Trans Woman Non-surgical Facial Feminisation

Trans Woman Non-surgical Facial Feminisation

hi guys welcome back to the channel I’m
here today with a special mystery guest
it’s hi guys I’m Francesca Martin I’m 22 from South Wales and I’m a model so Fran
why don’t you tell the guys at home a bit about what brings you into my chair
today um I think that I really want to feminize my face a bit because I think
I’m seeing more of an androgynous model and person than a trans woman and I
would like to change that as as though I do like my androgynous features and
would like to keep some of them I do want to like feminized my face a little
bit you know sure do you feel like that’s more for your
work I feel like more my work and more for like just being comfortable and
feeling myself I guess okay that’s cool okay um and was there anything specific
that you were thinking that you would like to change or alter I mean I think
my temple is the main one like I have obviously, one which is quite
masculine but I would like to also have maybe my lips and cheeks kind of area
done correct my jaw I had surgery and it’s just a bit like wonky now so um
what kind of surgery did you have um I have my jaw broken like here and here
and I brought forward because I’d never buy it so okay so that was like to do
with the position of beauty yeah it was like like surgery that I needed no I
want it okay and when was that two years ago uh-huh
did you have braces then yeah I did uh-huh okay and cosmetic treatment wise
tell us a bit about that um well I was swollen for like a month it was very
painful but it was I don’t regret having it done because I
might prefer my appearance now but it obviously did leave my jaw looking a bit
funky so hmm that is a problem so have you ever done any kind of non-surgical
stuff before um yeah I had my temples and cheeks done before and that’s about
it really okay so nothing else yeah I perform
laser but that’s okay it’s nothing and is there anything that you’re kind of
particularly worried about or concerned about I have no concerns really yeah
whirring okay fine okay so what I think I’m gonna do is just grab the iPad for
you and then we’ll just like talk through which bits we can tweak and
alter but I’m gonna give that iPad to you okay so Fran I’m gonna give you the
iPad and then you can let me know where it is you were thinking you’d like to
change definitely as magic oh okay look I draw yes okay like you right now
that’s the whole idea I agree with everything by the way
so far I think I should be practitioner you should I said to the other guys who
have done this so far I’m just gonna go home I think that one’s flat but when
you say here do you mean the sort of dip oh just depression right right there
yeah there is that way it’s like flat like straight there but yeah so just a
bit of asymmetry yeah my lips are really weird
by here too you mean not quite full enough yeah I don’t things like full
enough I feel like the top could be followed – they’re like they’re not the
smallest but I flow the top is also kind of flower
the bottom is not symmetrical really on my chin I feel like it’s also really
flat and square which I like you could put some here in the center and that
will just give like a little bit of a pinch to tip of the chin which would
look quite nice it doesn’t show quite as much here as it does in person
yeah actually so here it looks you know it’s bad yeah like not as flats but yeah
I agree maybe doing that and then maybe also
some in the crease of the chin point here as well and do you remember when we were
talking about the ideal size of the lip and we did some measurements and
actually the distance between your eyes it’s reasonable so the width of the
mouth should be the thigh ideally of the distance in between the eye so really it
should be a bit wider so I think we can make it both wider and fuller okay
actually you’ve got a lot of scope yeah everybody loves that makes it
bigger okay that one I’m sorry I was late like like
fuller and like the centre would make my face look more feminized too yeah yeah I
agree with you because there’s like kind of flat so let’s go do it okay so let’s start off with some Botox
and we’re gonna do the classics so we’re doing the glabella the forehead and the
crow’s feet switching over to some ultra4 we’re gonna do one mil per side
in the temple and switching to Juvederm voila lift to do the forehead wheezing a
total of two mils with a cannula going back in there
with a bit of Juvederm volbella just to blur the edges slightly going over now
to using some Teosyal ultra deep we’re using a cannula along the cheekbone that’s one
mill both sides and then using Teosyal ultimate with a
cannula to the front part of the cheek we’re doing half a mil per side and then
half a mil just underneath the cheekbone per side that wasn’t quite enough for me
so I went back in with the Teosyal ultimate and again repeated that with just one
syringe so that’s taking us up to a total of 10 syringes switching it up now
doing some Juvederm Ultra 3 we’ve got half a mil per side on the base of the
nose and then half a mil per side in the front part of the cheek
we’re gonna use some tears i’ll eltra deep in the chin point and we’re using 1
mil there and then we’re gonna use some ultra 3 with a cannula along the jaw
line half a mil per side and then we’re going to flip that backwards same entry
hole but this time going back towards the angle of the jaw and using half a
mil per side there so that’s taking this up to 15 mils in total so ultra 3 now
for the lips and I’m gonna go along the edge of the Vermilion border a lot of
people ask me you know why do you prefer this why using that instead of the vowel
lifts it depends on the case and exactly what I’m doing so the ultra 3 is a bit
of a firmer product so for somebody who does need maybe that little bit more
definition like she does because we are going for like a hyper feminine look and
the ultra 3 is a lot more appropriate so I’m doing that with a needle and then
going into the Glogau Klein point on the upper lip and then we’re going to do
some tenting to the middle third of the lower lip so I put a couple of syringes
in there and finishing up using some Juvederm voila lifts to the forehead
with a needle just to touch up any areas where there’s a slight discrepancy so
that’s a total of 19 mils but that wasn’t enough so we also decided to do
some skin improvement so we pop some topical anesthetic on her and then 45
minutes later she comes back and we do an intra cell
this if you recall is skin needling combined with radiofrequency so we do
two passes with this treatment one is a bipolar and one is a monopolar and the
difference between the two is basically the monopolar that energy passes from
the probe all the way to a pad on your back and then with the bipolar it passes
between the needles so it’s very superficial
well that means clinically is the monopolar is very good for lifting and
firming and tightening the skin whereas the bipolar is better for skin textural
improvement so welcome back hi so how did it go
amazing obsessed with my face well that is a very very good sign did you get
much in the way of breathing I have my lips bruised quite a bit I had like
slight bruising here but nothing really what you want what was the brusing
underneath underneath my bottom lip and slightly in my lip on the top I suppose
we did do quite a lot of little injections my chin was a bit it’s a bit
big as well I look like Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town okay and did
anybody notice um I mean when I first had it done people would know but now
no can really notice I just unless I show a picture so do you think they
noticed because like you were swollen yeah they definitely noticed a swollen
but yeah they don’t but no one really knows this is now it’s very minor
obviously what you did but I really did make a big difference would you do it
again 100% yes which was the best fit for you um I love my cheeks on my chin
because I used to hate how flat and just manly my chin was that’s really made a
big difference to how I feel yeah within my transition and womanhood I
guess I think that’s really cool shape I’m really pleased I love the
forehead like I say I love the forehead too that’s what’s my favorite it’s also hard
to pick my whole face I’m just loving the whole thing the whole thing how long
do you think it took for all the swelling to settle um it’s about week
completely for everything to like look normal and be able to wear makeup um but
I feel like its kind of been changing for two
weeks I guess you mean like so you could wear makeup after a week and then after
that it was what was like just like me yeah still settle anything now it’s like
perfect but yeah I feel that my chin was quite swollen for at least like a week
and a half we have that’s often the worst place actually the chin because it’s
quite a tight space a lot of people say that yeah I loved it I’m sorry again
okay guys so that’s all we’ve got time for this week I hope you enjoyed the
episode join us again here in two weeks time where we will be seeing another
patient I’ll see you again then bye bye

