Rs 10,000 Hydra Facial at home#DIY natural skin glow serum #Hyrafacial at home

Rs 10,000 Hydra Facial at home#DIY natural skin glow serum #Hyrafacial at home

I look like ghost This facial is very good and it hydrates skin really well Hi everyone my name is Garima and welcome to my channel So in today’s video I am going to share hydra facial Nowadays hydra facial is in trend And if you go to salon for this facial they charge a very good money for it Charge for this facial is 10000 to 7000Rs which is too much for 1 session So this price is too much for middle class families Because of that I bring this video ,how you can do hydra facial at home And I did a lot of research and collected all the information and did few times on my face and saw good results then I decided to share with you all guys So in hydra facial there is basically cleansing,deep exfoliating and extracting So this facial removes blackheads whiteheads around nose and chin Which is extraction And blocked pores because of dead skin cells Which causes too much pimples and acne so this facial unclog the pores because this facial does deep exfoliation And this facial cleanses pores Which removes all the dead skin cells and sebum from pores And cleanses our pores and skin really well Along with it hydrates skin deeply And I am going to use such ingredients which hydrates skin very well and lock the moisture inside your skin So skin looks very clean clear and firmed But before starting the video please subscribe to my channel And press the bell icon so you don’t miss any of my videos I always bring informative videos for you guys So please subscribe to my channel and must press the bell icon Otherwise you will not get any updates of my videos Now let’s start the video ,so we are now going to do hydrafacial For that I took pineapple You can take orange too, orange is in season so you can find it very easily but in case if you couldn’t find oranges then you can also take lemon As you can see I have secured my hair and Basically I am going to do 3 steps in hydra facial 1st cleansing 2nd mask and 3rd is serum now I am going to remove my lipstick I don’t have any makeup on my face but I have wear lipstick so I am going to remove it Now I have removed my lipstick 1st of all I am going to tell you ingredients This is bandage you can easily find it in medical stores And this comes very cheap,and we also need almond oil This is pure almond oil ,so prefer pure almond oil for skin and this is glycerin And this is aloe vera gel, this is also pure aloe vera gel If you have plant then take fresh leaf I don’t have fresh but this is also pure so I don’t need to worry about In pineapple there is lots of Alpha hydroxy acid That is why I am using pineapple here But if you don’t have pineapple then you can take orange AHA is also in orange but in pineapple this is very strong As compared to orange and lemon That is why I am using pineapple And in hydra facial AHA is main ingredient And in yoghurt lactic acid is present as a alpha hydroxy acid So I used yoghurt And glycerin locks the moisture inside the skin So I am using glycerin here So first step is cleansing so I am going to make cleanser To make cleanser We need rice flour or you can take semolina And I am going to use pineapple juice So I took the slice of pineapple And I will Squeeze it to bring the juice out And now I will add yogurt 1-2 teaspoon According to your preference And as you can see our cleanser is now ready So we are now going to use cleanser on our face This also works as Scruber Now I have applied it all over face and neck Now I will wash my face with normal water 2nd step is face mask Now I am going to prepare face mask I will take 4 tablespoon of pineapple juice and 4 tablespoon of yoghurt now I will add 1 tablespoon of almond oil Amount of face mask should be more Now I am going to apply it on my face Now we need bandage for it how I am going to use it will show you As you can see this is face mask We will apply face mask with help of bandage I will dip bandage into face mask and apply with it This will remove all dead skin cells from pores And this will also remove all blackheads and whiteheads And this type of bandage works as microdermabrasion Don’t be harsh We have to apply many layers so I have applied 1st layer and now I will wait for 5 minutes Then again I will apply second layer 5 minutes has been completed now I am going to apply 2nd layer with help of bandage all over my face Be very very gentle Now again I will wait for 5 minute then I will apply final layer and I will apply this bandage as well So how i will apply bandage I will show you Now 5 minutes has been completed and I am going to apply final layer So I will dip this bandage into face mask I prepared more face mask I have cut bandages into small pieces like this So bandage will help to hydrate skin really well ,so I dip all the small pieces of bandage When everything would be absorbed then I will apply bandage on my face As you can see everything is absorbed Now I will put bandage on my face Spread bandage carefully I will apply small pieces of bandage I look like ghost This will hydrate skin very well Because until bandage is wet it will give moisture to skin Now 10 minute has been completed I will remove bandage now Now I will massage, we don’t need to wash our face Because 1 process still remaining We have to massage untill everything absorbed into skin You can simply massage in upward direction And I have shared two proper video of massage You can check out from my channel and I will provide the link at the end of my video Now as you can see everything is absorbed into my skin Now step 2 has been completed And last step is Serum To make serum we need 2 tablespoon of rose water and 2 tablespoon of pineapple juice and 3 tablespoon of aloevera gel and you can use fresh aloevera gel 1/2 tablespoon of glycerin Now serum is ready, quantity must be more Now I am going to apply serum I will use bandage to apply it 1st I will apply serum with my hand Then I use bandage Because it works As sheet mask Now I am going to show you So this is serum I will put serum on my palm And apply it on my face I didn’t wash my face So It becomes a bit messy Now I will dip these pieces of bandage into serum Everything is absorbed by bandage Now I will apply it all over my face and I will wait for 10 minute again And after 10 minutes I will remove the bandage and massage until it absorbed into skin I have done massage after removing it And we don’t need to wash our face Because everything is absorbed into skin But after doing this facial don’t go into direct sunlight As you can see my skin looks very clean clear and firmed So this facial is very good Definitely you should try this My skin feels so soft and radiant So this is very good facial and it hydrates skin very well And I applied everything on my lips as well So my lips also moisturised well So I will highly recommend you to do this facial And one more thing tell me comment section what you think about this video Because for me it is very important to know your opinion So this was today’s video and I hope you have enjoyed my video And if you liked my video then please do subscribe to my channel And share my videos with your friends and family And don’t forget to give me a thumbs up Now we will meet in next video till then bie and stay happy

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