Surgery Hope For Man With Giant Facial Tumour: BORN DIFFERENT

KRISTINA ALLEN: I hope we can get people around the world to help Ashok and hopefully we can
get him better as soon as we can. COMM: 54-year-old Ashok has a life threatening facial tumour that’s been slowly growing since birth. COMM: Having seen numerous doctors and endured four failed surgeries, treatment for his condition may finally be within reach. COMM: Ashok is trying to raise money to pay for surgery in the USA with a little help from his friends. KRISTINA ALLEN: As I was being driven to school, I would see him pretty much every day and
I just used to feel so sorry for him. I used to kind of look at him and wonder what the
matter was and wish I could somehow help. This last Christmas I went home and I set
up a ‘GoFundMe’ account and we’ve raised £11,000 pounds so far and hope to raise more as the treatment is gonna cost around £30,000.

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