Top Five Friday – 😀 My Favorite Body Lotions, Creams & Moisturizers 💧

Top Five Friday –  😀 My Favorite Body Lotions, Creams & Moisturizers 💧

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  1. Lol, I was shopping for body lotions/oils when this popped up. I’m glad you did this because I haven’t heard of a couple of those. I really like goat milk lotion, but always purchase from shops/sellers who use the milk from their own happy goats:)) Not only do I know the goats aren’t being harmed/treated badly, but the milk is fresh. Do you (or anyone else) use any body oils or do you stick to lotions? If you use any oils I would love to know what they are.
    I’m looking forward to your snail video. I’ve been using the COSRX Snail Mucin Essence lately and like it a great deal.
    Thanks so much, chickadee🍃🌸.

  2. I like the Skinfix brand very much . It's the one I'd choose from the store . Online , I love Flourish Beauty Lab . Kirsten (the owner) makes lovely body lotions , creams , shower gels , & hair care . It's a bit pricey , but , I find it to be worth it . I've recently tried Andalou Naturals shower gel & I'm getting ready to order a body lotion or 2 .

  3. Oh good glad you going to review snail products excited to hear what you like I just brought the cosrox 96% snail frost day using it very hydrating

  4. Never heard of skinfix….mine are Cerave, Klairs all over lotion, Natura Brazil in shower body oil and Elemis body creams 🙂 xoxo

  5. My favourite one is Kiehls Creme de Corps. It's very thick and nourishing and doesn't leave the skin greasy. Its been my winter constant for years (I live in MA, it gets really cold and dry here). Do you have anything comparable to this? The best thing about is the plump or filled feeling that I get from using it. Idk if you can understand lol sometimes you use a lotion and it feels good and nourishing for a little bit and then you feel dry again, I feel like that for every other body or hand lotion except the Kiehls one. Would love to have a cheaper alternative though if that exists..

  6. I'm surprised the CeraVe body lotion/cream wasnt one!
    It has much more to offer then vanicream with it's ceramides and hyalaronic acid.

  7. Do you have any recommended exfoliating body lotions? What do you think of adding AHA/BHAs into body lotions?? For example, a drop of the Ordinary's Lactic Acid with a drop of the Ordinary's Glycolic Acid into your body lotion during application?

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