(SUB) # 16 자급자족 화장품 | 더피커 & 플랑드 비 화장품만들기 | 나의 아름다움 기준은? | 동구밭 팝업스토어 방문 | 친절한 래교

(SUB) # 16 자급자족 화장품 | 더피커 & 플랑드 비 화장품만들기 | 나의 아름다움 기준은? | 동구밭 팝업스토어 방문 | 친절한 래교

Hello ~ Thank you for visiting my channel. After a long time visit the zero-waste ‘The Picker’. Paper wrapping paper when I received the goods by courier If you throw it away, it becomes garbage, but if it is delivered where it is needed, it is reused. The newly opened zero-waste ‘The Picker’ store on the 9th floor Before visiting the store, I took a self-sufficiency class with ‘Pleine de vie’. Do not use disposable products and plastic. ‘Pleine de vie’ using sustainable products What is my standard of beauty? As I practiced zero waste, I thought a lot. So the same question feels new. What is your beautiful standard? The relationship of cosmetics that is indispensable when pursuing external beauty Cosmetics overflowing with non-recyclable containers and full of chemicals It felt like homework for me to practice zero waste. Now use cosmetics to reduce to a minimum and make self-sufficiency. AM-Toner, Essence, Sun Cream Evening-Cleansing Oil, Soap Wash, Essence Skin is healthy by using good chemical ingredients minimized Looking for pleasure from lack. I set my standards of happiness and beauty. I focus on my inner side rather than others’ eyes and actions. I try to find what I really like and want. The more I focused, the more I learned about my new things. Rather than choosing for the outward beauty Even if it takes time, we build foundations and choose ways to make everyone healthy. Multi-lotion that makes you and me healthy I didn’t put this in it and made it with 2 ingredients. Potato Toner Making Unnecessary garbage and non-recyclable cosmetic containers Representative of “ Pleine de vie ” who carefully cared about everything from ingredients to containers In fact, there are many products that are related to human rights and environmental issues. Coconut oil is child exploitation, female exploitation Avocados, palm oil threaten ecosystems, destroy forests This includes other issues as well as the environment. Thank you for excluding such products and choosing good ingredients. Through zero waste practice started to reduce plastics It created a variety of areas of interest. So we aim for ethical consumption. Newly opened and first time visit. “ The Picker ” Store Nice to see the store again. Roasted Potato Ingredients Cereal containers Soapnut Gift Natural rubber yoga mat Beeswax wrap instead of plastic bag Minimal Life Natural Sponge Homemade soap made from ‘pleine de vie’ so-chang is not the same. Soft and absorbent eco-song so-chang Because it is stainless steel cover, I want to buy defens But because of the expensive amount did not buy. Cork Stopped Recycled Yoga Block Oats to purchase to make oat milk Dong-gu bat full of aromatic fragrance Shampoo Bar, Rinse Bar, Kitchen Soap, Bath Soap, Dog Soap It is a place where soaps are produced that are good in value and environmentally friendly. Social enterprise with 20 developmentally disabled and 12 non-disabled people Dog Shampoo Bar Made of Natural Ingredients Rinse bars to see the disadvantages of shampoo bars Menthol Shampoo Bar for Summer Use Oily Scalp Variety, Good Acidic Shampoo Bar If you are looking for a meaningful gift for the holiday season, dong-gu bat is recommended. It can protect the environment from the environment and support social enterprise. A meaningful gift will last a long time. I wish you a warm holiday season. Thank you for visiting and watching the channel this year. Next year, I will come back with an advanced video.

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  1. 래교님 에센스 너무 좋고 비누 향도 장난아니에요 저 진짜 만드는거 배우고 싶은데 이게 가격이 궁금해요 비싸면 부담이라.. ㅠ

  2. 오랫만에 와보니 새로운 도전을 하고 계시군요 ^^&
    멋지네여 만들어 쓰는 화장품이라 ^^&

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