Superficial Fascia Release to take Your Facial Exercises to the Next Level | FACEROBICS®

Superficial Fascia Release to take Your Facial Exercises to the Next Level | FACEROBICS®

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  1. Hi Peta! Your facial exercises are great and so are you!!🌹
    If a person is has a nut allergy, what oil can she use instead of almond oil? Thank you.
    I'm from Malaysia.

  2. Great Peta thank you so much. ..was waiting for it since your last video….Will definitely start this gorgeous routine from tonight on

  3. Thank you you very much Peta… I think I will be less wrinkled in the morning by doing this at night thank you and God Bless from Annie Stewart Victoria😇💜💛

  4. Hi peta i m recently finish all face exercise routine but i hv little saggy jaws what exercise now i can do and plz tell me this exercise which time i can do …

  5. Hey Ms. Peta, do you think your techniques would work on a younger person? I'm 18 and my the midsection of my face is rather gaunt. Wondering if you think building muscle would work on someone who hasn't really had upper cheeks since early childhood.

  6. So… we do these release exercises before bed and then again in AM just before doing facial exercises or before bed and then do facial exercises in AM ?

  7. OH Peta, am loving this!! Have always done my exercises before bedtime, am sooo excited
    to add this. I can certainly see and tell by you showing step by step, how relaxing it will be and helpful for the next step of the actual facial exercises!!!! Yeay, will get back to you soon!! I swear Peta, you look more Gorgeous every time I see you…thanks so very much, you have changed my life !! I love you so much not only for the gift of facial care, but for the Beautiful Soul you truly are!!!! xxxx

  8. Just one question please Peta, when you say 20 times, do you count to the ear AND back as one? Or to the ear one, and then back two.
    It’s a good job we are doing this before bedtime because of the state of my hair when I had finished 😜😜
    Thank for sharing Xx

  9. Ooo …. I always did the exercises before I got up in the morning.
    And when I go to bed and my head feels the pillow, I already sleep or I want to go into the arms of my boyfriend …
    So big changes, I hope I succeed, I find it very difficult to implement this change.
    Are you doing this massage in the bathroom and the rest lying in your bed afterwards?
    Maybe it can also be around 6 after work?

  10. well sweetie, you just look younger and more beautiful as the years go by. I've been following you for a good while and also check out videos on yoga facial exercises. I must say that my friends too remark how young I look for my age and strangely when you look younger, your body automatically follows and behaves younger. My shoulders don't droop anymore and I've started to skip…For a 68 year old that's wild. Ten years ago I couldn't lift my legs to skip. Now I jog a bit in the morning and try to walk to town…keeps the air cleaner in my town…and recently put up a music video with animation that takes a lot of concentration, another feature that had gone done considerably earlier and now seems not to be such a problem…what can I say? I've rejuvenated! You can see my new release on my channel and see the energy required for such a project….So thanks to you and others like you advising us to stay away from the surgeon's knife and benefit immensely from plumping up our faces with just muscle build up on the face and facial gentle workouts, some of us are having a new lease on life. Love the way your videos are photographed. Very professional, and the white background sets off your lovely dark hair and lovelier face beautifully…no wonder we cannot stay away from your channel…lots of love xxx

  11. Hi peta ,Ma'am i have aa question for u ? does lying down on bed with the head hanging down on the edge increase circulation to head ? later doing slight head massage is helpful in hair growth

  12. Just a little confusion; must you do the exercises directly after the release? How much time between the exercises and facial massage? I would like to figure out how I can make all my routines work together in the best way. Also, counting to 20, is it back and forth, or just one direction?

  13. I'm having an allergy to almonds so is there any alternative? I do use coconut oil as my moisturizer after showering. Do you have at least one alternative you could offer? Thank you

  14. Question what does it mean when an oil detox es your face? I am just curious. I will use almond oil for the release. I use coconut oil a lot I love it. If it’s bad maybe I should stop

  15. Also at night do you keep the almond oil on at night or rinse off and use regular night moisturiser from Annie Stewart Melbourne

  16. hey peta, great video thank you! one question for ultra clarification. Is your recommendation to do the superficial fascia release before you sleep and THEN the facial exercises immediately after? i ask because i generally do these exercise in the morning. i can switch no problem but i have more energy in the am.

