Simple Spring Makeup tutorial for dark skin Collab with Mis Neya

Simple Spring Makeup tutorial for dark skin Collab with Mis Neya

yo I have a big mosquito there Chris no
you looked that big mosquito their seriously you’re gonna blow it
keep watching if you guys want to see the beautiful youtuber I collaborated on
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video is a collaboration between myself and the lovely Mis Neya hey every
Sunday she has a motivational video so I would advise you all to check it out she
comes up with these cool motivational quotes and she jus more or less explains it
so it’s a really good way to start the week she also does makeup tutorials she
does a whole lot of stuff that is beauty related as well and she’s just a really
cool youtuber to check out head on over to her channel till I sent you and she’s
also on instagram she has a cool Instagram page hit her up,
hit her up on Instagram as well but it really does have a big mosquito there though
Chris that was the weakest mosquito swap I have ever seen in my life so
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it if you guys want to see how I did this spring look let’s get started okay
LA Girl Pro concealer in the shade Classic ivory so I Know this looks a little fetch a
little crazy but I seen a lot of youtubers using lighter shades to apply
their to apply their colors on it with so that’s why I’m trying it hope it
works you might take me back to Brazil palette first shade is going to be this
light yellow right here actually I’ll go with the two yellows this one and this
one right here I’m gonna pop this in my blender because I did not shave my brows
so / ho I am any hot bro mess so the next thing I’m going to use
is this pink shade also from the take me back to Brazil palette I’m actually
gonna blend that all the way out here I’m going back in with a more with this
brush here and I’m using some more of that yellow and just placing it on top
of the pink and I’m going back to the pink
with that same brush then I’m going to try to bring the two shades together
with my big fluffy brush that shade right and check them in the back try bending them out again I’m not seeing that yellow shade I put
to the top there it’s sort of got lost in everything so I’m going to add this
orange shade and hopefully it will show up and just pull all the shades together
I’m going to add this dark blue it’s a dark matte blue and it has some shimmer
in it we’re gonna come here first right I’m gonna this this is the motion I’m
doing like so and so going to blend them on alright so now I’m going back with my la
girl Pro concealer in the shade classic ivory and I’m just going to cut my
crease something to that extent right so my girl beauty by Jolie to doing this it works thanks by Julie I collaborate with her before and you’ll see the video I
collaborate with her in the card alright so now I’m going into my Juvias place
masquerade palette a gyza please gyza I’m going with this shade right here it
is called Casablanca is a copperish type of shade Calaba or Calaba so now what I’m
gonna do I’m just going over all of the shades with the brush and whatever color
I had added to them together to UM blend in nicely so now I’m going to do the other side
apply my lashes apply my eyeliner and I’ll be back all right
so off-camera I put on my lashes I did my eyeliner I did everything else and
now I’m back and I’m going to oh and I also put on foundation I use my Sacha
refill cream to powder foundation in the shade Perfect Bronze so now I’m
going to be using this hell of light this is really really light highlights
that I got at my local beauty supply store I did a haul on this and you can
see the haul right in the card there it’s really thick though it blends okay I mean it’s not like if I applied it
good I applied it like garbage but it’s actually did a do it’s blended in
really nice so kudos to it on that it has a really thick consistency I like it
I like it so now I’m going to put on my Sasha
Buttercup I put too much so I’ll just use whatever I have here on my other
highlight and parts okay so now I’m going to contour lightly with my matte
Brown from Aristar you know I love this stuff and I’m using my fingers so I’m
just gonna touch touch touch and then I up the line down like so and I don’t really I’d already like to
contour here but I’ll give it a little something I’m gonna brush off the buttercup and
then I’m gonna add some color right below my eyes Delia from my Juvias place masquerade palette I need to get some new brushes I need new brushes okay
so now I’m going to take off the rest of my Buttercup right now my Sasha powder
in the shape perfect bronze all right so for blush I’m going into my la girl
palette and I’m using this shade right here profusion highlight and I’m going
to use that shade right here some with my finger tap it on my nose
right you know get a little shine on I’m also gonna take my little teeny weeny
finger again and I’m gonna tap tap right here then I’m going in with my fluffy angled
brush same shade up highlighter and I’m going right above here the brow bone area now I’m gonna use the fan brush and a dip dip dip dip dip dip dip and that’s I’m
so Purdy alright so I’m gonna use
the Rose macaron from Jordana along with the popfeel purple lego i dont really have anything to do with my hair but this so let me just do it a little better and
I’ll be back thank you guys so much for tuning in drop a comment on what you
guys have been doing for the spring season so far
oh wait hold up hold up Brenda do we okay yeah what you guys have been
doing are you all having that weather are you all going out smelling the
flowers doing all these cool things let me know what you’re doing in the comment
section okay TriniMomBeauty is out guys bye

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  1. Hey girl! Your look is so beautiful and hey Brenda!! Lol. As usual your intro made me laugh. We would have a huge problem if the mosquito is flying around me. I cant stand them. Great collabing with you! 💖💖💛

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  3. Very beautiful makeup, lovely combo, you both look gorgeous, that shade you applied under your eye is 🔥🔥I’m running off to watch on her channel too 😊beautifully blended 😍💕💕🔥🔥yes you are so so pretty 😁

  4. Girl you're super hilarious that mosquito… Awesome collab and great job the look is really pretty and the colors all blended nicely… You're working Brenda she really sealed the deal on this look…Gorgeous 👍🏽😘💖🌹

  5. You’re so pretty! Love this look. I mad Chris blow the mosquito, it lives to suck someone smh 🤣 👍🏾

  6. Great job…Of course you are pretty…..And you are beautiful….I am always outside smelling the flowers…On my way to check out Mis Neya….Like 16 🙂

  7. I watched the collab it was soo beautiful. Yours came out stunning aswell. Well done u guys 🙌🏾❤️

  8. Your videos are always so cool and your always full of energy hahaha! It's so fun to watch! XD ..Great video. Xx

  9. Like 22. Great collaboration. Came over from Mis Neya's channel. Trini, you have amazingly beautiful skin!!!!

  10. That mosquito was bothering you, I just befriended you sister check me out return the friendship if you like!!!

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