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  1. R.I.P Selena
    we will all miss u! Selena was an inspiration to me to go into music with singing and she inspired me to see that I can achieve to be what I want to be.😥😥😥😥😥😥

  2. why tf would there be dislikes!?! like on the real im dissapointed at that, i loved this video, it just shows no respect for the hard work the family put into this make up line. #ForeverSelena 🌷⚘🌹😙😤

  3. I would love to buy makeup from this collection but I dont like the company mac 🙁 I wish there was a different brand that did this.

  4. This made me so emotional.. literally balling like a blubbering baby.. the fact that she's gone still hurts today as much as the day she was taken.. I remember what exactly I was doing the weather everything about that day. 😔

  5. Alot of us black women look up to her aswell .She was beautiful ,humble, creative with so much talent.My spanish teacher use to have me and a few other girls perform Selena on stage with her all through grammer school.Happiest moments of my life.Rip Hun .Anything for Selenassssssss

  6. i made a huuuge effort to buy the lipsticks from france and italy. they dont have international shipping for romania, but i asked some friends.
    why no romania with this collection, mac?
    we actually know who selena is here 🙂

  7. this video made me emotional and happy at the same time i miss her and im glad in some way selena still is here💖

  8. I finally was able to connect her red lipstick to my lips!!! and I LOVE LOVE how it looks on me!!! I wore it for my Cousins Wedding and I was literally in high spirits ALL NIGHT!!! to know that I'm wearing one of Selena famous Lip color is such an AMAZING feeling there are no words for how i felt while wearing it!! for a while i couldn't wear the make up its just a struggle to want to use any of it i would try but my hand couldn't move it towards my lips!!! I also use some purple eye shadow since my dress was Purple!! its just an amazing feeling knowing that i'm wearing make up that was ACTUALLY Selena colors!!! Thank Suzette for giving me the chance to Connect to Selena in a whole different way!!! i've spent my life looking up to her as a role model. i've spent my whole life copying her dance moves. i have a VERY similar body figure as her. she showed me that its possible to be a Latina and also be able to make my dreams comes true. to work hard and believe that the Impossible CAN be Possible!!! I LOVE YOU Selena!!!

  9. omg! I absolutely love that Suzette has came up with this Mac makeup line in honor of her sister Selena! I'm definitely not an everyday makeup wearer! Damn to be honest I don't even wear makeup once a month I only wear it maybe once or twice a year for special occasions only! Seeing that they have this Selena line out now I seriously am going to buy all that they have for it and I will definitely be wearing the hell outta some Selena makeup!!! God bless Suzette, Selena, and the rest of the Quintanilla Familia and thank you for keeping her legacy alive for us fans we absolutely adore all of you!!!

  10. Her family should have worked with Avon because from what I've heard she used Avon makeup. also would've been a lot cheaper. Some people can't afford MAC prices and all of her fans should be able to purches her line.

  11. Is this a real thing??? Im crying…and gonna get a second job to afford to buy the whole collection 😭 this is so amazing I 💜 Selena

  12. ♥ this message very strong
    true 💯 all for selena 😘😱🔆
    rest in love ❤💛💚

  13. Omg I need to get this 😫😫😫😫 I LOVE Selena and this made me cry 😔😔😔I miss her 😟😟

  14. Can't wait 2 get this. Selena was and still is my all-time favorite Latina musician. Though I'm not Latina, her music will always be a treasure for me as a fan and her legacy will continue to live on. Although she is not present on Earth, Her dream has finally came true for a makeup line. Thank You MAC Cosmetics for seeing her dream come true!!!!

  15. beautiful and the song on the advert take me a tear from my eyes, Still remembering our Dear Selena we miss you forever Hermosa <3

  16. its hard my skin is more pale and I get a lot of crap about it ,because I don't look Latina, my family calls me white girl, and people are always says how I'm such a white girl, it really gets me sometimes

  17. I didn't get a chance to buy even one 🙁 but I will be more prepared the next time around lol glad Mac is bringing it back so excited!!!!

  18. Que linda homenagem para Selena ! Ela merece tudo isso , e nunca haverá alguém tão especial quanto ela era .

  19. one you never get bored of tired listening to always inspire you to dance and think of yourself so may God let her rest in peace

  20. if she was still here she'd be leading the game with the best in latino music, being on magazine covers, seeing this MU launch 🙁

  21. She makes me believe that I can be what ever I want to be if I believe in myself 💜💜💜💜 RIP 💜💋🌹

  22. this video is very touching and Selena will always be Queen. Can we get an MacxAaliyah collection pleaseeee? @Maccosmetics

  23. I'm just overwhelmed about her amazing music like the first time I listened to her sings I was just in peace but now she is in peace rest your soul in heaven Selena!!

  24. so happy I was able to buy my Selena Mac items as soon as they brought it back , they still have some online if you haven't had a chance to purchase:)

  25. I love MACSELENA I have 2 MACSELENA lipsticks I wear most Smoked Almond and Burnt Violet I almost finish them they last me all day and my mom and I went to Los Angeles and I replaced them again I got the same ones brand new n plus I love how the lipsticks smell they have a nice scent and I barely got the the new MACSELENA mascara I am so blessed and so happy and for this Halloween I'm going to dress up as Selena and wear the new MACSELENA mascara and lipsticks. I'm so happy and excited I can't wait!!

  26. So glad I got a hold of some of the cosmetics from her line I especially love the lipsticks and the lipgloss 💄💜🌹

  27. Latino Latina pride I'm proud to be Latino 100% puertorican 🇵🇷 I love myself this makes me sooo proud to be a latino so iconi love her makeup 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌴🌴🌴🌴 r.i.paradise baby girl 🌴👼😇🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  28. They need to make this permanent plz make my wish come true!!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing I got from the makeup line was the bidi bidi bom bom lipgloss and I got it off of amazon and it was like $36 for the 4oz bottle😂😂

  29. Dear M.A.C,

    Can u pls make a Part 2 of Selena Cosmetics?
    I and the rest of the Selena fans would love it!
    Pls get this comment.

  30. A beautiful collection for such a beautiful, iconic woman. "Dreaming Of You" is my favorite album of hers. The title song, "I Could Fall In Love" and "I'm Getting Used To You" are my favorites on that album.

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