Trying NUDE Makeup…But What IS Nude?! | Jackie Aina

Trying NUDE Makeup…But What IS Nude?! | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl Jackie Aina! Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie! Ugh, sit down before I hurt my back again. Welcome back to my video, I feel like I haven’t
filmed in a long time. It feels damn good to be
in front of the camera. That’s actually technically true. As you can see, I have a
new background behind me. It’s not completely finished, she’s a work in progress. And ahem, if I sound a little
different it’s because I just removed my tongue. I’m kidding, I’m coming
down with a little virus. Well, I should say I’m coming up from it. It’s going away but none of that matters. Just know, I’m a little under the weather. I feel great, great enough to obviously film this video. So today, we came here to find-ow. So you came here to find out about nudes. Well you’ve come to the right place. Nude, I think is a very
interesting concept because in theory, nude is supposed to be
different for everyone, right? That’s what we would hope. I mean, that’s what common
sense would tell you. The concept of nude is kind of how I actually got started in makeup. There was a handful of
times where I would go to makeup counters, this was
back when nude lips were, if you wore nude lips, oh my God. Only girls at MAC were
knowledgeable enough to know how to pull off the nude lip trend. This was back in Kim K era. Because I kind of feel like
she put nude on the map. I would go to makeup counters asking them, “Sis, what’s nude? “What does that look like for me though?” And then they would be like, “Oh well, that wouldn’t
work for your skin tone.” And then I’d be like, “Well of course the one
she’s wearing is not going to “work for my skin tone, duh Bernise. “So, can you sell me the equivalent?” And then they’d just be like, “Well, yeah, (nervous laughter) “here’s a purple, try this.” And so I would be like… (screaming) Tatiana, I asked you for a nude! And it would just be
this constant battle of them basically saying, “We ain’t got nothing that
looks like that on you. “There’s no equivalent for you.” But in theory, nude is
different for everyone. So I actually went out
and purchased a bunch of products to basically
prove this point about how sometimes I feel like
brands are a little tone deaf. When you have a certain, we going to get real deep and
psychological, okay y’all? When you brand your products as nude, I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with that, but also just be mindful of
how that imagery plays into peoples’ psyche in the long-runs. Every time I see an image of what nude is, it’s always beige, or peach, or a really light color. Then, you’re kind of
saying that’s the default. And I think that a lot of
brands for so many years have basically made beige the default. That’s not a think, that’s what it is. It’s what it is. So I wanted to basically look
at a bunch of brands that carry products that are in the shade nude. Swatch them, try them on, let’s see if they actually
pass the nude test. And then moving forward, brands, how can we learn from this? Because there’s always a teachable moment. Before we do get started, don’t play yourself sis, I know this is the sixth
video you’ve watched today. I see your history tab, okay. Make sure you subscribe and
join the Jackie Aina family. It’s free 99, okay? Also make sure you hit that
bell notification so that you never miss new uploads. You keep watching, so
you must like something. I’m taking off the quite fabulous, fabulous nude that I have on right now. I’m actually going to
show you what I’m wearing a little bit later. But guys, could get really
ugly really quickly. I’d also just love to say, shout
out to the brands out there that are now making things
like nude pantyhose, but they give us a different
nude for every skin tone. Because you guys, there’s
nothing more embarrassing than having a clean, white linen shirt, and your nude ain’t nude on me, sweetie. So, the glow in the dark
fluorescent-ocity of the beige bra on my
skin tone will show up, with or without a flash. Panty lines are not cute so
for those people that are like, “It’s just makeup, it’s just pantyhose man “just chill man.” Look, it’s deep for us, okay. It may not be deep for you, because you’re used to being afforded every freaking product, but it’s not that for us. So, just saying, leave me alone man. I even went out and bought
some complexion stuff, ooh! Because I’m curious to know, what do brands define as nude? Ooh, this is cute. This is called Nude Streak from Shiseido. Ooh, ooh I like that color. She definitely will need a liner though. Oh! Ooh, child. I want my reparations. This is a cute, okay so Nude Streak. Nude Streak is… Yeah. Nude Streak is cute. It’s what I would consider
a peachy nude but, she needs a liner, she needs a liner. She would actually be
really cute with a liner, I’m not going to lie, I actually really like this color. That was an accidental slay. Not like this though! Also the thing with nudes
is what’s nude on you, like you can just throw
it on without a liner, without edits and making it work, it’s like most of the time, I have to make it work on my complexion. Which, I’m not going to lie, I don’t mind, but not everybody’s me. Not everybody has most makeup
products at their fingertips. I do! This is an important conversation to have because I think it’s
important to understand that nude is going to be different on everyone. And as long as you acknowledge that, and create something for
everyone that everyone can go to as their own nude, I think that that just sends
off a powerful message of, “We see you. “You’re the default too,
dark is the default, “light is also the default, “medium’s the default, “deep is the default. “You guys are all the
default in your own way.” We don’t say hashtag
representation matters for no damn reason. Even though I know y’all think, “Why do you always talk about race?” – Because it applies!