  17. Hi Peta. .I did add this to evening skin care routine following with the exercises..feels so soothing ..your video is well explained and very clear. .just one question. .did you say other oils detox the skin? I thought detox is a good thing. .???? Can you please explain why we should avoid it? Thank you ♡

  18. Hello! I just found your channel and a I love it! But I don't know with which routine I should start. I have never done face exercises and I'd like work all my face but specially around my mouth. So can you help me please 🙏with which routine I should start? And how many times and days it is fine to do it? Thanks 😊

  19. Hi Peta, i have been doing your facial exercises for 2 years now, however, i,m a little confused. I have been completing series 1,2,3 , you stated previously to rest a week after each series, also in some tutorials you say exercise 4 days then rest 2 days , then series 4,5,6,was introduced recently with the gym you exercise for for 6 days including massage & 30 rep each exercise on the 6th day, now this 6 minute routine is added, please please can you tell me exactly what to do as i am now totally lost. 🙁

  20. AWESOME. Thanks you so much for doing this. I reviewed this video yesterday and then noticed how relaxed my face and neck felt. After I did my exercises, I could really for the first time feel that I actually did something. I was getting discouraged before this, but now that I can feel the exercises, I will keep going because I know that the exercises really work. So exited to move on to the next level.

  21. OoOo your hair is so long. I love it!
    I just did this for the first time (used my fingers) will get the pads and oil soon. Also taking your recommendation and switching from morning to night. I think this will work better for me too. Thank you for sharing this.

  22. Annie Stewart again… I found the almond oil amazing… I am on my 2nd week with series 1 and the fascia release made a real difference… To the exercises and I look a lot better and fresher and skin feels fresher.. Also I have been doing it at night and soaking my feet while I do it.. It's so relaxing thank you… Love Annie💝

  23. Another thing worth mentioning my husband asked me just to do the fascia massage at the back.. He said he noticed his face was soft all day… Just from doing the back of head etc… Coming from a man I felt it was worth mentioning love Annie Stewart Melbourne

  24. Dear Peta,Two years ago I had ultrasound and radio therapy and it completely
    ruined the area under my chin and neck. The therapist destroyed my old collagen
    but the new one failed to generate and I was left with ugly vertical lines
    under my chin and flabby saggy "deflated" upper neck. Then I found
    your website and started following your program. I did 5 series twice (which
    took me more than a year) and am now learning series No 6. Unfortunately, the
    above mentioned area didn't improve and looks worse with every day. I am very
    miserable and thinking about a plastic surgery. In case I go for it, will it be
    possible for me to go on with your facial exercises? I know that surgery
    results don't last more than 5 years, but can exercises help in such case? I
    wish I found your exercises before this horrible ultrasound therapy…. Thanks in

  25. Hi Peta, I am coming to the end of your level 1 moderate level tom(100 count), can you please help to clarify the below concern/observation?
    1. When I started the exercise I can see the result immediate where my face looks more plumped fm my sagging skin and wider facial contour after each time I did the exercise which I like. At one stage my face look narrower & sagging. But towards the end of 2week, the result is much lesser & so I move on to moderate level (serial 1) after 2week hoping to see the same plump results I saw. Ironically, I don’t see much changes since I did moderate level(indeed seeing cheek, around the mouth area & around jawline bit sagging, eye bag remain & eye cannot look bigger like when I started the exercise & overall no fresh look after exercise like I experience before, can this consider overexercise as I have small face (petite size basically)? should I move to serial 2 (50 count) without doing the serial 1 strong level of 150? or continue with serial 1 strong level? What is your recommendation?

    2. In the serial 1, the 2nd last exercise working on the masseter muscle where you mentioned it may work either way for TMJ. I used to have clicking sound when I open my mouth wider and it’s gone shortly after I start this exercise so I carry on with this in my moderate level. I am noticing receding gum & sensitivity lately. Any idea if this particular exercise can cause receding gum problem any chance or merely coincidence? I have late night consecutively lately. Would you suggest me to do alternative exercise for this muscle in replacement of this or no?

    3. I somehow skip exercise last night. I am going to do this video before exercise this morning. Can I do it again at night today so that I can switch to night exercise routine instead onwards ?

