Tyga Claiming Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Is His? | Hollywoodlife

Tyga Claiming Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Is His? | Hollywoodlife

– [Gino Voiceover] Tyga
has a super petty reaction to Kylie Jenner and her
baby, Stormi’s new selfie. The KarJenners apparently don’t want Kylie to marry her baby-daddy, Travis Scott. Plus, Kim Kardashian has another epic fail thanks to Photoshop. (upbeat electronic music) Hey, guys, it’s Gino with
your most necessary story of the day, and some of the
KarJenners clan attended the March for Our Lives in D.C. and L.A. We actually attended the one in L.A. and spoke to Rita Ora and Willow Smith, but our celebrity highlight
was spotting Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith taking a water break and definitely not wanting to talk to us. Kim Kardashian, who’s a big
supporter of stricter gun laws, considering she, herself,
was held at gunpoint, attended the D.C. march and
managed to catch some flack during the event because
of this Instagram. What the hell is going on
the background of this photo? How much is Kim editing these? This is some sloppy, Facetune shit, Kim. Learn Photoshop, this is embarrassing. On to Kim 2.0, Kylie Jenner,
the mega-rich Lip Kit mogul was again showing off her flat stomach. Pretty incredible, considering she only gave birth seven weeks ago. More importantly, Kylie has also been teaching Stormi the essential KarJenner life skill: How to pose for a selfie. What’s a lot less cute,
though, is Tyga’s reaction. Everyone’s favorite rapper
to send to debt collection also posted a baby pic of
himself around the same time Kylie put up this photo of Stormi. Now, you may think it’s obvious,
but why did Tyga do this? Well, we’re hearing
exclusively T. is pissed Kylie has blocked his calls and texts after he kept asking to
see Stormi in-person. Tyga is still bothered Kylie
had a baby with another man and feels compelled to see what could have been: their daughter together. T. misses Kylie, but, apparently, the feeling is not mutual and
she’s trying to forget him and focus on her future with Travis. But do we think baby Tyga
looks like baby Stormi? That is obviously what Tyga thinks. We’ve heard again and
again he thinks Stormi could be his child and has
asked Kylie for a DNA test. We’re told Tyga is still
trying to get Scott Disick to help him get some
face-time with Stormi, but Scott has his own issues with the family because of Sofia Richie, so he’s really in no position to help. So, Kylie really does seem done with Tyga and solely focused on La
Flame, but it doesn’t seem like the two will elope anytime soon. Apparently, Travis has been
asking Kylie to marry him, but our reporters in L.A. with sources close to the KarJenners say
they have pressured Kylie not to accept Travis’ proposals. Kylie’s family really doesn’t
want her to rush anything with the still-new relationship,
so great job there! We’re also hearing this is
nothing against La Flame. In fact, the Kardashian family really likes Travis and are impressed by how much he cares
about Kylie and Stormi. Still, the family is putting
a lot of fears into Ky’s head about how getting married could
make her relationship worse and ruin the great dynamic they have now. Kylie usually doesn’t care too much about her family’s opinion, but she really does love how things are going with Travis for now, so she’s taking their advice. Speaking of marriage, I need
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  1. Honestly Kylie said Stormi looked like her sooooo yeah until stormi gets older I’m still going with #TeamTravis

  2. Tyga needs to get over it…yes she looks like you, but lots of babies look like people..she is not even two months old yet and she hasn't grown into her looks yet…I didn't look like my parents when I was a baby..the timeline wouldn't match either..if you think about it she would have to had gotten pregnant in early May..and she doesn't seem like the one to cheat if she had broken up with Tyga because of him cheating..Tyga needs to get over himself you already got one child stop focusing on one that not even yours

  3. The only way to shut Tyga down is to do the DNA test Tyga and Travis needs to be sure that’s proper. DPitts

  4. Travis is not a fool he took a DNA test already. All the babes in the family look alike. Tyga go away you had your chance.

  5. The baby looks just like that boy (Tyga) …..He should have requested her man get a DNA test….that would solved some of that, because Travis has very strong African features and clearly has the dominant gene, that baby looks nothing like him….Somebody better call Maury

  6. It'll be so great when a DNA test is taken and it's 100 Travis baby. Everyone so messed up not even acknowledging him as the father.

