hey everyone, it’s Kim Dao here! Welcome back
to my channel in today’s video I have the top 10 japanese makeup products that
you must buy if you come to Japan Japanese makeup is well known around the world to be very high quality, and the price isn’t too bad. The problem is when you
come to Japan you might be overwhelmed at how many makeup items there are, so in today’s video I have decided to show you guys the top 10 items that have won numerous
awards so you guys will know what to buy when you come to Japan! If you guys want
to find out more information about the items such as where to buy the items and
how much it out check out the link below and Odigo Travel. In this video I’m going
to show you that items and give you a mini-review as well as using the items.
So you guys will see what difference it makes on to your face. First item is a
foundation this is an Integrate mineral water foundation N. While I was
researching for the best foundations I somehow got really interested in this
Integrate foundation. It’s won numerous awards. When you first feel the product it
is very watery so when i first tried it be honest I didn’t think that it would
have a lot of coverage at all but when i applied onto my face with a sponge I thought the coverage was amazing. I
would say this is a light to medium coverage and it is quite buildable. so I’m actually wearing it right now and
i found it doesn’t feel very cakey on my face is very light and what I like about
it is that it gives your face quite a glow so this foundation comes in four
different shades i got the second darkest shade. The texture is very light and I
feel that my face can still breathe through the foundation. I found out after using the
foundation it has evened out my skin tone so much and also brighten up my
complexion. Another good thing about this foundation is that there’s no fragrances
to it. So when I tried this foundation i was pleasantly surprised because it
worked so much better than I thought and I can see why it has won so many awards.
It makes my face look flawless and i feel that i don’t have to put that much
on my face. It also blends very easily. One thing i love about it is that it’s so
small so it’s very easy to carry around with you. I guess it’s a bit of a minus
because it is quite smal,l but the price was so cheap that it was worth it anyway.
i have tested this product throughout the day and yes, it does last the whole entire day. So
this is definitely a must-have foundation if you’re looking
for something very cheap and very effective, Next item is an eyeshadow
palette, and this is a Lunasol Germinate Eyes. And I got this in number 05 Ruby.
I’ve tried many Japanese eyeshadows before and I mean, some of them are good
but I’ve never been blown away with any of the eyeshadows. I find most of the
time they are very shimmery but also very chalky. But while researching, I found
that Lunasol has won so many awards of their eyeshadows so i decided to check
it out myself. yes, Lunasol is a high-end brand so the
product is a lot more expensive than most eyeshadows. But while i was testing
it out i kn ew it was worth and why it was so good because the texture was
amazing it’s so creamy and the pigmentation was
so good the specific palette I picked out, yes, it
is still very shimmery but i actually really like shimmery eyeshadows. I found
that I shadows in this palette was super easy to blend. That was a problem that I
had with a lot Japanese eyeshadows, it was very hard to blend but this one, it’s so
easy and so this smooth on to your eyes. I found the packaging was absolutely
gorgeous so it’s very simple but sleek as the colors are very easy to blend are
so many looks like you can make this palette as you can see with the swatches
it’s very pigmented even though the eyeshadow palette is very pricey i think
it is worth it because i feel that this is something that i am going to be using
everyday for at the fall season. Next item is an eyeliner and this is the Mote
liner brown black eyeliner. So as many of you guys already know Japan is very
well known for their liquid eyeliners I’ve always use Japanese liquid
eyeliners because i find they are very good quality and also not too expensive I’ve tried many different liquid
eyeliners before and this by far is one of the best that i have tried out and
like all the other products i’m going to show you this video this item has won
many awards. So I find this eyeliner is very easy to apply and it’s really easy to
control unlike a lot of other eyeliners. It’s got a very simple
packaging but what I like about it, is that the grip is a lot better than other
islands i have tried out. As you can see it’s going very smooth application and
it dries very quickly so once it dries it’s smudge proof. Also another thing I
like about the brush is that it’s very soft so I find it applies very smoothly
on to your eyes. It’s also not too expensive so for the price it’s a very
good product Next item is an eyebrow mascara and this is Excel eyebrow mascara. So
Japan is very well known for the eyebrows mascaras and to be honest I never
really like them that much mainly because a lot of the ones i have tried
they have too many glitters in them and it just makes my eyebrows look strange
so I never really use them that much but I tried out this one from Excel and I
am so in love it as you can see the application is so easy and quick. I’m
wearing out right now and i got this in color BN04. I feel this color
matches really well with my hair so my original eyebrow color is black and it’s
amazing how the brown shows up really well on my hairs . I also find this Product
last the whole day, your eyebrows would not budge when you put this on it’s also really cheap so i definitely
recommend this if you already have full brows like me but you just want a little
bit of coverage on them. Next i have a mascara by Canmake and this is they Canmake flaring curl mascara. I gotta be honest when I first found out this product won so