– Get out my face. You better not touch me.
– Because it applies! – Somebody better get
this woman right now. – You mean on a makeup channel, sweetie? Knowing your color is quite important, as it relates to makeup. So, I’m so sorry it’s
inconvenient for you! This one is from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It actually looks a lot like
the shade from Shiseido. Very milky and she’s very peachy. I am inclined to really like peachy nudes, and I didn’t know that the-ooh. This really is a good color. Not without a liner though. (laughing) Oh, this is when you
are just not educated, look at what happened. Thank God YouTube exists, because this actually a really good color, just not on its own. She was lost, but now she finta see. I’ma show you exactly what
a nude looks like after I’ve jushed her up with a lip pencil. You can see I lined it pretty heavily, please ignore how dry they are, I just wiped off the lipstick, don’t be judging me. Then you’re going to apply the lipstick. Starting in the center
and pucker up, snitches. There you go. Lot more of an approachable,
palatable nude. A more receivable nude. You throw a gloss on top of this bad boy, sis, sis, you might be running Fortune
500 company with a nude. Once you get the right color
and the right liner though. Now there are actually
companies that make nudes for brown skin and they have a
variety of nudes for brown skin, I’m going to get to
that a little bit later. Point that I want to show with
some of the products today, is that they just think that
nude looks like one color. Wasn’t actually supposed to
like the colors this much, but that’s beside the point,
we’re going to move on. I also got some complexion
products we like to call nude. Wink, wink. This nude business is just a
really interesting concept, you guys. I have oh, just flat-out nude. Not light nude, medium nude, dark, it’s just called Nude. This is the Hourglass
Vanish Stick Foundation and this is what they define as nude. This ain’t even a highlight on me, sis. Nude for who? If you think about it, this
is one person in a bottle. So is it really nude? I feel like this is
where adjectives matter. Soft nude, beige nude, medium tone, nude, swag-surfing nude. I just feel like it’s a lot. Okay, next I have the Peach
Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation from my homies over at Too Faced. Hourglass, y’all the homies too, sorry, I just had… We can’t play favorites in these videos. Everybody going to get the smoke. This is a cute little something something. But again, we have a product labeled Nude. No, baby no. This foundation do smell good though. I be sniffing everything
in my makeup counter. Y’all think I’m playing? Pull out my favorite tube
of lipsticks and just… (sniffing) So this is what the Peach
Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation in the shade Nude,
N-U-D-E echo looks like. I hope you guys see where
I’m going with this. Because I feel like a lot
of times my videos go in one ear, and out the
spleen for some people. Laura Mercier has a tinted moisturizer and the shade that I have is again, Nude. Nude, nude! Nude’s a popular color. So this is what Laura-oh they blend in with my back shelf! So yeah, this is Nude. Oh my God, Barneys is having a sale! Oh my God. Okay, so at least Estée
Lauder gives us Ivory Nude. I feel like that’s a
little bit more accurate. You got to attach an adjective. What do you mean nude? That’s interpreted in
so many different ways. So at least they gave us an ivory nude. This is Double Wear, oh here, Double Wear, by the way. These all literally, maybe
except for the Too Faced one, that’s a little peachier. Maybe some brands view
nudes slightly different, but these three look like
the same exact color. They’re literally the same
exact color, at least on me. Same undertone, just about, I just feel like this is all one person. I have this foundation from Jouer. (high-pitched voice) (malfunction) This is the Essential High
Coverage Crème, no one cares. You guys know what this exercise is. Oh, shake it well. They gave us a Beige
Nude, which I appreciate. I appreciate the fact that
they attach what kind of nude is it. Be specific. Ooh, quite the pigmented one aren’t we? We’re seeing a reoccurring pattern here. So let’s take a break from
foundations real quick and go back to some lip products. Just got to wipe off this nude. That ABH was fire though. This is YSL 417 Nude and at first… Ooh it smells good. At first glance it actually
