Reasons. 1. Distract The Public And Get Out Of Sentencing Or At Least Not End Up In A Male Prison. 2. Normalize More Sexual Deviancy Through The Act Of Transitioning. 3. Ensure His Family's Fame And Fortune Through Ritual Sacrifice And Perversion Of His Blood And Body.

  7. This is so stupid. Caitlyn is essentially another Kardashian. He did not deserve the woman of the year award at all. I mean he killed someone, and we're supposed to just ignore that and accept this attention whore.

  8. out of all the deserving trans women MAC just had to pick the biggest bitch ever. There are so many trans women who are ten times more a role model then this dumb bitch. I won't buy this product. She is a fraud.

  9. Kris must be proud. Devoted over 20 years to a person she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Oh she must be proud.

  10. It used to be true that a woman did not have a dick and balls, and a man did not have a vagina. Not anymore. The Kinks were right.

  11. I am literally using every force, every instinct, and ability within human reason, to stop myself from vomitting all over myself.

  12. I genuinely don't like the makeup applied here, the foundation looks way too light on the subject's face. Also:

    Jesus saves.


  13. +satinboys A trans person is a trans person. There is no such thing as a perfect representitive. And Caitlyn did not even ask to be a representitive. Its other people who expect her be one. To say she cant represent on the basis she is rich is just exclusionary. You dont hear blacks say famous black actors, sports stars or Obama cant be a representitive of blacks. Because regardless of money, what they all have in common is their history, that sense of oppression and difference.

  14. did everybody on Earth get amnesia or something this joke of a human being killed someone and nobody is talking about that. I get that he is a she now and I am in no way prejudice towards anyone but come on Caitlyn formerly Bruce killed someone.

  15. but at least he had completed his task as a man producing babies through wedlock now just want to have his ' me time ' before his last breath 👏

  16. OMG!!!! OMG!!!! O-M-G!!!!! This is so amaaaaaaaazing!!! Where can i get this product!!!! Like Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!! I am DYING and LIVING for all of caitlyn Jenner!!! My life has been made!!!

  17. its funny. This old man has like a few years to live and he wants to be a woman now.. lol why does he embarass himself. Seriusly you lived youre whole life as a man and now ur coming out.. egh

  18. She is one of the most beautiful person I've ever seen, she is an intellectual with high IQ she can fly airplanes, race cars, one of the best Olympians in History and get a praise from our dear President Obama, she is glamorous and you can't take that away from her SMILE more Caitlyn you Won It!

  19. Bruce Jenner won the men's Olympics in the 70's. Now that he's no longer a man, shouldn't he give the medal back?

  20. She has so much fancy poses but still.looks like a man .ladyboys from tieland can get away with looking like a girl sometimes but not brush he is like a trany

  21. Sarà anche un transessuale… Ma caspita è una bellissima donna meglio centomila volte di molte donne nate femmina💜💜💜💜

  22. He has mental illness and it is sad, and if he didn't have the money to do all of this .take off the makeup and the expensive clothing, and end the media around you and just BE……….try that for a year

  23. Looks women but the voice man he needs to work on that and Bruce you won gold not the other person your trying to be

  24. I am a little sissy girl transgeder and a bisexual un 🌈🌈🌈🌈👬👭😇💞💕💘👅👄💋🌸💄💗🐩💖👜🐕❤💜👡👡💞💞💕💘

  25. These comments about caitlyn are discusting. You lot need to learn some manners, soo what if he has turned into a woman. Loads of people want transitioning. Unless you want to go through this you will never understand.

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