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Hi guys Shruti here! Today I bought for you guys An ultimate list of top ten ways for removing unwanted hair So lets start with the video! And another important thing! Before you watch the video, don’t forget to subscribe! So our first method is Egg mask! This is a really easy method Not only for taking away facial hair but it will get rid of your blackheads and whiteheads easily! So for this all you have to do is Seperate the yolk and the egg white (Albumen) Into a bowl Then mix it well then apply it onto your damp skin DON’T apply onto your lips or eyebrows! After 1 or 2 minutes it will get stiff Once it gets a bit stiff put on tissue paper After the tissue paper drys add on another layer of the egg white and another tissue on top however people don’t usually do this but by doing this it will make sure all hair is removed properley SSo we are going to add another layer of tissue paper! And if you facial hair is really stubborn and strong (basically thick) Then you can add another layer making three layers in total Now wait for the egg mask to dry It will dry in about 15 minutes So to remove the tissue Make a small hole at the sind in patches and in an upwards direction pull the tissue (opposite direction of hair growth) Don’t pull too hard Don’t pull too hard Do this at least once a week And in a month all your hair will be gone! The second method is/// Gelatin mask To make the geletin mask you need 2 teaspoons of gelatin powder If you are having difficulty in finding it Go to the description box (below) you can buy from amazon Otherwise you can find it in any bakery shop easily You can ask the shopkeeper to save some fore you (wink) LOL And they will happily give it you Then add 2-4 teaspoons of milk and 2-3 drops of Orange Essential Oil I put ‘Essential Oil’ because this srsly stinks real bad and if you can’t handle the smell then add essential oil then it will not stink as bad or at all Mix all the ingredients in the bowl Before applying put in the microwave for 30seconds So the gelatin is easier to apply And if you don’t have a microwave Put it in a bowl with hot water And then it will be easier to apply Apply it onto your skin Where there is hair Wait for it to dry fully Make a small gap at the end of the mixture thing once it has dried And in the opposite direction of hair growth carefully pull If you are doing it on your forehead then pull to the right and for the nose then upwards to the top of your nose If its on your upper lips then do i1 for each sides so 2 and pull inwards (like shown in the video) And do not go in the light! You can use the Gelatin mask once a week and in a month all of your facial hair will be gone” And hair growth will be less (Not all hair will grow back, only a bit) Third method is Ubtan home remedy there are several home remedies on the internet and on youtube But the best home remedy for removing unwanted hair is Ubtan To make this you will need… 2 teaspoons of gram flour (bason in hindi and urdu) 1 teaspoon oil You can use any oil But the actually way is to use mustered/bitter oil but nobody uses it these days And if you like you can a dd a teaspoon of Clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow And 2-2 teaspoons of milk So it makes a great paste! Now wherever you have facial hair apply the Ubtan mixture The method of removing unwanted hair in Ubtan is whatever moister there is in the Ubtan mask when you apply or massage it The upper layer of our skin it gets very soft and it’s easier for the hair to come out So first we’re going to massage it on face or skin for around 10 minutes Until the Ubtan has dried And when it dries It becomes lay (dont speak hindi sorry πŸ™ ) Just like atta flour (white flour to make bread) You need to dough this face mask on your face And this will take away your facial hair! The hair that goes form this will never come back! Hair growth is less but this a time consuming process So you need A LOT of patience It’s results aren’t easy to notice It can 2-3 months if you do it every week Then your hair growth will be Totally less The 4th method, waxing! In India, katori wax is extremely famous But i will advise you to go to the salon for this method Because there is a special way for waxing Until you are trained DO NOT try it on your face At least not by your self but from the salon Fifth method is threading It is also another effective way of removing facial hair You can find a thread easily in a beauty store This is a special thread so don’t use the ones at home Use a threading thread. it will reduce the pain Especially for stubborn hair, it will be less painful fir that as well You can do this at home as well! For this get a 16 inch thread tie it together and it will become an 8 inch hoop with the help of your fingers twist the thread from the middle (like shown in the video) You need to learn to use it And practise removing your facial hair which are very small at a time Applying powder on your face first is hepfull because it is easier to use the thread and it is less painfull Sixth method is using the Epilator Those people who do waxing or threading and have ended up with gentle skin Or if you have acne or break out and so you don’t want to use harsh methods Epilator is the method to use! The one i am using in the video is from Philips Check out in the description box (below) for the link to where u can buy it from You don’t need ‘skills’ to use this Epilator You can definetley use it 2x or 3x a week Method 7 is the Plucker I actually used this today I used the plucker to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows And it worked fine for me! Make sure when you are plucking the hair That you moistrise the skin before using it You can use aloe vera gel It makes the first layer of your skin very soft! So it makes the process soo easy! But still i know it’s painful and so if you don’t like the plucker then you can use another method 8th method is Razor! Whenever we talk about razors there are million of questions! That roam in your mind Like does it bring back more hair like soo many questions But what i can tell you is not everybody has the same type of skin some people get irritation by doing waxing Or other methods So everybody has different skin Sometimes people have a lot of acne and they cannot find any method that suits their skin So if you don’t want your skin to get sensitive then use a razor! Remember if no method is working for you or doesn’t suit your skin then you can use a razor! 9th method is the Lazer treatment And it can be super expensive But the biggest problem is to find the perfect doctor and a good clinic Because we wish every doctor does a good job so you need to do a lot of research If you are doing lazer treatment Because it’s also really expensive, you cans search for previous patients and ask if their hair came back or not or after how many years Because i have soo many friends that had there hair come back fully πŸ™ So that is why I highly suggest you guys to research first if you are going for lazer treatment Now Lazer treatment is a science It sounds really good but they are lazers If you can avoid lazer treatment that will be good but first try the natural methods first Only do lazer treatment if the natural methods are not working for you From my personal side i am not going to go to a lazer treatment for the sake of it I personally trust on natural treatment 10th method is Hair removal cream When we talk about hair removal cream the first thing that comes across the mind is does it burn the hair out? How much will it affect your skin? Now there is a big youtuber called Dulce Candy She does facial hair removal So check out the description box ( below) for her video! I’m not saying you have to use it because this is a ‘controversial’ topic And i want as internet sisters! :* we share out stories with each other! and tell each other about out stories if it went good or not and if it worked

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