looks like a really, really cute color. It’s a little greige,
that’s an interesting color, I’m not going to lie, it’s
a very interesting color. You know what’s funny? That actually looks like the
natural pink color of my lips. But I don’t want my whole lip that color. As you can see my lips
have a natural lip line. So what happens when we
go over that lip line? Oh! – And I ooh. – There’s a time and a
place for this look and today is not the time or the place. (laughing) But the chief called
and said, “Congregation, “this is not it.” Y’all probably can’t tell how
tragic this is on camera as it is in person, it really is. (sighing) Wow! I don’t know if a liner can save this one, I really don’t. This is the Le Rouge Givenchy. The color of this
lipstick is Nude Guipure, Guipure, Guipure, Nude Guipure, GEICO. This is just straight-up pink. It’s a pink nude. You guys know I’m queen of
nude pinks and peachy nudes. Why is it that I call it nude pinks, but peachy nudes? I just realized that. This is just the moisture
my lips needed, whoa! It’s not a bad color. They didn’t just say, “This is nude! “The nude law!” They gave us a description to describe what kind of nude it is. I came up on this gloss
on the Sephora website, it’s called Dark Nude. Love that! Love, love that. Dark pink nude, I love that. And it literally looks like
the gloss equivalent of the lipstick I just put on. Y’all don’t understand how
dry my lips are right now. Ooh, this felt good. Love that, ooh that’s really pretty. That’s really pretty. (singing) You know very well, who you are! You’re my ashy stick,
reach for the lotion. She’s very wish upon a
star, wonder where you are. Now notice the nudes that
don’t just say flat-out nude, were the most flattering on me. I wonder why that is,
maybe it’s a coincidence, I have no clue. It does not necessarily mean, I’m in no way saying that
just because something is labeled nude, straight-up nude, that it won’t work for you. That’s not at all my point. I’ma keep this on though,
because my lips dry as hell. I have a-whoa! This has got to be the
lightest thing I’ve picked up. I was not expecting this. This is the MAKE UP FOR
EVER Ultra HD Concealer. I’ve heard a lot of great
things about this concealer. The color that I have
is number 12 Nude Ivory, and whenever I think of nude ivory, I just think of really, really, really, really, really light. Like on the lightest of
lighter on the spectrum. That’s pretty light,
that’s almost as close to a pure white concealer as it gets. So far the lightest thing we’ve
tried on, but like I said, it gave us the type of
nude, it was specific. And that swatched really good. She’s very bouncy and thick. So Miss Becca, so Becca has an Ever-Matte
Shine Proof Foundation in the color Nude. Nothing else, it’s just Nude, it’s just Nude. That’s really confusing,
can y’all just get on one universal number system
all across the world? Actually, don’t do that, I don’t want y’all to do that. But I just feel like
because nude is so open for interpretation that that can be, look, this is what I’m talking about. That’s tan! That’s tan nude! Do y’all see how dark
this color-this is a tan. It’s the darkest color up here so far. Nowhere near being my shade in no planet. Not even a highlight, but as you can see, nude is a… I’m seeing some inconsistencies here. I got another tinted
moisturizer from Miss Mercier. From Miss Mercy. (signing) Aah, mercy, mercy me! This is Laura Mercier! Mercy, mercy me Laura Mercier! This is what Laura Mercier
defines, once again, as nude in their Tinted
Moisturizer Oil Free, she got two types. Unfortunately, I’ve got to
wipe off these beautiful pinky tones. (singing) You poor unfortunate souls! I have this lipstick from Natasha Denona. That looks pretty light, ooh girl, child. It’s called Neutral Nude, okay cool. It looks like this. Oh, it’s pretty sheer, you know what? You probably ain’t even going
to see this color on me. It’s super hydrating. Yeah, this is more like a balm. I’m not mad at it though because
my lips were dry as hell. This is Clinique Nude Pop! Pop, pop, pop! You know what, I like that. That’s cute. It’s a very original, unique nude. But it’s… We’re getting there. This better be cute. She’s kind of cute, okay This is one of those white pinks. No, I don’t mean for white people, I mean it’s one of those pinks