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  1. The result looks awsome! I did the same with my forehead (i'm a XX) I was just born with a masculine forehead. What I also did was filling the nosebridge right between my eyes and it made my face way more feminin and I would have done the same with her bc of her low nosebridge the forehead looked more prominent. And it would soften out the profile

  2. That looked so painful with how deep the needle went. But she was totally chill through it all. Was her face completely frozen, those needles went in really far and the push pull back n forth. I desperately want botox for my eyes and right on the top bridge of my nose I am getting wrinkles. But that looked so painful. I'm rethinking everything.

  3. She looked gorgeous before and after the procedure she looks gorgeous as well but even more feminin. Great job!

  4. Dr Tonks, do you ever use Ellansé? I’ve not seen you use it in your videos. Is it any good? Would you recommend? Xx

  5. Great results and she seems really happy and confident with the changes too! 🙂 With regards to the chin and jawline, do you find these changes work better in conjunction with facial slimming such as Aqualyx prior to this (when necessary)? I seem to carry some excess in that buccal area and perhaps even in one side of the jawline despite being pretty slim. Wasn’t sure if those areas can be targeted or whether it’s more appropriate for buccal removal/excision. Thanks for sharing the great work 👩🏼‍⚕️

  6. I would like to know approximately what this amount of treatment costs? Just a ballpark is appreciated. I may make an appointment when I visit London. Thank you kindly.

