hey guys welcome to my channel in today’s video
I’ll be doing a Selena QUINTANILLA inspired makeup look
yesterday was a birthday I got inspired to recreate one of her looks
because I saw a lot of people posting pictures of her and they are really
inspiring I bought a red lip I even
brought up my big hoops cuz you know Selena always had her big hoops so you
guys wanna know how it look like silliness please keep on watching but
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ground and that’s it you know there’s transform into Salinas I already filled
in my eyebrows in every prime my eyelids with my concealer and I was already
primed my skin and I used to the NYX no filter bloom primer I only use this
primer on my t-zone which is my forehead my nose and my chin because that’s where
I get really oily so my start off my eyes first because I’m doing a winged
liner and you know sometimes winged liners get messy and sometimes a little
complicated so I haven’t started with my eyes first I want to show you guys my
inspiration for my makeup this picture right here that I have of Selena’s in my
room I had to have a picture of Selena’s in my room because she reminds me that
the impossible is always possible if you know you know so this is my this is my
inspiration for my makeup we already know Selena’s had her signature both red
lip which I’m here for and she always kept her eye looks really simple like
kids on she only had like a little bit of eye shadow in the winged liner and
that’s it honestly that’s my kind of style I’m here for that so that’s what
I’m gonna do so for my crease color I’m gonna use a bronzer this is the butter
bronzer by position formula as you can tell like she had like a little bit of
eye shadow maybe she’ll like only like one eye shadow just to like define her
crease or something like that which I’m here for like I’m like I’m here for like
the simple eyelids so I’m gonna use this color just a little bit of Mike Ruiz so for my eyeliner I want to use a fancy
beautiful eyeliner I really like this eyeliner I remember back in the day I
used to wear eyeliner all the freaking time like if I wasn’t wearing an ID in
her I just wasn’t finding myself and now it’s like I barely even use iodine I
think this is the first time this year me doing an eyeliner so it might take a
minute okay I’ll be back so I did a little wing nothing too crazy because so
from the picture that I’ve seen of her makeup like she only had like a little
winged liner so that’s how I’m gonna do it and from
the looks of her makeup she kept her pretty Malik she didn’t it didn’t look
like she had any shimmers or anything so I’m gonna highlight my brow bone with
this eye shadow this is a B a BH eyeshadow in the shade Blanc it’s just
the white eyeshadow I’m just gonna put that on my brow bone I honestly don’t
know if she were eyelashes like her some more pictures that look like she might
have been wearing eyelash than some of her pictures issued like she might have
been rocking her natural lashes but I’m gonna be rocking my natural lashes just
because I don’t have any lashes right now so I’m just gonna rock my natural
lashes so I’m gonna go in my face makeup and
I’m gonna use a Smashbox to do skin 15-hour hydrating foundation I get from
the from the look of her pictures it looked like she kept her skin pretty bad
so that’s what I’m trying to do I’m gonna try to keep it pretty matte for my under X instead I’m going to use
the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer we use this concealer under
the eyes make sure to work it and sections because I feel like this
concealer dries up pretty quickly and you just add a little bit just enough to
like brighten up my under eyes I’ve learned this the hard way the other day
I put it on and I put it on on both eyes and before you knew it it took me a
minute to blend it because it just drew I just dried up really quickly two semi under a I’m going to use the
hourglass translucent bell party I’m going to use the theme powder also to
set the rest of my face so now that I said my makeup my powder
I’m gonna go in my settings Pirela to do this after I said my makeup my powder
because I can get a little bit crazy with my powder and such as amazing can
look a little bit powdery so in between this my skin it’s just the setting spray
just mix all the powders set in place and makes it look a little less powdery look of her makeup I should look like
she didn’t really wear it bronzer like she only had hello – a blush but she
only had like a little bit of blush like she had a little something going on
there I’m gonna use this blush right here this is the Milani romantic world
blush it’s a really nice subtle pink helping colors I’ve like great with this
Selena’s inspire look I just want a little bit like it just looked like she had like a
little bit of blush so by the look of her pictures did look like she kept her
skin pretty Malek she kept nagging all hai ignore everything but I’m just
someone who needs a little bit of glow so I’m gonna add this highlighter right
here this is the essence of pure nude highlighter this is a really really
subtle highlight is gonna add a little bit of glow just I just want a little
bit just to give me a little something you know this gives you that glow from
within temple so now for my lips we are almost at Leena’s had her signature bold
red lip but for my left lip liner I’m gonna use a neutral lip liner just to
line my lips really good because if I were to go in with the red lip liner I
can get really messy I can get really messy really quickly for me so I’m gonna
do a neutral lip liner just to line my lips really good and then going with the
red lip color now for my lip color I’m gonna use this liquid lipstick by
stealin this is the shade for is alike I really love this shade of red like it’s
not a really super bright and tense red which I’m really here for cause I don’t
really like those super bright intense Reds so this color is just right on my
alley and I’m gonna use a lip brush because I by going with the applicator
and just gonna get all kinds of messy are not touched to this look is
obviously the hoop earrings Selena’s always had her hoop earrings so make
sure you put on your hoops no matter how big or how small put them all so this is
it for the video I really hope you guys enjoy it thank you guys for watching and
I see you guys all I’m in next video and don’t forget you’re the beauty beauty
balm balm

About the Author: Earl Hamill


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