Joey: Haha! [Paper bag rustles] Wha-[Laughs] Ow! [Laughs] Oh my god… OK… Joey: Ah good day everyone! And welcome to today’s video where I… … Have a little something special down here! So uh… I had Daniel go back to the 99 cent store and get a few more things because, if you guys remember… … The last 99 cent store haul thing that I did… I had a bunch of girl products and I was like, “Do you guys want me to dooooo a whole video on girl products from the 99 cent store?” And you were like, “Yes.. PLEASE!” So, I didn’t actually have enough for a whole video so Daniel went back… … Got some new stuff! So let’s explore this bag and see what 99 cent “GIRL” products they have in here. So… Let’s get to it! Okay… [Laughs] This is honestly one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this before… It’s moisturizing SOCKS. What… The… Heck? Uh, it’s a luxurious home spa treatment. Shea butter and aloe vera extract, one size fits all! So, I’m going to put one of these on my little footsies, and we’re gonna see how moisturized it gets! So… … Just exposed it… It’s like… Dry. Oh wait! I thought it was going to be, like, wet or something! This is weird! It’s like a dry, almost like trash bag feeling… Uuhhhmm uhkaayyy… What… [Laughs] Oh my gosh, look at it! It’s a little old moisture sock! Okay! Well… Better put my foot in there. It’s honestly like a plastic bag with probably lotion inside it. And aloe vera! OK. Eeeuuughhhh! It does… Oh, it feels slimy and gross! You know what, I’m going to put both of them on. Eugh, it’s wet and weird and… Oh look! There- I don’t- I didn’t notice this… There was like a double layer in there. Did my foot go in the right layer? Yeah, it did. Eugh… Ah… Ah! Okay! [Chuckles] Well! Here, I’m going to try and lift both my feet up. WHOA! [Laughs] Here they are! Oh my gosh, I’m going to fall over! Here let me, actually, zoom on out this will make it… Probably easier for you guys… To see! Haha! [Paper bag rustles] WHA-[Laughs] Ow! [Laughs] Oh my god, okay] … Okay… I have fallen and I can’t get up! Life alert pleaaaase!! I wasn’t expecting THAT to happen! [Sighs] Moving on. Also, do you guys live for my crystal goddess shirt? It’s everything. Hello. What else do we have in here while our feet moisturize? We haaaave… Oh hell no, I do not want to do this. Maybe we’ll do this last. Non-irritating shave gel? From the 99 cent store I feel like this is going to burn off my skin, but… Euhghhg, we’ll do it last. For you guys. [Gasps] Oh my gosh! They have a waist trainer at the 99 cent store! Okay, I tried one of these in my… Sad girl products video thing… The fact that they have one for a DOLLAR? What the heck? OK, we need to try this and just… Oh, it’s literally just a strap. Okay, we’re going to put this on and see how snatched I can get. This is ssstupid. This is honestly so dumb. This is not sucking anything in… I mean maybe by like… 1%… Here let’s expose… Poof! My belly just like, shoots out, like ten feet… This is not good, this is… This is stupid. A waist… Redu- I guess it is reducing… So, I guess you can’t deny that. But by, like, a centimeter. Actually, you know what, it’s like adding… Like, size, because it’s so, like, it’s a thick piece of fabric. I don’t know. Oh my god, these are actually really freaking cute! They’re these iridescent… … Bobby pin th- Are these bobby pins? I don’t know. Hair pretties. I had neighbors who used to call, like, anything that you’d put in your hair a ‘hair pretty’ Uhh, I always thought that was very weird, maybe it’s not weird to you guys, maybe you call them hair pretties… Okay. Let’s put some hair pretties in our hair! Right up here… [Inaudible] What the heck? Are these…? Is this how you work… Wear them? This looks like you’re at the hair dresser and they’re like, tryin’a… Pin back your hair. Next time I go and get my hair cut, I’m going to be like, “Can you actually hold my hair back with this?” And… He’ll be like, “No.” [Gasp] Fabulous! Oh my gosh, gorgeianious! We’ll keep those in. What the heck are these? A ‘Wonder Poof? Eughh! What? It’s like a sss, a brillo pad for your face? Do you put, like, moisturizer on this? I’m not… I’m not gonna use this with moisturizer, but I will just rub it against my face. Ohh, I guess it’s… This feels like an actual brillo pad. I don’t think I would want something this rough and like… hard going up against-… OWWW! Oh my gosh, the sides! It’s so rough! It’s like the other… The hard side of a sponge! Why would you use this to wash your face? I don’t know. Imagine if it’s what you used to apply your makeup… Girl, you would have streaky gone freaky makeup. [Gasps] Ooh, you know what? I kinda wanna try, because we do have some makeup in here. So we have a contour… A contour powder? … And highlight kit. So, this was a dollar. So, [Laughs] I’m not sure how this is gonna turn out! Is this lipstick? Oh! It IS lipstick, right? And a matte lipstick. Here, let’s put the matte lipstick on, let’s see what that looks like, we’ll start there. So this is like, less than a dollar because… It was in a pack… That was a dollar. What the HELL? This smells… Kinda nice actually, it kinda smells like an old grandmother’s mouth. I don’t know why I said that smells good, and th-… It’s like a candy that a grandmother would like That’s what I meant to say. [Laughs nervously] OK, Kylie… Kylie lipkit’s got nothing on this. Honestly… You want matte lips? [Pop pop] Go to the dollar store. Ooooh.. Kinda fabulous! Ooh, this is kinda everything. Okay. Alright 99 cent store, werk! [Sighs] Okay, this is the contour palette thing, uhm, We’re