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we’re having chips and playing Mario
Kart good morning you’re getting ready to leave
I’m off to a little spa day but we spent the night at Sydney’s house and he and I
are leaving so I’m headed to my spa day but I
wanted to show you guys really quick how I make Vietnamese coffee from my espresso
machine so first I have this Delonghi espresso machine I got it off Amazon
and I buy my espresso beans from D’Arte so first thing I would do is pull the shot
so the green light means it’s ready so I’m going to add a little bit of condensed milk, this is the eagle brand the brand doesn’t really matter I have my metal straws from Amazon There you have it. Bomb Vietnamese coffee and normally I put more creamer so it’s more of a NC 45 type color but this is like the
best vietnamese coffee ever with like an espresso machine anyways I am now going
to head off to my spa appointment it’s in Kirkland so it is 15-20 minutes away
so I’m gonna head there and I will talk to you guys in the car while we’re driving I
just wanted to get a little bit yeah I was thinking of doing like a chatty get
ready with me or a like straight-up Q&A cuz I keep getting like the same
questions from girls and so let me know down in the comments if you would rather
see like a full Q&A and I can answer a ton of questions or just do like I try
to get ready with me and I can try to cover as much as possible while getting
ready one girl asked me why I started my youtube and I don’t know if you guys
watched my like getting over a breakup I also got a couple like dams of people
saying like I’m so sorry for what happened some of that but I was like
dude it was a story it’s not current we had a break in like last February and
then I had just started a new job in July
I decided to leave that job in like November and so December January kind of
took some time for myself and didn’t really look into getting another job I
don’t see like how to sign how so when I was still Pet Sitting but I didn’t have
like a full-time job job and I just took like a month for myself and then like in
January I was like you know what I’ve been wanting to do YouTube for so long
and now I finally have all the time in the world and there’s nothing stopping
me there’s nothing to lose so I thought I might as well just freakin start
recording a video and get it started the first video I ever recorded I didn’t
have a ring light or any fancy lighting I had gotten some like little used light
from my friend Cory that does videography and I the lighting was just
horrible so my very first video I didn’t even upload my name because when I sat
down ended I was I holy crap it took me like 8 to 10 hours and I was like this
is a lot of work and I don’t think I would have been able to keep uploading
videos so consistently if I had picked a job up right away so kind of helped for
me to like realize how much work editing actually was it’s a ton of work and now
I’ve gotten my clicker on and it still takes me like 4 to 6 hours to get a full
video with thumbnail and caption together you don’t really learn to
appreciate or like realize how much work goes into it until you’re actually doing
it so now I have like a greater appreciation for like the makeup artists
and stuff like that that I watch on YouTube because that stuff takes so much
time and when I started my youtube I hadn’t done it like to get a ton of PR
from companies I just wanted to do it because I always loved getting makeup
tips and skincare tips to people and I love educating people and stuff like
that and my friends have always been like you should do YouTube you should do
YouTube and I’m like hello and I’ve been watching YouTube
since I was like in middle school and back then I didn’t have like that
self-esteem I had really bad skin just learning makeup and YouTube was just a
way for me to learn all those things and like learn to make myself look and feel
better and so I wanted to be that source of inspiration for other people and I’d
watched videos of girls had gotten big and like some of them you could tell
that they are forcing their personality or like their makeup skills were like
okay or I don’t know they’re just like little things or like editing wasn’t
that good and just saying like I feel like I could do better than that you
know and finally when that when all that
stuff kind of fell together and I was given the opportunity to do it a big
thing that drives me is I love inspiring people I saw this quote that was I be
the person you needed when your ego and I just love that because growing up
I feel like I didn’t have that many like people to look up to and like I was the
oldest of my siblings I love following along girls I got super big like this
near their story and advice and so it just that’s the thing that inspires me
and I want to be that source of inspiration for other girls that may
need it especially like younger girls actually
like I was able to grow a lot what brand I broke up and like being able to share
my experience with other girls and like teaching them about skincare and makeup
and all the stuff that I learn in like the hundreds or thousands of videos that
I’ve watched is Austin to me and like even if it takes me like however six to
seven months and if I’m able to inspire one or two girls in that time for him
I’m happy you know I didn’t do this to gain a ton of free products but the fact
that it all came along the way and it’s amazing that I’m getting all this PR
from all these companies I think it’s super amazing but it’s it was just
something that happened along the way but it’s not one of the reasons why I
started I honestly don’t really know where I’m going so I probably have to
look up the nav but let me know down in the comments if you want to see like a
Q&A or like I try to get ready with me which one you’d rather see do it and I am about to go into my
rejuvenating facial which is actually I’m gonna let their piss explain it and
then after that I have a luxury pedi here so I’m super excited so so this is the rejuvenating facial interests Oracle oxygen-free chauvelin
I’m using opulence serum today for you for brightening in a hydra shape so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna spray lightly half of your face from the top pressurize oxygen
low-weight Admiralty so nice and cooling booth
different oxygen machine this interests Oracle oxygen facial machine we can
touch the tip with this serum and really push these buttons in your
skis younger healthier hydrated fun Simone and this facial is good for
younger people – right of course yes yeah it’s so much more moisturizer Oh your skin so ho but typically I see
face line going up minute especially I much fuller underneath yeah I can see
how my before and after has no different the lady was asking me if I wanted
champagne and I was like I didn’t have anywhere to go
I might take you up on that but this is what my skin looks like after and she
did do a couple of tractions so that’s why it looks like that and she really
like went in on my nose so I’m super excited to see what it looks like in the
morning but it feels so amazing and the experience here is just so amazing and
so relaxed and she was talking to me and I fell asleep next I have a pedicure so
we’ll go over the next this is a person and a parfait is a
melted wax so basically the heat will go all the way down to your joint every
intention and it’s good for muscle pain and it will hydrate
really so now I am all changed and my skin
looks amazing if you guys guys could probably see the before and after in the
footage but it feels so moisturized and she did a few extraction so my skin is a
little bit angry but I’m sure it’ll look really good in the morning but the
experience at the spa was so good and really memorable
I haven’t been so relaxed in like that so I think that would be a really great
gift for life my mom all the people there were so nice they kept asking me
if I wanted champagne and they brought out chocolate-covered strawberries so I
just had an amazing experience and I highly recommend it in Washington go to
still spa in the wood mark hotel and it’s just beautiful it’s right on the
water it’s surrounded by a ton of restaurants and just the whole
experience again was so amazing and they made me feel like
such a valued guest so I really like that and I’m headed out to do some
errand but thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys in the next
video bye

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