Trixie’s De-Dragin’

Hi, it’s me Trixie Mattel. I’m here in London and a lot of people always
ask me what my favorite part about doing drag is – it’s taking it off. Being in drag is like a constant physical
– it’s like a slow torture. Like at the end of the day I’m just like – pull
it off of my face. And over time I figured out the best way to
get it off my face. Because people always ask, Do you do your
own makeup? How long does it take you? And then they always ask, How do you get it
off? And getting it off is really like a science
because when you wear this much makeup you can really mess up your whole face. So I’m gonna show you some of my favorite
stuff. This is my favorite makeup video to date. Taking makeup OFF. So I’m gonna start with my earrings. This is how important lashes are to drag. Ready? Do you see a woman? Cuz I don’t see a woman! My lashes are so big I just gained this much
like… a whole new world. Like I now can see everything. I’m gonna start to take this wig off. Normally I don’t wear nice wigs like this
either, normally I’m wearing something like not even glued on but today I guess I was really
fierce with my snatched lace front. I look like an albino Bianca Del Rio right
now. Wigs are prison. Like when people kill someone they should
be like well you can go to prison or you can wear a wig. So we have a lot on my face. Right now I have makeup that is like basically
bonded to my face. I need to pick up a product that’s going to
suspend the makeup off the skin and then I wipe the product off with it stuck in it – if
that makes sense. I have two favorite products to do that. One of ’em is Albolene. This is like what the good old like pageant
girls mess with. Cuz it’s so thick and so slippery – it’s basically
oil and like wax. I have super dry skin so I can handle this
like heavy, crazy cream stuff and I don’t get breakouts or anything. My other favorite thing – but this is a little
more like pro kinda hard to find… This is the Alcone 244 Fluid. If you’re wearing like hardcore appliances
for like theatrical makeup I think that’s what this does. Albolene I kinda prefer because it’s more
moisturizing and my skin is SO dry. Oh my God. So I kinda do my face in like thirds. I do the lower half of my face first. Cuz if I start scrubbing this area all over
my face, my whole face will turn black because of all this pigment. Did you know that you were gonna watch a 30
year old man take off makeup today? I love that this is apparently a lube back
in the day because I mentioned that with some drag queen that was like pulling trade home
from the club and then was like “I’m out of lube.” Like, just made it work. So now that I’m finished that part of my face,
I’m gonna go with wipes. These wipes are the T. And before you freak
out, they’re $38 and I don’t want you guys to be mad at me but this is who I am. These are the MAC Gently Off Wipes with Micellar
Water. They’re so soft. Aaah! My only problem with this 244 Fluid stuff
that I don’t really use – the reason I don’t use it more is because you’re supposed to
pour it onto a cotton ball or like a soak and bitch I don’t travel with no cotton balls. I’ll like pour it in my hand and do this. Now we can start to do the top half of my
head. And because we used the Albolene and the 244
it’s pretty – my face doesn’t feel very irritated at all which is good. I hope you guys can hear this. See watch this. AAh! I have glue stick under there so I know that
not all the glue stick is gonna come up without water because Elmer’s Glue Stick is like non-toxic
and water-soluble. It’s gonna be easier for me to actually just
get water on my face. But if I put water on my face first, this
black stuff’s gonna go everywhere. I remember one time – this was years ago – it
was me and Kim Chi and I think we had a Circuit party until like 4:30. We had a photoshoot at 8 in the morning and
we slept like with no lashes on like in the same bed like… Then we like woke up, put lashes on and went
to the photoshoot. We’re almost to the end here. Does it feel like you guys are watching like
a makeup tutorial in reverse? If you guys wanna see me DO my makeup, just
play this backwards. Because of the glue on my brows, I’ll just
kinda go against the grain. Your lids are so thin. Try not to rub your lids too much. Now I finish my face with a real cleanser. This is 9 to 5 Cleanser from LUSH. And this one is like a waterless cleanser. It’s sorta like a cleansing lotion. Usually for me, the process of putting on
makeup and then taking it off is a very like irritating process. You can see my eyes are kinda red now. So I like to go put some like real oil products
on my face. These B3 – I think it’s like Brush Beauty
Balm Under Eye Cream – bitch, it’s lit. This is an eye product so put it all over
my eyes. And then this is like my fave, oh my God. This Brush Beauty Balm Marula Oil. It’s literally oil. Literally put oil on my face. Like on my days off from like destroying my
face, I need like a little extra shield. And I have to take my nails off. Sally Hansen Instant Polish Remover – it’s
like a little sponge that you like fingerbang. Oh that feels so good. I feel like a different person. I love being in drag but oh my God I love
getting out of drag. And I always feel very proud after when I
look in the mirror. I always feel like wow I really am a completely
different person out of drag and I like that. Something you can’t do in drag is touch your
face. So as soon as I’m out of drag, I like can’t
stop touching my own face. Thank you so much and I hope you get your
makeup off. Goodbye!

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