Tyga Convinced Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Is His | Hollywoodlife

Tyga Convinced Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi Is His | Hollywoodlife

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  1. The K-dash clip they showed with scott is SOOO unbelievably scripted!! I mean look at their faces, trying NOT to Smile, BOTH of them. Its like: okay people we have ONE Take only so get it RIGHT!! And then this is what we get, so full blown NOT lo-key that it isnt even funny but then… when EVERYONE Literally believes this as "Reality" well then this is they type of "Acting" that you get! SMH

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  3. U guys suck👌 u have seriously nothing better to do bcuz ur so in to other people's lives lol 😂 u guys r pathetic lol

  4. Scott so fucking stupid? Why Kim got her baby taking nudie pics, LMFAOOOO WHO IS BRODIE JENNER !? , TYGA SO MONEY HUNGRY THEY DATED A LONG ASS TIME AGO , this is to much, this family messy as hell .

  5. Tyga is trying to stay in the limelight , he knows that the baby isn't his. , but if says he is the baby's real father this keeps the pot stirred up , ..and keeps him in the fame light for another 15 minutes

  6. finally schedule fence znggot spectrum army difference drinking rural tree milk publication fighter look

  7. i mean unless she cheated its definitely not his, and i dont think she would have cheated. that guy needs to let the fuck go

  8. Kylie is gorgeous but Kim looks terrible now! what happened to her face? and she looks short and so dumpy with a huge coolie yuk!

  9. That's def his baby think about Travis is hella dark skin wouldn't the baby have a darker tone to her tyga has a lighter tone

  10. I want Travis and Kylie to stay together. I don't think Travis should have to go through the pain of realizing that it isn't his daughter. Also they r such a cute couple and they deserve to stay together and happy


  12. 👏👍 great job mentioning that Scott was always drunk so doesn’t remember anything, even though he’s often spoke of his mental health struggles/addiction👏👍

  13. If tyga saying it’s his baby he better be paying for child support or he’s broke ass better be our of the picture

  14. Wow…Kanye has three kids, not one but three. Travis had his first. That's how it is. The more the babies, the harder. Your first child always gets the most attention. Easy because it's ONLY ONE baby.

  15. It could be his kid, how is she sleeping around like that?🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ pregnant to a dude she just met.

  16. Not only did she not carry it Scott, she doesn't take care of it. Got naked in front of a camera the day she brought her home, hours of hair & body make-up doesn't leave any time for bonding with a baby. The thought processes and feelings just weren't there, that's what the help is for. Feel sorry for all their toys (kids).

  17. If drama rumor is true well okay get a load of this if DNA ever proves or is taken Kylie Jenner and Tyga and he is found out to be the father of little baby stormy. Blac Chyna and Tyga son King Cairo would be half brother and sister. Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna's daughter dream is King cairo's half-sister. Rob Kardashian daughter dream. Kylie Jenner's daughter stormi. Are cousins. If DNA comes out positive that tiger is the father of Stormi. This son King Cairo and stormy would be half brother and sister are you following me okay simple terms King Cairo would be half brother to dream and stormi dream and storm are cousins.

  18. 1 why are y'all acting like black men don't take care of their kids? and 2. why are y'all making it a competition between Kanye and Travis? Y'all messy as hell

  19. Let's be honest the baby looks nothing like Travis! He's to damn ugly it's tyga's that's why you never move on to the next dick in a week or 2. 😂

  20. If he is not the father I wouldn’t be surprised. She was always a hoe anyways, more than her sister Kim

  21. fuck any of them the only one normal is scoot and he is more hotter than all of th kardashians togueter btw i remember when kylie asked her dad to have tyga in her 16 bday and two years later guess what… she nailed him anD I HATE ME because this shit IS ADDICTIVE

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  24. 100 %Its Tygas kid man the baby looks asian because Tyga is half asian makes sense besides she was having sex with Tyga all the time before she got with Travis right after probably didnt even realize she was pregnant until 2 to 3 months most women dont know until months later.

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