gonna apply it with our loofah brush. A WONDER POOF! Actually we can… Yeah I’ll stay this close. OK. I actually don’t know the proper way of highlighting and contouring… I know I’ve learned it before, but I really don’t remembe- Oh my gosh, it’s just like scraping it off. Okay, so I think contour is the sucking in. Oh my gosh, this actually like… Really hurts my face. [Chuckle] Okay. Isn’t that where the contour goes? I think so. Let’s scrape it on in… Euuugh! It looks like, just like… Chocolate… … Like, cocoa powder. Mmmmm! That’s nice! [Jokingly] This is a ‘great application’ in case you guys are like… in a bind and you don’t have a beauty blender just use this! It works like, just as good! If not, better than a beauty blender! [Chuckles] Oh my god, never would I ever! Oh my god! [Laughs] That does NOT look good at all! Here I need to like… Fade that out. Okay let’s get some more… Blush-anda! Up here…! Let’s just blend it out! Now you wanna dab, not… Smear. [Gasp] Oh my gosh! So natural-looking! Okay [Chuckles], I am done with this! I look CRAZY. Eugh! OOOOOH! Oh my gosh! Shimmer N’ Sparkle bedazzle your face! OK, so this is like kind of like… Uh, the rhin-… Full face of rhinestones challenge. But… Actual rhinestones meant for your face. Coachella who? Ooh, that’s kinda fabulous! Every girl at Coachella… Or was at Coachella is SHOOK! They’re like, “Bitch I could’ve gotten that at the 99 cent store?” “What was I thinking?” Okay. Fabulous… I don’t even need to use this other one, this one’s workin’ it on it’s own. Maybe I could do it on my neck. We’ll put it right here… Oh yeah like a little… A necklace… [Gasp] Ooh, that’s cute-… Actually, right here is kinda cute for like, something, like, who needs a choker when you can just like… Have like… One of these? [Gasp] That’s actually a good idea! Not bad! Hm! Okay, guys! We’ve made it to the finale, which is the damn shaving kit… Instant… Dollar shave stuff… [Sigh] Awh, why am I doing this? We’re gonna just shave my arm. A piece of my arm. There’s like an actual razor, look! [Gasps] That’s kinda scary, look! I could cut myself! The things I do for you guys! … What the hell? Okay, this is a little weird… It’s a white bottle, but look! She has like, a black line in between her legs. That does NOT make sense. Like, if it’s just like… Her thigh gap it should be white not black… Is she like… Did she… Pee.. Pee blackness? [Chuckles] Girl, I think you should check that out, or maybe she has a penis that’s really long and skinny… That goes down there… I don’t know. Shave gel… For your bikini area. So this is… Oh you know what? Okay. [Something clicks twice] This is for your bikini area. I thought… It was like, one of those like… Shaving things that just like… Burn your hair off… Okay! So it’s just regular old shaving cream… But for your bikini… Ooh, it kinda smells good! Okay, so it’s like this blue substance… OH! Ooh, wow, okay, here… Uhm… Let’s just put some right on there… Oh my gosh, guys, I’m so worried! I can’t believe I’m cutting my arm hair right now, this is so crazy… You guys need to give this video a THUMBS UP right now for what I’m about to do is absolutely cr-azy! I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m so scared! [Gasp!] Oh my gosh, I actually really actually cut like… I didn’t cut myself but I really… It’s shaving! It’s shaving myself! Wow, okay! There’s like a bunch of hairs on there! That’s actually really disgusting! Okay! Well, I’m sorry you had to see that! Alright! Well! That’s that, let’s check on our feet, shall we? HOW YOU DOIN’ FOOT?! DOIN’ REAL GOOD? Don’t fall back! Ooh, I’m a cheerleader WOO! Okay, bitch, don’t… careful! Alright let’s REVEAL! Oh WOW! Hello! She is GOOORGEOUS! Gorgeous and MOIIISTURIZED… That is a nice… Foot full of moistu- Oh my gosh, she’s never looked better. Okay! Well, I guess that moisturizing pad actually WORKED! If you guys enjoyed today’s video, PLEASE give it a *BIG ol’ THUMBS UP!* And SUBSCRIBE if you’re not already! I’m actually going to be doing a giveaway every single day in the month of May, so be prepared for that! My birthday is in May… So, I wanted to do, like something special for you guys! So tune back every single day in May to find out what things I’m going to be giving away, I’m… It’s going to be pretty crazy, kind of like Christmas… … but… A lot more amazing! So, uh, leave some suggestions down below of things that you want in the giveaway, I’m thinkin’ like… The Nintendo Switch! I’m thinkin’ like… Lots of makeup and goodies! Aaand… All sorts of things! So! That’s all for today! I love you, I will see you all tomorrow! Good… DAMN… BYE!

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  3. Joey- it kinda smells nice


    Joey- it smells like… an old grandmothers… mouth.

    Me- how do you know what that smells like?

    Joey- i mean like the kind of candy a grandmother would eat.

    Me- ummmm. You mean butterscotch

  4. Soooo question. You're acting surprised when you see the things in the bag. Is it safe to assume that for these kinds of videos, you have someone do the shopping for you?

  5. I had something similar to one of those poof things and when they were totally dry they were hard and rough and gross but when they were wet they were really soft and really nice for gentle exfoliation

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    Me: man the doctors in our country
    Doctor: hey I can hear that
    Me: whatever 🙄
    Joey: I'm in pain here HELP not really in pain just over thinking it

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