The Baggy Method | How To Moisturize The Ends of Natural Hair

The Baggy Method | How To Moisturize The Ends of Natural Hair

Natural Hair Tutorial | The Baggy Method Hey guys. So, this video is about the baggy
method. As you can see, I am showing you guys my ends so you can get an idea of what the
end of my hair looks like. Before I did this method, they looked dry
and could definitely, definitely use some TLC. I am going to go ahead and section my hair
off in a row, and I get my spray bottle and spray a little in my hand, not much. I�ll
go ahead and apply the water, not much, again I am twisting my hair dry and I use Shea butter
to seal the moisture in. Next, I am grabbing some saran wrap to wrap
the stuff in. Usually, I use a sandwich bag, but I did not have a sandwich bag. I had to
pretty much make my own bag. Go ahead and tie it up to make sure it is sealed tight
so you have all that moisture that you are going to need over night. Go ahead and repeat
the same steps over each part of your hair. Okay, I am all done. I chose to do it in four
sections in this direction. You can put it all up in a pony tail if you want too. So, I am going to put my bonnet on for the
night, and I am off to bed. See you in the morning. Okay, so you have taken them all out, and
I am showing you guys� Sorry it wasn�t better than this because� Anyways, to show you the difference in my
hair, you can see that it is curlier. You can see it has definitely taken in more shape
at the ends as opposed to before when it was all frizzy and stuff like that. Now, it has curls because it is moisturized.
Yeah guys, I hope you guys can see the difference like I can. I decided to throw my hair in
a quick up-dew for the day. Umm, it was just my choice because it was supposed to be a
twist off but it�s just a quick style for you guys. Okay, well that�s it guys. I hope this material
was helpful. If you have ever used the baggy method or plan on using it, let me know in
the comments section below. And I will see you guys later. Bye.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Im getting back in the habit of doing it at least 3 times a week. It's really up to you how often you want to do it!

  2. I'm definitely gonna try this…my end look fried and thus looks way better than conditioning every couple of days…how often do you use this treatment?

  3. You can use it as often and as much as you like. WHen i first started doing it, i would do it every night. Now i have scaled back to 3 times a week

  4. I've used the baggy method before but on my whole head. This make makes sense if you just want to do your ends. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey gorgeous! Quick tip, if your eyes pop don't put too much blush on your cheeks. Be light handed because then you won't look like a clown (not saying you do/did). Cheeks should pop if your eyes are nude. Don't want to draw too much attention everywhere all at once. Stay blessed!

  6. I have dull, dry and unruly as well frizzy hair..I have researched and got to know that ArganLife professional hair care product from is useful in taming frizzy hair, and to make my hair grow faster. It is also Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free.In the past , i have invested a lot of money in buying different products but haven't got any better results than ArganLifeI hope this helps.

  7. Nice video! I will def be trying on my ends because they are just so thick and unruly! When I do twist in my hair the ends never curl up completely! It's in a defined curl all the way until the end then it just looks like a bubble at the bottom! Hopefully this bagging method helps thanks!

  8. I will definitely be doing this! I feel like my hair has come to a stand still where growth is concerned and I knew it was because of my ends being weathered. I didn't know how to combat that, but this is a great idea! Thanks!

  9. you may have stated what the two items were that you used at the end of your hair (unable to listen to video at the moment can only watch) But what was the two products that you put on the end of your hair before you warped it up

  10. Do you think this baggy method will eliminate the need to trim the ends?  My ends are/were horrible so I dust them.  I'm now wondering if this method will save me from trimming so often.

  11. I definitely want to do this,is there an alternative to the shea butter? Or should I get some shea butter & do it right?My ends look like that at the end of my twist too.I enjoyed the video

  12. Thank you for your tutorial! I love your hair, especially at the end. I am currently transitioning my hair and watches these videos gives me life! Thanks again.

  13. Do you still use the baggy method? I wanted to know if your hair ends became overly moisturized from this method.

  14. returned to this method, think ill do it all winter long. All I do is wear a cap from fall to spring anyway  so I might as well keep my ends moist under my doo-rag and cap. Full head GHE is good but I seem to over-moisturize

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