many awards I was always wondering why the packaging looks quite cheap to be
honest so that’s why I didn’t really believe in this product but since it won
so many awards i thought i would try it out for myself to see how it was. and oh
my gosh I can’t believe that i never tried it out before! This was probably
the cheapest mascara i have ever bought I was still very unsure on how good the
mascara actually is because of the price the brush there’s really nothing that
special to work it is the little bit curved so it makes application of them
mascara a little bit easier. But what is amazing about this mascara is it so lightweight
on your lashes and the lengthening is amazing. I’ve got really short asian
lashes so as soon as I applied this on my eyelashes I was so surprised at how
long my eyelashes were. I love having longer lashes because i really don’t
like wearing false lashes a lot and seriously when wearing this item, i feel
that i don’t have to wear false lashes it is waterproof but i find it is also
not too hard to remove. One thing I didn’t like about Japanese mascaras is
that they are very very difficult to remove sometimes. But I found this one
wasn’t too hard to remove at all another thing about this mascara is that
it’s oil based so when you use a cleansing oil to remove the mascara it
works very very well so if you’re looking for a mascara with great lengthening and really cheap, definitely check this one out, this is amazing and i feel
that i’m going to repurchase this afterwards.Next is another mascara and
this is a Heroine Make long and curl mascara super waterproof. Now this
product has been very famous in Japan for quite a while now, the previous
packaging used to be a really hot pink now it’s a silver and black I do like the new packaging more it’s
a lot more sleek. so for sure they have improved the packaging on this mascara. Now
this one was a bit more expensive than the Canmake mascara but to be honest I
feel that they do quite a similar job and I canmake mascara it’s got a curved
brush to make application a bit more easier. And this mascara does hold
to curl very well so it holds my curl the whole entire day. This mascara has won
many awards as well in the past and I can see why it is an amazing mascara and
it provides more volume than the Canmake mascara. So next i’m going to move
on to blush and the first one is the Ettusais heart cheek color. I’ve actually
used a few of these cheek colors from Ettusais before and I really really love
them the thing I like about it is that the
packaging is so small and cute and also it’s very convenient because if you just
kind of open up the thing at the bottom there is a little puff and you can use
this puff to apply your blush so you don’t get your hands dirty it comes in a wide range of different
colors I really like how pigmented it is i also like has got a bit of lighter
colors in it as well so brightens up your face it’s a little bit pricey for a
drugstore blush but I find that it’ll last you so long anyway I still have my
blush from about three years ago and I still haven’t finished it yet so
definitely it’s worth investment. Next blush has won so many awards and this is the Canmake cream cheek blush. This blush has been around for years, and year after
year they still win awards on this blush it is one of the cheapest brushes that
you can get, i love the packaging it is very small so it’s very convenient to
carry around with you. It is a cream blush so when you apply you have to use
your fingers but i absolutely love the formula of the blush. When you blend it on
to your cheeks it’s blends amazing so if you’re on a budget then definitely you need to
check this out it’s probably the cheapest blush you can get out there and
the quality is amazing for the price. Now I got lipstick to show you so this is that Shiseido Maquillage dramatic rouge. What I love about this lipstick is that has a
wide range of colors and when you apply on your lips oh my gosh guys it is so creamy! it is so
hydrating and I find that my lips shine when I put this lipstick on I find when i apply this lipstick my
lips instantly look a lot more healthier it is quite pricey for a drugstore brand
but seriously guys it is so worth over it. I feel that this is
probably the quality of a high-end lipstick. And item number 10 is the Canmake Your lip only gloss. Now guys this came out quite recently and it’s one so
many awards this lipgloss is very unique so, as you can see it’s a clear color and
a unique thing is when you apply onto your lips it’s clear but then after
about 30 seconds it changes to a really pretty pink color. I’ve heard that this lip
gloss looks different on every person so definitely guys it is something that
you have to try out! it is so cheap for this lipgloss as well as a very
moisturizing lip gloss is not sticky at all. I absolutely love the pink color it
gives out it’s very flattering and I can see why it’s won so many awards, it’s an
amazing lip gloss alright guys that’s all for this video
hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully it was helpful. The 10 products i just
showed you was what i found after doing a lot of research on japanese makeup and
I can see why all of these items have won so many awards they
are all absolutely amazing. Best thing is most of these products are drugstore
brands and they are also super cheap so I feel you’re getting very high quality
makeup possible a very cheap price. Once again if you guys want to find out more
information on where to buy these products and how much they are check out the blog post below at Odigo Travel. Thumbs up this video if you like Japanese makeup and subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t yet. Also subscribe to my vlog channel if you want to see what I get
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