Taking a Look at Cruelty-free Vegan K-Beauty Cosmetics 2020

Taking a Look at Cruelty-free Vegan K-Beauty Cosmetics 2020

Hi everyone, it’s me Heiley. Here we are at the beginning of 2020. In Korea, 2020 is known as Gyeongja Year(庚子年) which means it’s the year of the ‘White Rat.’ But, why a White Rat? This is related to the Chinese 60 year calendar cycle based on the combinations of a cycle of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches. Among the 10 heavenly stems, Gyeong(庚) represents Metal within the 5 elements. It’s also said that Metal represents ‘White.’ Among the five elements, metal is also regarded as the strongest element among the five. Hence, Gyeongja Year is also called ‘The Year of the Strong White Rats.’ But, when I hear the term ‘White Rats,’ I can’t help but think of those white rats used for experiments. It’s said that the amount of rats that have died from experimentation has reached up to 600 million. Although many lives have been saved at the expense of the lives of so many animals, I can’t help but squint when thinking about the animals sacrificed in experiments. Therefore, for today’s video I want to at products that has never gone through any animal experimentation. Vegan Products. I brought with me some basic products and makeup products. The first product we’ll be taking a look at is APIEU’s Clear Hydrating Toner. This toner is said to be an Essence Toner which soothes
sensitive skin while also clearing and firming it up. With its light water toner texture While it’s hydrating like an essence It holds in moisture for a long time Making it a product made for the first step of a solid skin care routine. This product is made with EWG Green Grade ingredients, so you it is a product that you can use with confidence. It is said that this product contains Scots Pine bud extract, and germinated bud complex To provide moist calming care to your skin. Being that it’s a watery formula, it is also great for cleaning your skin. Whether you use this toner as a Toner Pack Or by tapping it on with a toner soaked cotton pad, It’ll provide your skin with a fully hydrated and calming sensation. Next up is Innisfree’s Veggie Water Toning Ampoule. This ampoule is full of nutrients of vegetables from Jeju Island, that restores the skin’s natural vitality and healthy glow. It’s a light liquid ampoule that is nourishing and absorbs quickly. By forming a moisture barrier on the skin to hold in the
nutrients and moisture tightly in to the skin It’s a product that’ll provide the skin full of moisture. This is an ampoule that works to cleanse irritated skin with the vitamin and mineral rich nutrients from Jeju Island, And balance a healthy skin rhythm, and oil and moisture balance. You can use this by applying three to four drops of this in the essence stage, after you have applied your toner. As an ampoule that is extremely moisturizing, You can firm up your skin by applying it on in a succession of 3 layers back to back. Next up. We have Innisfree’s Simple Label Tinted Moisturizer. While this can be used like a gentle and moist physical sunscreen, It’s a daily tone-up base that boasts a strong UV protection Index. It has a nutritious moist formulation that feels soft and firm. Released in three tones, You can choose a tinted moisturizer that suits your skin tone best. It’s said that this contains Jeju Hydrangea Leaf Extract which contains soothing properties To care for skin from external stimuli. The coverage provided is much better than I thought. It has a firm textured application and smooth finish Making it even a good substitute for foundations. Before using this, make sure to shake it lightly before applying on an appropriate amount. If you want to apply it on thinly for a natural tone up effect, it would be a good idea to apply it on with a brush. If you want a more proper coverage that’s stronger lasting, then it’s best to apply it with a puff. Next, we have a product by Dear Dahlia. As Dear Dahlia is a vegan brand, I’ll be introducing a few of their products. First, let me show you a glitter that I have been using the most often recently. It’s an impressive liquid type glitter shadow with a large applicator. It’s a sequined glitter shadow that combines delicate pearls with gorgeous glitters to create a fantastic shine. What amazed me was that this glittering glitter shadow is actually a vegan product. The application is soft, and spreads easily In addition, the longevity of it was also pretty good. When applying it on wide areas like the eye, You can simply spread it with your finger after applying it on with the applicator. When applying it on the narrow areas, You can pick up the product on the tip of a brush to apply it on delicately. The next product is Dear Dahlia’s Timeless Bloom Collection Palette. It’s said that this Dear Dahlia’s Signature Eyeshadow Collection Was inspired by the timeless beauty of Dahlia flowers. It’s an impressive eyeshadow palette containing eight neutral shades. This is an eyeshadow palette of vivid colors with a wet and dry formula. These eyeshadows apply on smoothly and sits closely on your skin, giving you long lasting vivid colors. Consisting of neutral tones, It’s a great eyeshadow palette that can be used at anytime, anywhere. I used this palette to create a simple look. Using Daydream as the base color, Lady Gray for a slight shade, And then after using Cinnamon Cloud for a deeper shade, I use Velvet Copper to draw and set the line of my eyeline. I created a neutral glam look. Finally, this is Dear Dahlia’s Lip Paradise Effortless Matte Lipstick Collection Set. These are soft textured high color lipsticks that slide on your lips as if they are melting on your lips with a single touch. While the application is soft and moist, It has an airy matte texture showing off a smooth finish. From nudy to vivid colors, it is a diverse collection of colorful lipsticks. If you like matte lipsticks, you can’t help but to fall in love with them. Even for someone like me whose lips are usually dry and tend to avoid matte lips, this was a high color lipstick that I was able to use comfortably. These lipsticks will look beautiful even if you rub them with your finger After having lightly applied them on the lips. They look so attractive even when applied on full lip When I think of Matte lipsticks these days, the ones that come to my mind are these Effortless Matte Lipsticks. And like this, right at the year of the white rat 2020, I’ve gone and introduced numerous vegan products for you all. I wanted find more vegan brands and vegan products, My search didn’t discover as much as I thought I’d be able to. If you know of any vegan brands or vegan products, let me know in the comments below. Today’s video ends here, I hope you enjoyed today’s video If you liked the video, please press the “Like” button. Don’t forget to subscribe And please leave a comment. I’ll see everyone in my next video. See you all next time, Bye!

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  1. this is a wonderful idea, but many of these brands sell in china where animal testing is required by law 🙁 so they are not fully cruelty-free.

  2. It's kinda difficult to find Korean beauty products that are cruelty free. So, thank you so much for making a video like this!

  3. Thanks for this but how about aromatica?? Im eyeing thier rose serum and lively hyaluronic toner??? Please make a review new subbieeee

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