The Truth About The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Line Revealed

The Truth About The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Line Revealed

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most influential
beauty vloggers on YouTube. In 2019, Hill answered fan demand by releasing
her own cosmetics line. While the line was hotly anticipated, Hill’s
makeup launch quickly became one of the biggest scandals to hit YouTube’s beauty community. Here’s the truth about Jaclyn Hill’s cosmetics
line. After a successful collaboration with Becca
Cosmetics, fans were hungry for Hill to create her own beauty line. The YouTube star initially announced she was
creating her own cosmetics brand, called Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, in 2015, with a goal to launch
the line in 2016. As Refinery29 reported in July 2015, the makeup
mogul made the announcement at a Becca welcome reception, explaining that she had been working
on the line for two years at the time, and she had been saving up for it with her own
funds rather than working with investors. Hill said, “I didn’t want people telling me what to do,
or controlling me. I wanted to make sure that I stayed true to
myself.” Hill went on to explain that the first products
of her line would be lipsticks, and they would come in glamorous packaging. While the news was exciting, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics
did not launch in 2016, and it would take three more years before it was released. In 2017, Hill collaborated with Morphe on
an eyeshadow palette. Like her partnership with Becca Cosmetics,
Hill’s Morphe release was a monumental success. According to Revelist, the YouTube star shared
the exciting news in a tweet, writing, “As of this week, we have officially sold
1 million Jaclyn Hill Palettes!” While Hill’s first project with Morphe was
a huge hit, her second collaboration with the brand was a dud. Initially set to release on June 26th, 2018,
Hill’s next Morphe palette, The Vault, was quickly delayed after receiving a negative
response from beauty influencers on YouTube. According to Cosmopolitan, Morphe recalled
the palette to fix issues, but some fans still complained about poor quality after the palette
was finally released in August 2018. Hill addressed the drama over her Vault collection
in a September 2018 YouTube video, expressing her sadness about the poor response and apologizing
to fans who felt she was shoving the Morphe brand down their throats. “The fact that these are not absolutely perfect,
it makes me very sad and I am so sorry if you are unhappy.” Lipstick line Hill initially teased she was creating her
own cosmetics line back in 2015, but, after she continued to focus on brand collaborations
with Morphe, it seemed as though the line was placed on the back-burner. That all changed when Hill gave fans a major
hint during an Instagram Q&A in January 2019. During the Q&A, a fan asked what the first
product in her cosmetics line would be. Hill coyly responded with a lipstick emoji
and a red lips emoji, as Bustle reported. The vague response sent fans into a tizzy
as they theorized about the kind of lipstick Hill would release. Hill remained mum on the topic as speculation
brewed throughout the beauty community. Then, according to Life and Style, Hill posted
a since-deleted video on her Instagram in May 2019 with the caption: “It’s really happening [Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics].” On May 23rd, 2019, Hill released a YouTube
video and announced that Jaclyn Cosmetics was finally happening. The emotional Hill was understandably excited
to share the news that one of her dreams was becoming a reality, and she revealed she was
kicking off her makeup line with a 20-shade nude lipstick collection. In the video, Hill recalled the exact moment
she decided she was going to create her own makeup line. She had been at a Mac store in the mall holding
a lipstick in her hand, telling herself that she’d have a brand of her own one day. “And at the time I was on food stamps, and
there was no brand in mind whatsoever.” The young makeup artist spent eight years
perfecting her brand and makeup line to deliver a product she was sure fans would love. “I don’t say anything with that much confidence,
but after several years, I finally have the confidence to say that this is an incredible
brand.” After Hill announced she was launching her
cosmetics line with a collection of nude lipsticks, excitement sparked throughout the internet. Fans wanted to know everything about the buttery
So Rich lipstick collection, and they were chomping at the bit to get their hands on
the long-awaited makeup products from their queen. Before long, the Jaclyn Cosmetics Instagram
account accrued over 500k followers. Within 24 hours of the launch, several of
the lipsticks sold out, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise to fans of the makeup maven;
her previous beauty launches with both Becca and Morphe also sold out quickly. Elated with fan reception, Jaclyn Cosmetics
shared a happy message on Instagram, saying, “THANK YOU to everyone who showed us so much