  7. Since this is about superficial matters, I'll allow myself to make a superficial remark. I think she should get a nose job and an ear tuck.

  8. Thank you for doing this, I have been looking to feminize my face with fillers and Botox and was unsure of that was possible. I hope I find a practitioner near me like you. ❤️

  9. Should individuals who have had a type of orthognathic surgery in the past come in with x-rays for reference of titanium plate locations?
    How long would one typically be advised to wait before pursuing this kind of treatment by you?

  10. Woahhh this is so awesome. I couldn’t watch the actual process, I’m too squeamish but the differences are amazing. I never knew you could make those kinds of changes without surgery

  11. It's really impressive how such subtle differences created such feminine results! A bit of a rookie question I suppose, but will she need to repeat this procedure to keep the results?

  12. Dr. Sarah,
    Can you and this dear patient please explain more about this overbite surgery?? Please??!!

    I am floored. I am shocked. I have never heard of anything like the surgery described.

    I have an overbite. I live in the U.S. no doctor has ever reccomended a surgery like the one she described to me.

    Could you perhaps show before and after pictures of her jaw? Before and after pictures of her jaw before that jaw-breakimg surgery she mentioned?


  13. Wow she looks so so good! Of cause she had great features before. I love that she did not go under the knife for that outcome!

  14. Oh lord. 19mls?? At that point I would have just gone to Korea and gotten a whole new face.

  15. If I ever want something to be done in my face I would want to go to you, the only thing is that I live on the other side of the sea in the Netherlands 😅😂 I love your personality and the way you think with the customer

  16. Her face looks real big now specially the chin.the forehead is the best improvement the rest was irrelevant.

  17. Great job! But if I’m being honest she would look more feminine without the chin filler. She looks great regardless 🙂

  18. sarah u have a great bubbly personality while also being informative. ur patient has the most boring personality ever tho i almost fell asleep.

  19. Sometimes I feel like facial feminization surgery makes people look like a cookie cutter version of what someone thinks a woman should look like. Every woman looks different and I think subtle changes in the face make a much more meaningful difference. I like how you let her choose the feautures she wants to enhance. Good work doctor.🙆🏽‍♂️

  20. Hi doctor I recently read a article in Vogue that you had done you had advised against permanent filler. I am getting a patch test of bellafill next week would you consider this a permanent filler?

  21. She looks gorgeous before and after. Having said that, the last results are stunning, wonderful job!

    Very proportioned, and it suits her bone structure perfectly.

  22. wow, what a difference! She definitely looks more feminine. Big differences in the subtle department. It's amazing how small touches can make a huge difference when well made. All looking natural!

  23. I don't know which procedure is scarier to watch, on one all that needle stabbing, the other bone grinding
    But looks very great

  24. Very soothing and comforting listening to your guest, beautiful soul. Now – if I may- a little advice, reconsider the hair colour🙂

  25. Change the outside but can you really change? There’s this biological thing that is hidden very well so the person forgets it’s there under the surface. Like menopause. It’s there biologically. Can’t change that.

  26. Ffs is kinda necessary if you want to go forward with a softer appearance, it is definitely worth it if you can afford it.

  27. Wtf I am so stoned I thought this was gonna be like a feminizing makeup tutorial, then she's fuckin scoopin her head with a needle ammmmmm

  28. I’ve come back to your channel after a few months and the results are just as flawless if not more omg

  29. lips are most important. And maybe cheeks. The rest.. don´t know.. im mean 19ml are not really a realistic option

  30. I work in the beauty industry and I have always felt apprehensive about aesthetic work, on the basis of witnessing so much “bad” work done on other people. I have to say, I love your platform and if I ever decide to get anything done, I would book in with you. I like the fact you consistently refer to imperceptible work and natural proportions. Personally, I feel this is the best work. I would never want someone to look at me and for their first impression to be, “he looks weird”, “why does he have chipmunk cheeks?”, “wow his lips look crazy”. I’d rather people just felt on first impression that I looked fresh, radiant and well-rested. Your professional taste level is more aligned with the “Golden Ratio” of the Renaissance masters, rather than Beverly Hills science project gone scarily awry. Excellent work. 👌

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