Royal Icing Cake Decoration Master Class with Charlotte Feve

Royal Icing Cake Decoration Master Class with Charlotte Feve

Right this is what we call royal Icing Oh you need to turn the turntable with one hand and
paddle the icing with the other so as you do we do small paddles and then once
you’ve gone around once you can see that the icing, the air bubbles will have
disappeared almost so the next stage is then to use a
straight edge so if you’re fantastic at plastering
you’ll be marvelous that doing Royal ice cakes so with the same edge of the
straight edge you then do it back and forth to try and
still eliminate the air bubbles and then when you think it’s ready take it off and you’ve got a nice smooth
surface so always clean as go because you never know what goes wrong if you don’t clean your
tools, so clean up the sides just so that we’ve got a nice clean
surface again because royal icing dries very hard basically it’s the only icing what is
brittle so from now we’re going to do the sides ideally it’s good to actually
leave it to dry in between but today I’ll show you the all in method so
unfortunately you can’t see me paddling is exactly the same as the top all the way around to disperse the air
bubbles again and then you will see it becomes a nicer surface so this time instead of using a straight
edge we’re going to use the side scraper that and create a similar edge so this one makes you feel very
uncomfortable but you have to do in one motion otherwise you will get lines in your
icing and then you need another side scraper to just take off the bottom edge as the royal icing cake should take
about two or three coats individually of the top and side called so once you’ve
done that with the side squared back just neaten the edge so that the next
stage of royal icing will go on smoothly so this cake is actually going to have
some royal ice scrolls on the top and the bottom so to stop it you would
normally use a template but today we’re just going to just freestyle just to get a rough measurement for s and
c scrolls I’ve done this this far too many times measurements so when you actually do
a scroll you have to roughly put pressure on but
keep the constant pressure but gradually build up the pressure to lessen the
pressure which I will demonstrate so that is a an S scroll so as you can see go all the way around
for you markings some of the markings up covered up but that’s fine because
technically an S scroll is three times bigger than a C scroll so we just need
to add in the C scroll ok so once you’ve gone around well then
prepare the next stage which is a scrape pipe the scrape pipe type allows the next stage
to go on smoothly of royal icing so with the scrape pipe you actually introduced the
shape enhance the shape what you’ve already got so as you can see it shows a nice shape
now so go all the way around to get when you
scrape pipe you you’re not actually scraping right into
the actual scroll you’re just hovering over the top and if you lay on the ice in a dewdrop
piping you will see holes appear through the actual scroll so that’s the
first stage next stage put the next layer on to also enhance
and this is drop piping this is so that it appears smooth lines so always overlap on to the next scroll
because everything needs to be joined so cake like this only takes a matter of
moments once you master the technique and you can do small scrolls you can
do everything just these couple of tubes the last one so as you can see nice shape to that so we’re going to
start from the bottom and to do a half moon scroll so the measurements what we have from
the top we’re going to do some mirror at the
bottom back to the actual star group to create
a half moon which is a graduated barrel so you start off then graduate bigger
and then when you hit the middle you need to graduate smaller so then once you’ve done this Layer then you also scrape pipe which also creates a smooth the surface so then scrape pipe to create a shape like before and then the next layer can go on we’re going back to the plain tube to drop
pipe to give more shape and then in a moment we will put a colour on so we will put the colour on next and
then we will finish off the cake give it a slight bit of colour just to enhance exactly what you’ve done previously so you can see that lifts out your shape the drop piping once again shows a nice
smooth line so the secret is balancing up the
pressure because if you don’t squeeze hard enough then the pressure will break also if you’re too quick
for the tube the pressure will break so it’s a nice even balance between the
pressure is squeezing and obviously the speed you were going from there that’s creating a really
pretty cake so it’s also enhance a royal ice cake you can put graduation lines on to a
graduation line is what you put in the middle – obviously enhance the shape of the
scrolls and it all fits together I’ll just finish off the botton all the way around it always have it at the front of you
because then it you won’t go off with the measurement last one from that we’re now going to introduce a
rope pipe on the side so from this you don’t need no templates or
anything because you following the guide of your scroll the secrets of this is obviously even
pressure and also the speed again so follow up and down with the scrolls
just over the edge of the cake ok and then in between that just to enhance again we would use the plain tube to then do a
small barrel but a plain barrel – all the way around stop and start where you feel necessary
and then latch back on and then we’re going to repeat that
technique at the bottom just to get these bottom half moon barrels a
little bit of balance between the top and the bottom of the cake occasionally might get an air bubble so
just put a little bit of icing into it that’s it step so i’m just going to show
you two lines of the graduation lines you would normally traditionally do
three because it just enhances it a little bit more so always start with the line above your
C scroll all the way around ok so it’s easier to do this part and to do
it as you go we do as you go when you start losing
the shape you just following the shape again all of
your scrolls and it just enhances it still drop piping as that creates a
smooth line and then once you’ve done this you repeat one line next to ideally
supposed to repeat rape shape two lines today and if you do get an air bubble straighten it out and then i can just
continue to pipe that line and now we’re just going to leave a
little bit of colour next to and also on top of the line but his piped for this
line you don’t need to do any particular
order so stop and start because then that
gives a nice sharp line and it needs to be a true thickness in between so
already that’s created a nice sharp enhancement to your scrolls which match yeah before you know it you’re almost done lots of practice is needed when it comes
to graduation lines should go from short line to a big line so the last line so pipe on top of
the original line what you have piped so the secret to drop piping is take a
quarter off the line what needed if I have a drop pipe in the air I know to stop pressure about here and
then another line will fit almost there so it’s always wipe your tube as well in
between because that stops the icing from drying and also if there’s any
other excess icing on the outside that will create your tube to have problems so already that looks like good cake so I think the next stage is to just
give it a little inscription I think we’ll choose happy birthday the end of the cake…

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  1. Love your vid!
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  2. Rip, Charlotte

  3. from what I've read before, RI was used to preserve cakes for royalty way back in the day. Yes it dries HARD. But it makes an almost airtight seal on the cake. When food preservation was not as it is today, that was important in those huge royal celebrations that took days to prepare for, and even longer to get through! Not as silky smooth as IMBC, for sure, but a beautiful method of cake decorating anyway!

  4. this was pure art! I watched this like it was a movie. I'm a newbie to cake decorating so please excuse my question. Royal icing is brittle when it dries right? If so, when the cake is cut, does it crack?

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  9. My mum put a few drops of glycerin to make it flow? forgive me watched/helped her bake Xmas cakes/puddings when I was growing up 55yrs ago I'm now in late 60`s. God bless you Charlotte R.I.P

  10. I've never had royal icing. When people say it dries "hard," what does that mean in terms of eating it? Does it "crunch"? Doesn't sound too appetizing. Can someone explain?

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