Top Cosmetic Dentist Helps w/ Smile Makeover – Dentist Reviews Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab!

Top Cosmetic Dentist Helps w/ Smile Makeover – Dentist Reviews Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab!

the fact that you’ve got access to a
doctor that cares enough about saving your teeth is a story you know how many
people will say I’ll do anything for that information
anything and so many men think they don’t have to worry about their smile where
it’s the only thing that they wear [Music] first of all Mike my names bill Watson Mike good to meet you man we’ve never met before today No and dr. Williams refers to me how’d you
meet dr. Williams thru my wife, she was going to her, so I drove her down there for one of her appointments thats how what made your teeth get so bad most of it was just hereditary being born that way with the shape and the way they came in you had the the discoloration
the build up the plaque the you just ignored it he just went away from
doctors and then and will show the pictures but you basically just had a
beard that was longer right you just kind of hid yourself you hid your smile behind it
if dr. Williams hadn’t have reached out and figured out a way to get you a
treatment we’d still be looking at a man that’s embarrassed to smile how long did
it take for dr. Williams to do it it wasnt that long it was about an hour appointment how many deep cleanings did you have to
go through it was about two appointments yes so you do half a mouth one part and half the mouth the second
part and then you’re a whole new person from what understand she did a real deep
cleaning and then she did a contouring and actually did some extractions to get
some teeth they’re out of the way and when she did that people understand that
frees us up so much and I just think there’s not enough doctors out there
that’ll say let me work with your self-esteem by cleaning your teeth and
then let’s contour your teeth to where we can get you something
cosmetically pleasing even if it’s a temporary of some kind
we call them heart dentist somebody that cares more about than what you’ll pay or
the treatment plan but from your point of view I hope that when you leave today
you’ll be able to tell people man get a doctor they’ll listen to you get
one that’s approachable and get one that cares and I always tell you there’s
always there’s always a chance they may not fit but I think we received good
impressions one of the things the doctor does dr. Williams does get out is the
best impressions I’ve ever felt he was seen in my life so they should work
so if they don’t work it ain’t gonna be the impressions fault we’re gonna start
with the top one this is it let’s see what it looks like slide em in man all the way
back Wow let’s see what we got let’s try the
bottom one right quick okay I thought I heard em snap in if they feel right you shouldn’t feel
them at all I heard this down you got to be you got to be concerned with what I’m
seeing is amazing doc you want to show em
[Music] you look amazing dude
I don’t know what to say what I do know is you look so different Amazing
like you look like this likes like a like a like some kind of little stunt
model you know like they bring the stunt guy that does all the
work I’m smiling, I don’t know if i’m doing it right you got grandkids haven’t seen you smile
and it’s all because you got with the doctor that didn’t want to change your
world just help you I saw teeth that were saveable did you just happen to see them most doctors would just pop em out well ya know there was some challenges it was mostly with his bite and things just being out of balance he takes really good care of his teeth once you give him the tools to use and I know he will get the procedures done so I chose this option cause I knew what you were capable of youv’e seen some of my work before yes I have been much longer you couldn’t do it
naturally and then we were kind of shocked that we were getting it from a
doctor it stays em, instead of getting incredibly worse. It gives patients hope hardest thing for me as a doctor for
patients not to have hope that’s what I do I rebuild teeth improve there quality of life so if they feel hopeless in being able to finance that. I try to think of what options, god give me the wisdom to give them the options to transition them properly and I appreciate you
doing what you did to bring him here anything but you have a look about you that says you should
smile I thank you you don’t know owe me a thank you are we’re going to link all your information
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later bye [Music]

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  1. Its been 2 years and i havent heard back from you guys about my smile story so today i ultimately had no choice but to put a down payment down on getting my teeth pulled and getting ugly dentures 🙁 wish you guys would have gotten back to me about making payments on these instead. Would have loved these more .

  2. Oh My God!
    I am bawling my eyes out! Such a handsome man. What a wonderful wife and dentist!
    You are amazing at Brighter Image Lab!
    Oh, I hope we can do this, I want these for my hubby so, so bad! For me as well!

  3. I’d give anything to have smile makeover from you ..unfortunately I can barely get by paying my bills to survive and can’t afford anything for myself self as usual because everything I have goes into bills leaving me with nothing except a bad smile and very low self esteem 😞 I always see you giving smile makeovers to others wishing if only it could be me a dream that will probably never come true😪

  4. Do you have an office close to Windsor Ontario Canada? I also have my indian status.I do have vaners but my dentist that I got when my children were baby`s she doesn`t update her craft though and my vaners are alway`s cracking and breaking.Thank you Tami MacGuigan

  5. This is AWESOME God bless beautiful Dr Williams and the people at Brighter Image Labs. I am so happy for this man, his wife and family.

  6. I seen alot of comments about people saying they dont offer financing, but they do its on there site. I took a screen grab video on how to apply if you need help.

    I havent ordered anything yet, still working on saving money while walking around with scary teeth.

  7. This is wonderful! He looks great! And I love Dr Williams, the only dentist that ever made me feel comfortable. Thanks Brighter Image Lab for connecting Dr Williams with me and thank you for my great new smile!

  8. wow, he smiles great. Awsm work! AND yu found an awsm dentist to work with! Astounding! I'm glad for everybody in this vid. Thx.
    PS, I luv my veneers. Yup. Got em @ Thxgiving …still grinning 🖤👊😎💃

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