love today! We can’t wait to see you all wearing your
So Rich Lipsticks! And don’t worry, we have restocks coming really
soon.” After the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick collection
quickly sold out and received initial widespread praise, it seemed like Hill’s first product
launch from her own brand was a massive success. However, as fans began receiving their products,
the response became less than stellar. One by one, fans and beauty influencers around
the internet expressed their concerns and aired their complaints about the lipsticks,
and the criticism spread like wildfire across social media. On June 5th, 2019, a fan tweeted an image
of her lipstick, which appeared to have lumps in it. According to Refinery29, Hill responded in
a now-deleted tweet, saying, “You posted swatches 2 days ago loving the
lipsticks? Now you’re wondering why it’s lumpy? It’s obvious this lipstick is used & not fresh
from the factory. Like any other lipstick, if you use it over
other products, have dry lips, etc., things like this can happen.” While Hill denied there were issues with her
products, the concern from fans continued rolling in. Just two days later on June 7th, 2019, another
fan tweeted an image of her lipstick with a hard ball inside of it. There appeared to be problems with more than
just one product. As fan concern over Hill’s lipstick collection
continued popping up across social media, beauty influencers on YouTube began testing
the Jaclyn Cosmetics collection for themselves. YouTube star Raw Beauty Kristi provided an
in-depth look into the So Rich lipstick collection, and the results were upsetting. In a YouTube video posted on June 8th, 2019,
Kristi used a microscope to thoroughly examine the lipsticks and give viewers an up-close
look at the discrepancies with the products. Similar to fan complaints, she found hair,
bubbles, holes, and lumps within the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks. “Do I feel comfortable recommending these
to you off of my first impression? Absolutely not.” While she stated that the lipsticks look “incredible”
on Jaclyn, she repeated customers’ concerns. “The product itself is unstable and not quality-tested
in any way.” She also tweeted a photo of her hairy lipstick
with the caption, “All I can say is WTF.” There was no more denying that the lipsticks
were unsightly, and it prompted many fans to worry about the safety and sanitation of
the products. Raw Beauty Kristi’s YouTube video has been
viewed over 4 million times as of July 2019. Several other influencers have also shared
their insight regarding the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick collection. Still, Hill has continued to defend herself. She initially responded to Raw Beauty Kristi’s
tweet with the hairy lipstick picture, blaming the cosmetics lab for the issue and saying, “If any of you are receiving lipsticks like
this…please know that this is NOT hair! My factory used brand new white gloves to
do quality control & they shed all over my product! We switched to rubber gloves 2 days ago & will
make sure this never happens again.” Fellow beauty influencer and CEO of Makeup
Geek Marlena Stell tweeted a response, saying, “I’m going to get scorched for speaking out. WTF lab ever has used furry gloves?! In my 11 years I’ve never once seen furry
gloves on production floor. And why is that hair so damn long? If it was a furry glove it would be very slight
fuzz. And it’s embedded IN the lipstick.” Despite widespread criticism over the Jaclyn
Cosmetics lipstick collection, Hill stayed relatively silent, especially on her YouTube
channel. Her brand kept a brave face toward the media,
maintaining the product launch was a success and did not acknowledge that there was an
alleged widespread issue with the collection. In a statement shared with People on June
11th, 2019, Jaclyn Cosmetics said, “The response to the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics
has been incredible. Of the incredible volume of orders that were
placed at launch, we believe less than half of one percent of orders were impacted by
compromised product. We are actively reaching out to our customers
with questions and concerns…We love our customers and are proud of our successful
launch.” Jaclyn Cosmetics also responded to complaints
in a tweet posted on June 7th, 2019, explaining that high temperatures were to blame for some
of the lipstick defects in the collection. After numerous complaints about the quality
of the Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick collection flooded social media, Hill finally addressed
the controversy in a YouTube video titled, “My Lipsticks,” on June 12th, 2019. In the 14-minute video, a bare-faced Hill
opened up about what happened with the cosmetics lab, and she addressed concerns that her lipsticks
had been contaminated. “The first thing I want to address before
anything else is the accusation that my lipsticks are expired, moldy, or hazardous in any way,
shape, or form.” She claimed her lipsticks were not moldy,
hazardous, contaminated, or unsafe. She went on to explain that the “black holes”