that have a little bit of a white base under in the background. It’s cute, it’s a little milky though. I could make this work. I could line this up, add a little-actually let’s
see what a gloss looks like right now. Actually not too bad, I’m
not mad at for or with it. It’s kind of cute. I have Kate Nude from Charlotte Tilbury, and auntie Charlotte, I just got one question, what the hell does that mean? I wouldn’t want a lipstick named after me called Nude Jackie, excuse me? This one actually looks
like a foundation shade. This is a hair too light for me. See how it looks okay
in the center until you start moving on up and around? I think by now you see
where this is going. So next I’m going to try
a bunch of nudes from a company called Mented. You guys have seen me
mention them dozens of times here on my channel. They actually make some
of my favorite lipsticks, not only for the colors,
but also for the formula. And they basically make
nudes for people like me that don’t need a liner,
that don’t need to be altered or fixed or edited or anything, you can just throw them
on and they look suitable. They’re not necessarily named nude, they don’t necessarily have
nudes in the name of the color. They are all supposed to be
like nudes for dark skin, which I think is incredible, you know? There’s actual options for
people who look like me. Where was this company 10 years ago? Just saying. One of my personal favorites, actually my all time favorite
from their entire collection, is Peach Please. This is what I would describe
as my favorite peachy nude. I do tend to prefer it with liner, just because that’s how I am, that’s what I’ma do anyway. I just prefer the way a perfectly
lined outlined lip looks, it just looks so sexy and demure. We love to overline, yes
the girls with big lips will be over lining their
lips even bigger in 2019, in Jesus’s name, amen. This has been my favorite color. Now, what I would do to make
this lipstick pop even more, is I would take a beige,
light nude like this, and pop it in the center
of my lips kind of like as a little highlight. So it just kind of really draws
more attention to the lips, makes them look bigger and fuller. So that’s Peach Please
with nude, naked Kate, whatever you want to call her. This Mented #5, this is probably
my second favorite color. And with a gloss, ugh. With Fenty Gloss Bomb,
you think I’m playing, I’m not, move the hell out of my way. She looks good. This is Nude LaLa, and
this is more of a pinkier, actually I should be swatching these. Do you see how rich that color is? Look at that! Would you look at that? They don’t smell like
much, I wish they did, I really do. This is my… Actually I lied, Peach Please
is my first favorite color, this is my second favorite color. Mented #5 is my third favorite color. This one just looks so good. And you know what? They also layer really
nicely on top of each other. So this is the final lineup
of all of what nude in the beauty world looks like. Say hello to the nude
family, the nude lineup. Notice how none of these are brown. None of these are brown,
this is the closest to a brown here. This one got a tan. I just challenged not
only the beauty world, but even the fashion world. Nude pumps? There’s actually a follower of mine, she actually has a startup
brand that she makes her own nude options for darker
skin, her own nude pumps. I just want to see her win. It’s very hard to come
across brands that make a variety of nude for everyone. Beige nude is cute sometimes
with a certain look, but also I want a look
that matches my skin tone. I want makeup that matches my skin tone, I want hosiery that matches my skin tone. I want products that basically
say I’m the default too. This is why I wanted to do this video, to show you guys the standard
is not the standard anymore. Anyway, I hope you guys
enjoyed this video of this fun little exercise. I feel like this videos are so fun, where we kind of compile a
bunch of shades together, compare and contrast. Talk about social issues, a little bit of lipstick
sprinkled in there. Thank you guys so much for
watching today’s video. I know I’ma see you in the
next one because this is probably about the 10th
one you’ve watched today. In the meantime, I’m
just going to relax and let you do what it do. You’re not going to go to class, you’re not going to go to work, you’re already 30 minutes late. You’re going to click the next video. Hurry up.

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