    Sorry for the long text… Much thanks & love your detail work & professionalism in your video. Makes me feel save w you, thank you again for your advise 🙏🏼

  26. Wow peta I've been doing this for a week and the week before when you did the 1st fascia video I looked up exercises to release it and it has really helped but no hv to say this particular way has been so much more effective! I was wondering could I do this more than once a day? I've done it in the a.m. as well just bc it feels great tho I do the exercise at night w the fascia release, just didn't wanna cause damage…

  27. Yes thank you. I didn't do the release last night and woke up looking a mess… Definitely worth the effort.. Like everything in this life… Takes self discipline… Just doing my exercises now. And looking better… Thanks for caring😘

  28. Hi i am staring your facerobics today , i taked a foto from my face , in a few weeks i will take another foto from my face , i will send you , you look so younger , thanks for share ❤🎉🌹

  29. Thank you Peta for sharing this. I am time poor and completely tired in the evenings. If I add another 10 to 15 minutes to my routine, may I do the new routine around 5 in the evening? I’ve been doing the exercises in the am. I am concerned that I won’t do it if I wait until bedtime. Is 5 pm better than am? Should I see positive results in approximately 6 weeks?

  30. Hi Peta, there has been a revolution at Facerobics, you've made yet another genius discovery. Releasing fascia is so simple but makes a big difference. I'm curious if doing release and exercises before bed if all the good toning work will be ruined throughout the night because I am sure I make dreadful faces in my sleep, and by morning time I will look scary going into my day without doing your exercises first thing when I wake up.

  31. Peta I’m losing a lot of weight in my face from exercising will this all balance out? Like when you exercise your body? I feel I’m at this awkward stage.

  32. Thank you my dearest Peta,you certainly have made a change in me and alll thanks to you, last night was my second time trying fascia release before bed time and I can see the difference my dear .Its morning here now in Athens and its been 2 hours that I got in the office…The compliments today unbelievable such as ' Eva what have you done?? ' 'you look so fresh the long vacation did you good..'eventhough my husbandthis morning which was 2 hours ago told me'you must have slept well last night you look so beautiful'.Got ready left my house went to the office and now Iam at work, and the compliments are more than I expected my dearest Peta…Had to stop working now to comment couldnt help myself now!!! thank you for the input just told a coworker lady my secret and she cant wait to check your program once she gets home..I must telll you how blessed I feel having you in my life !! You are amazing beauty inside out, and always there for all of us..Thank you so much my beautiful soul xx

  33. Hi, thanks for the helpful videos. Can I do this step straight after the facial exercises? If someone has had forehead botox done can they carry on with these exercises?

  34. Thank you so much. I want to write a review for you. I have been doing Your facial exercises for 1 month and the difference is visible in pictures! I am a 31 year old female and due to severe health issues over the last decade my skin was aging, dull and saggy. I'm not kidding, in 1 month I've made the kind of progress I wouldn't expect to see for 6 months. Cheeks full and lifted, nasolabial lines diminished (this was my biggest problem), eyes symmetrical and more 'open', skin better than it has Ever been and my neck which was starting to sag is now completely toned. I am so delighted and full of gratitude for what you have gifted me, this has changed my life and boosted my confidence to a whole new level, now the health issues I have battled with no longer stare me in the face when I look in the mirror… instead I see me.

  35. 1. Dear Peta, you never replied to my second message below in reply to your answer. I am interested to hear your opinion.2. Regarding the fascia release, can we do less repetitions? For example, just follow your video without adding repetitions. When I do less repetitions I still feel the benefits but it is much easier to incorporate into face exercise routine. Adding extra 15 minutes is pretty difficult for full time workers…..

  36. Sweet Peta iz it must to do it daily before face exercises nd 4 so long.minimum how many times per week?As it takes about 1 hr or more with series6 whiich iz hard to maintain for daily basis.thanks nd regards.

  37. Hi, Miss Peta. I just started the program, finished all series 1 and feel absolutely delighted with the results so far. I started series 2, but my question is: do I have to take 1 Week rest between series?