people were seeing in the lipsticks were actually “oxygen bubbles,” not mold. As for the hair found in the lipsticks? Hill claimed that it isn’t actually hair but
rather fuzz from the white gloves worn by workers at the lab. Hill has since cut ties with that cosmetics
lab and urged anyone who is still finding issues with their lipsticks to reach out to
Jaclyn Cosmetics directly. After releasing her official apology on YouTube,
Hill took to Instagram Stories to apologize to her fans again on Saturday, June 22nd,
2019. She announced that she was refunding all orders,
and claimed that she didn’t care about the loss of money. On the same day, Jaclyn Cosmetics tweeted, “Jaclyn Cosmetics takes consumer feedback
very seriously. We’ve reviewed the quality issues related
to our So Rich Lipsticks & believe our production did not meet our brand standards. We’ll be issuing a full refund (including
shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product.” The makeup brand also issued a statement on
the company’s website informing customers that a product recall would not be happening
because it was not necessary. After experiencing weeks of heavy criticism
from fans across social media over her failed lipstick collection, Jaclyn Hill seemed to
have had enough. In 2019, the makeup mogul deleted her personal
Twitter and Instagram accounts, leaving her YouTube channel, as well as Jaclyn Cosmetics’
Instagram and Twitter accounts, unaffected by the social media purge. Hill remained silent across all platforms,
without a clue about the future. On June 29th, 2019, Hill’s mom took to Instagram,
writing, “Please know that Jaclyn needs time but she
will be back stronger than ever!” While the popular beauty vlogger had presumably
hoped to make a splash on the makeup scene with the launch of her brand, she probably
never imagined things would turn out as they had. And, although she likely hoped her cosmetics
line would get people talking, this was most definitely not what she had in mind. As promised, the beauty guru returned to the
social media scene after a hiatus. On August 16th, 2019, Jaclyn Cosmetics issued
a statement on Instagram. “At Jaclyn Cosmetics, we’re dedicated to giving
you the best products & customer experience. It is clear that our first launch did not
meet the standards we’ve set as a brand and for that we are truly sorry.” However, this post wasn’t just an apology. The cosmetics label also announced that it
would be taking, quote, “a moment to rebuild,” with a vague promise: “The future is bright, and we’re so excited
for what’s to come.” The post garnered over 100,000 likes, but
the comments were understandably mixed. While Jaclyn Hill was away, she spent time
consulting fellow beauty business owners, like Jen Atkin of Ouai Haircare and Claudia
Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills. In November 2019, Hill revealed to Allure, “It meant so much to have those two women
who are so successful really have my back behind the scenes. And it’s encouraged me because I felt like
my life is over.” During Hill’s online blackout, she also went
to therapy, telling Allure, “I really, really have PTSD and I’m kind of
scarred from lipsticks, so we are really going to take our time diving into that…We’ve
added over 20 people to Jaclyn Cosmetics to make sure that what happened in the past never
happens again and it can be a successful launch, and I can prove myself as a brand and as a
CEO.” While the beauty guru said she does plan to
re-release lipsticks eventually, Hill pivoted away from lip products altogether and, instead,
relaunched Jaclyn Cosmetics in November of 2019, with a holiday highlighter and brush
collection. As Hill hinted in her brand’s August 2019
statement, the future was literally bright. So, was the holiday collection able to revive
the cosmetics label? Although beauty influencer Jeffree Star complimented
the Accent Light Highlighter Palette’s formula, he didn’t think the palette was unique. He also found the Mood Light Luminous Powder
too sheer and the Bring the Light Brush Trio to be unnecessary. Additionally, there were some PR concerns
from other influencers and some shipping issues noted by customers. Of course, it’s not unusual for a brand to
receive feedback via social media. And, despite some seemingly valid complaints,
the Jaclyn Cosmetics customer service team has made sure to keep the lines of communication
open. Even with a few hiccups, the launch of the
holiday collection was overall successful. Jeffree Star even awarded the brand’s Beaming
Light Loose Highlighter his approval. Along with a slew of other good reviews, the
highlighters partially sold out just a few days after launch. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  1. To be honest , there only so many colours out there, why is she not satisfied to be pretty without all this make up on.?? I can,t wear cosmetics , they irritate my eyes ( mascara) After a while can ruin skin if used all the time. I am not a party pooper but there plenty of lines to choose from!! It does not sound good all this toing and froing.