  7. Stormi is so cute , tee-ger should move on he said in one interview that the love between them was gone move on

  8. don't rush but have a baby? smh She broke up tyga and got with Travis in the same month. this could be tygas baby

  9. They are such whores!!! Lol😆 That is Tyga baby and she knows it, but she knows if she takes that DNA it's over between her and Travis and she scared, she getting that hood dirty dick and she don't want to let that go but Travis only wants to marry Kylie because Kanye wit Kim and he was to have connection but he'll be gone in a year or two when he realize that lil gurl ain't his and will be calling Kylie all kinds of Nasty bitches for lying to him. 😉Wait its so predictable!!

  10. She doesn’t want to do the test because she knows DAMN MF WELLLLL TYGA IS THAT BABYS DADDY lol anyone who’s been pregnant knows that fucking timeline don’t add up. Just do the test Kylie

  11. Wow!!! that photo of Tyga as a child looks just like Stormi. He must think so too in order to post that photo after Kylie posted Stormi photo online. All he gotta do now is just demand a DNA test then the truth will come out. That baby dont look like Travis Scott at all with his Flava Flav lookn self

  12. YO, maybe she is afraid if Tyga is the father. It's her option if she wants a DNA test or not. Plus she is happy with Travis. Let her be happy with Travis and Stormi.

  13. Didn't tyga have a kid with Rob Kardashian baby mamma, black China? It's probably Tyga's and Kris advised them to lie about it

  14. Dey tryin to flip it. If it was a doubt they should of had it done at the hospital. Why so late. I still think it was a surrogate. Happened so quick

  15. Babys look like anyone you want them to look alike. She'll grow, when she does then u can say that she looks like someone…

  16. I dont think that stormi looks like tyga. So much different. AND Kylie doesnt owe anyone a D.N.A. test. 😝😝😝

  17. eww that will be awkward if is his I hope not cause the timeline will be bad. Just take the DNA tired of these spoiled rich people damn it

  18. The Jenner's and the Kardashians should follow the footsteps of their mom having goodlooking husbands so the babies would look good looking..

  19. I think every baby looks like the same so, idk why he thought Stormi is his child. And Kylie should be go on DNA test.

  20. stormi kind of actually looks like baby tyga byt the nose and eyes and lips but i think i want stormi to be travis daughter for some reason im obsessed with travis

  21. To be honest yes stromi looks like tyga!!! But still Kylie take a dna test. Not unless you know it’s tygas so that’s why you don’t wanna fuck up what you have now. To be honest if Travis loves you deeply he will still be with you even if the baby isn’t his. Plus she should have waited to get with someone after a breakup.

  22. Everyone here shut uppp ….. tyga already said this is all bullllshit on twitter he has never thought stormi is his and it’s mad disrespectful for people to be saying that !!!!!!go on twitter ! And btw advice for all of you !! IF IT IS NOT ON TMZ DON’T BELIVE IT just how they were the first to confirm her pregnancy!! Hollyscoop and Hollywoodlife are bs !!! All the facts every once in a while when they are actually right it was already confirmed on TMZ first bs channels

  23. y’all really reaching i didn’t know posting a baby picture of yourself means he’s trying to prove the baby his is stop spreading rumors you don’t know if he talks to her or not. Y’all don’t know if she got dna test of even if she did she don’t need to tell the public everything wtf.

  24. 1. Stormi and Tyga have the same eyes and knows
    2. Tyga is wayyyyyyy better look then Travis Scott (that man is UGLY)
    3. Kylie is acting suspect because she won’t get a DNA test.
    4. I think that’s Tygas baby.

  25. ~ He will have to sneak and get some DNA from the baby, because i don't think Kylie is gonna tell the truth… or she will probably pay him to go away.😏🤨
    *Suspicious; Her & Tyga had just broke up, and she hide the whole 9 months. (I think she Didn't want everyone to know that her baby was sister & cousins with Chyna's kids!) oh well though., It is what it is.

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