Should You Be Using Okra as a Moisturizer?

Doctor is one of my favorite mass from Zimbabwe and you know the climate is really hot and dry there So this is a secret these women use and this slimy consistency. What they do is they boil it, Oprah, and they mash it And then you put it on the face as a face mask and what this does is it instantly put your head back Maybe instantly hydrates the skin it plumps it up It’s literally like you’re pushing water in your face And then it actually helps to plump up any type of fine lines you have so if you’re looking for like a really good mask To really take care of your skin This is the one that’s gonna work for you. Don’t be jealous babies might laugh, but you can’t have it Show me how is that mixed up so literally what you do is you take your Oprah? You chop it up. Put it in a pan boil it and then once it starts to cool You want to mash it up, and it turns into this slimy consistency And this is what makes the math give you all kinds of amazing? moisture and hydration and plump up like any type of fine lines although you have no fine lines on your skin, so Your easy party has beautiful weight, so I’m gonna ask you doctor Nita. What do you think based on your experience hack or wack I? Feel moisture, so I’m gonna go with all right Okay These are all masks that you can make at home And if you want to try a shelling these beauty hacks will have these facial recipes on our website the doctors need once again Actually, I’m not going to have You

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