    Also I would like to thank you cause you have changed my life. I turned 41, I always had a great skin, but my facial features were changing in the last 2 years (I went through a very bad period in my life) to the point that my face expression was almost unrecognizable to myself. Thanks to you, Im starting to feel pretty and secure again , Im going back to who I was and recognising myself again in the mirror. Thank you so much. I also bought the device and I cant believe how good it is. I send you much love from Spain. Xxxx

  38. It was sweet almond oil I couldn't tolerate, it made my skin sensitive/itchy, is there a difference between sweet almond oil and almond oil? Thank you Jo xxx

  39. Love you!!! Have you ever heard of CFR? Cranial Facial Release? If you have, I was wondering what your thoughts were on it. I've seen pictures of people before and after and it looked miraculous. XOXO my favorite YouTuber! 💖💖💖

  40. I just wanted to let you know Peta, that this is helping with facial pain/tightness that so often comes from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, it seems to release all the tension, it feels so much better! It is also very relaxing and has now become a permanent part of my facial routine. Thank you so much, you truly are wonderful xxx

  41. I don't know if it is ok, but I hold back the skin a little to do this massage on my eyes. I think it's easier that way

  42. I don't understand why it only takes me a minute or 2…not 5-6 min to do the scalp massage. I'm doing 20 each in the same pace you demonstrate. Any tips?

  43. After including this into my evening facerobics routine (I’m at series 2-2) I seriously look younger. Eyes brighter. Skin plump, my eye lashes have even grown thicker from this..I think its from this. Now I’m hoping this fascia release will help hair regrow thicker in thinning areas. I’ll keep you updated on results!

  44. Hello ! I discover your channel 2 days ago and i am a beginer but I am hapoy here with you and the group. I feel it work for me . Love from Romania ❤❤

  45. Hello Peta, OMG i have just done your neck massage for the first time, I am about to go onto 100 reps on series 1, so my third week tomorrow (today should have been my day of rest but did not get round to doing the massage yesterday), anyway it was wonderful thank you I feel amazing and am about to go to bed feeling very very relaxed. I will do this with the face one as you mentioned you could do both next week. I have a question which I hope is not too silly. I am going to start doing my exercises of an evening now as you mentioned this Superficial Fascia before the exercises and I wont have time before work in the morning. My question is, I normally come home, take make up off and cleanse, tone, moisturise etc. If I do that and then do this before bed I will be "taking off" my moisturiser etc. How would you recommend I do this. Should I just cleanse and tone, then once I have done the Superficial and then the exercises, finish off with my serum and moisturise, or will I need to take the Almond oil off , so cleanse tone etc. I dont want to do the exercise with make up on as I feel this wont be good for my skin. Sorry for the long comment and thank you again for bringing these wonderful exercises etc to us xx

  46. I just finished the 6 weeks of series 1. I want my face to look as healthy and fit as yours. It si never late. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  47. I hope so much ! I Just begin yours exercices ! mais pas facile je comprends I must do It that before exercices n est ce pas..merci de me répondre. .I believe in you…Thanks de France

  48. Hello Peta I just had to tell you. I have being this for a while now before my exercises and often wondered if it would make a difference to me personally. Well tonight once I had done it I looked at my cotton pad and it was filthy and I suddenly realised I had forgotten to take my make up off . I immediately cleansed my face and I do this by rubbing my cleanser in with my hands. Well I have never felt my skin feel like it did. It was like a baby;s skin, so so soft but more importantly it was like putty – if that makes sense, it was squidgy and plump like I was 2 months old, not like my normal 49 year old face lol. I will now enjoy doing the facia release a lot lot more knowing what it is doing for me thank you xx

  49. I have noticed my cheeks are starting to look a bit better. As yet, lines by mouth downwards nothing has happened, guess that will take longer!! Will continue the regime, this is my first week. Many thanks Peta.

  50. HI Peta, I completely understand this and have been doing this is the evening for a long time now along with my exercises. I also understand this has to be done before the exercise. I am now going to have to do my exercises in the morning and will not be able to do the release before them. If I did the release in the evening, and exercise in the morning, i understand I am not meant to but would it cause problems with the face do you think, or would it help a bit or be completely pointless. Just want to know whether I need to give the release up totally as cant do them before my exercise in the morning, or do the release in the evening on its own as it may make a little difference. Thank you Peta.

  51. Sorry I couldn’t understand what you said. Other oils besides almond oil will detox your skin? If that’s the case then why wouldn’t you want your skin detoxed. I am a little confused. I do love almond oil because of the silky feeling and look.

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