  2. I really feel sad for her about lipstick drama. I know it's disgusting and shouldn't happen for any reason but come on,She work hard for this and everyone want to success on there way. You can tell how hard her been through and it's a great thing to see her come back.

    Happy New Year2020 💕

  3. She screamed into the camera “be a CEO!”.
    I’m sorry, when the CEO of a company screams into a camera encouraging herself to be a CEO, I have already lost confidence…. Also watch Marlena’s “dear influencers”.

  4. Here is an idea: how about Influencers stop promoting other shady influencers and help smaller companies to have more success. For example, in my country ( Greece) there is a makeup company called Erre Due. In Italy they have Collistar. I am sure other countries around the globe have also local makeup companies who are worth to look at in 2020. I wish the makeup industry wasn't only US-focused.

  5. From what I read many people did not receive refunds. By now this might have been resolved. I find it hard to believe anyone would buy from her line.

  6. She is very dishonest whatever happened. She kept lying which made this huge scam.
    She acts like a victim, what goes around comes around, That's her problems.

  7. In 2020, no more titles that start with “The truth about…” 😒 especially if it’s a video that has information we all already knew and was covered by 50,000 other channels 😂

    Anywho, I wish her lipsticks worked out…she had a nude for all skin tones/looks. Perhaps she can be a silent partner with a good brand b/c she has a good eye 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. why is he still being called a YouTuber the only time she makes a video now is when she has something to sell to her stupid stands. She needs to do a lot better and you guys need to stop seeming like you're kissing ass

  9. Look, here's the straight facts:
    Champagne Pop highlighter: successful

    Champagne Pop eye palette: failure (no pigment, palettes pulled)

    Champagne Pop face palette: failure (no pigment, palettes pulled)

    Morphe Original palette: successful

    Morphe brush collection (failure – shedding and broken handles)

    Vault collection: failure (no pigment, palettes pulled – revamped, and she lied her way through that one)

    Lipsticks: failure of the highest order (contaminated with hair and plastic and metal pieces, and she REALLY lied during this one)
    Highlighter collection: successful from what I can tell.
    She's had 3 good launches out of 8. More than half her products have been a disaster. The lipsticks were not a "mistake," as her blindly loyal fans like to call it. It was the most severe example of a PATTERN OF POOR CONDUCT, DISHONESTY AND CRAPPY BUSINESS PRACTICES on her part.
    Enough already. The quality of her products is not what her concern is, as evidenced by shitty launch and product after shitty launch and product. The money is her concern. People need to stop being so gullible, with blinders on.

  10. You didnt reveal the truth, you just repeated what everyone else already knows????? And jeffree star didnt say the highlight was too sheer????? He ended up looving the formula for the pallete. It was the luminous setting powders he thought was sheer, but he didn't try them how they are supposed to be used cuz he misunderstood their purpose. 🙄

  11. Question- was she working at mac while on food stamps or was she spending a lot of money shopping in mac while on food stamps?

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  15. I feel like… she keeps fighting to prove herself, but… why? I mean, do you even like making makeup? Is being a CEO even something you really want? If it is, cool, but if not maybe it’s time to just throw in the towel. Stop wasting your time trying to prove yourself to other people and just do what makes you happy 😊
    You know wether you succeed or not, half the internet is gonna hate you anyways.
    You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone if you know who you are and what you want.

  16. The problem wasn’t that she released a less than quality product, it was how she HANDLED it. She went to a bad lab. She should have just been honest, recalled them, and remade them 🤷🏻‍♀️. Would have been fine. Instead she lied, didn’t recall, and people had to WORK to get a refund for a BAD product. Not cool

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    Is there anything this woman doesn't use as an excuse to gain sympathy??? Absolutely disgusting and should be eye opening for those who blindly follow her.

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