Removing Facial Moles with Hair [ Epi #488]

Removing Facial Moles with Hair [ Epi #488]

Removing hair from raised moles on the face
is usually easy and safe. But if the mole is removed, will that prevent the hair from growing back? It depends on how the mole’s removed. Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. I’ve explained why removing hair from facial
moles is usually safe. But raised moles on the face are usually not
desirable, and when they also have hair, if I tell you that some people call them “grandmother
moles”, that should be enough to explain why people
often have them removed. So you would think that removing the mole should insure that the hair won’t grow back. Well, not exactly. You see, it depends on how it’s removed. For that to make sense, we have to go back
to, “What is a mole with hair?” Moles with hairs, regardless of where they
are on your body, a re usually intradermal moles. Intra means within and dermal means the second
layer of skin… …So intradermal moles are entirely in the
dermis, the second layer of skin. The fact that it sticks up above the surface
of your skin and is a bump… …just means that there’s lots of mole
tissue in the dermis pushing up the unaffected top layer, the epidermis, which is present even on
top of the mole. But check out where
the hair roots are! There are two ways to remove the mole. The technique that gives the best cosmetic
result is by simply using a scalpel blade to shave
off the raised part of the mole. Yes, of course I use local anesthesia so it’s
painless. This technique usually gives the best cosmetic
result with no scar. But don’t forget where the hair follicles
are located. If your hairs are growing from follicles here… …above the cleavage level, then those hairs are gone and won’t come
back. But if they’re down here… …then after the skin heals, those hairs
will continue to grow. OK, so why not cut out the entire mole, even the part under the skin so all the hair
roots are removed? Because to do that I need to cut out all the
skin… …down to here, the bottom of the hair roots, and sew up the two sides of the wound. Even with the best skill and technique, whether it’s done by a plastic surgeon or
a cosmetic dermatologist, it can leave a scar. So when it comes to having facial moles with
hairs removed, do you really have to pick your poison: no scar but possible ongoing growth of hairs, or no more hairs, but a possible scar? Not at all. Just get it removed the first way and if your hair continues to grow, then you can finally have those remaining
hairs destroyed by laser or electrolysis.

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  1. Hi Doc! Its me again! haha… I have a question which I hope you can answer. A beautician told me that I am prone to moles as my moles which were removed grew back. She said there was no point removing them since they will eventually come back and this was based on her experience as other customers also had this problem. Is it true?

  2. Is it safe to shave the mole like this-just the half?! What is with the other half that stays in the epidermis and the risk of cancer?!
    I dont know if you explained thins in your previous videos, if so, i would like to watch. I have a mole like this on my face and i was convinced that i need to remove it surgicaly, but i was afraid of a big scar.

  3. For more information, see the DermTV episode "What Causes and Minimizes Enlarged Pores" youtube(dot)com/watch?v=A1qQbYNgv7E

    And "What is Exfoliation" youtube(dot)com/watch?v=rxAmCGO6H-s

  4. Hi. I was born with a mole in my cheek.My mole was not touching the skin cuz it had a root.When I was 8 a doctor tied the root and eventually the mole fell after a week. What type of mole is that??And now after 14 years all the area around the mole does not have hair. It's like a hole. Can I do anything about that??

  5. hello doc good morning. can you place advice some natural way in e=removing mole.. i have one in my left  face beside maouth and nose plas..

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  7. hi i have on my face i have seen a video and treated it with ginger by which it became dry and the side skin of the mole got dry too now it look much uglier than before what should i do please help me

  8. Help! Around New Years this year, there was a pimple on my face and I kept picking it, and it got bigger, and now it's like a huge mole sticking out on my forehead

  9. I want to remove my big grandmother mole but I can't I need help people always stare when I wear my hair up I am in seventh grade and I have not wore my hair up one day of school my whole life I want it removed it's really big and on my left cheek

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  11. I live in Canada and I’m 13 I have a pretty big mole and I really want it removed. I never wear my hair up bc I’m a bit embarrassed and people always stare. I’m in sports and I’m always forced to wear my hair up which I hate. I really want it removed but don’t know what to do.

  12. You are completely wrong. You can absolutely remove the lower part of the mole via excision and then perform fine less tensile suturing techniques to make the scar unnoticeable. If you just remove the top part the mole will grow back 100% of the time. I don't know where you got your clinical training but please do not put incorrect information out. People, please see a board certified plastic surgeon as more dermatologists like this one do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform such a procedure correctly. I have personally been in the OT and seen massive 20 cm pieces of skin cut out with new flaps taking its place. The result after a year is indistinguishable by the best surgeons. So this a competent resident could do with their eyes closed. Burn surgeons can also take care of this in their sleep. Hack

  13. electrolysis hair removal to remove all the hair permanently 1st (around 3-4 sessions & time r required to ensure different cycles of hair) then remove the mole

  14. I hate the mole in my chin and in 3rd grade i got tease for it now i hate it also my mom wont let me use makeup to cover it up

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